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Welcome to the Ericourt. We are a long-standing renaissance-esque court intrigue roleplay for literate, adult players who enjoy character-driven story, twists and turns during their play, and a game that keeps them coming back for more. We value our community and our writing, and focus on enjoying ourselves as well as maintaining our story and our lore's integrity.
it is currently season 3, the year 231 NE
Tnarem lies in ruin, torn asunder by violent ambitions. Yet there are those who fight in hope they will be able to restore what has been lost, and those who fight in hope that new rulers will bring much needed upheaval.

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Announcements Yesterday at 03:50 pm by Larian
Resources to help players both in character and out of character can be found in this forum, including a place to ask questions, our moderation thread, a suggestions forum, and our claims and records.
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(wip) Crawley, Lou Jun 22 2017, 01:07 AM by Lou Crawley
The forum for all of your character needs. When creating a character, you'll post your application in this forum to be reviewed. Please be sure to register both an ooc and character account.


At His Right Hand Jun 25 2017, 04:04 PM by Iulia Beckwyth
The royal province of the Tnaremi Imperium, Westmarch is most notable for the Bloodwood Forest which stretches nearly the entirety of the land and its people's tendency for bestial behavior.

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The Lornesian Reiux, formerly the province of Lornesse, is a kingdom cradled in the arms of some of Tnarem's largest mountain ranges. It is a secluded place full of proud and patriotic people.


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Burkett, Tristan Jan 8 2017, 05:31 AM by Tristan Burkett
This is where all correspondences and in character journals will be posted. You'll find the correspondence rules and code at the top of the correspondence folder. Please make sure to date letters for the date of arrival.
The S.e.s Thread May 27 2017, 01:23 PM by GoldenWren
This forum is where all of the OOC fun happens. Feel free to chat, post useful resources, play games, etc. We've pinned topics that help us grow as a community or current lore events. Character dossiers and the coming & going forums are also located here.

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All past threads, finished or otherwise, can be found here. Dig through both game 1 and game 2 threads broken down by their seasons inside. All inactive and deceased characters can also be found here.

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