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Helmut Yves Caspar Caemire Roiphin of the Lornesian Reiux, Duc of Lornesse
Edlen of touennes, frie of errevet

July 14th, 1420 NE
High Lornesian
Common Markish
Common Lornesian
No Information
Magic Capable
Yes, absolute and born asleep

Goals & Motivation

Above all, Caspar wishes to further Caemire interests, for if Caemire succeeds, all of Lornesse succeeds. Of course, Caspar’s view of success might look different than others. He is chiefly concerned with the internal affairs of the Reiux and has learned a great deal in the realm of administration from his father. His own personal interests lead him to developing the cities of the Reiux through city planning, public works, and architecture. He believes with stone he can immortalize the Caemire name and and garner even more glory for the proud people of the Vale. Although Caspar does not practice magic himself, he is capable. He believes that it is the duty of the Roi to protect the magic bloodline and advocate for magical people everywhere. His sisters Alena and Larian have been large influences on his life and thinking. He strongly believes that witches ought to be free and able to learn how to cast. Despite this stance, he does not know of or participate in the Coterie.


Caspar is a devout believer in the pantheon. In particular, Caspar venerates both Mehkr and Sjay. These two deities are said to have created Caemire and thusly, Caspar feels especially close to them. On most days, he and his wife can be seen paying respects to the two in the dom within the walls of the Etethron. He does believe that his family is divine and takes their duty as leaders of the Reiux seriously. Just as his older sisters have been given gifts by the Gods, he believes that his is the crown of the Reiux. Just because he doesn’t practice magic does not mean he doesn’t have the power to shape the world.


Caspar’s appearance is that of a typical Caemire. Parted in the middle, his golden hair frames his face and typically the excess is tucked away behind his ears as to not fall forward. His blue eyes are crowned by thick, blond brows that arch slightly with the curve of his eye. Although his own vanity would never allow him to admit it to but just a few, he must shave the area between so the two brows won’t meet. His prominent jaws makes way for his chin, which juts out, level with his large Roman nose. His pink lips are perhaps a bit too plump for a man but unlike his sisters, they form a decidedly ambivalent shape when at rest. Rarely does the Roiphin appear freshly shaven, choosing instead to allow his facial hair to grow, although not into a full beard.

His lithe stature is not imposing, only rising a height of 5’9”. A life devoid of itensive physical actively has left his body soft and weak. He does not have callouses and his musculature is sparse. He does not boast a broad chest or shoulders like many of the strong men of the Reiux. It is obvious that he is not a warrior nor does he have the capacity to be one. Typically, Caspar does not dress in the vibrant colors that are popular in the Lornesian court. Following his own preference, he wears darker tones with gold accents. However, for ceremonial occasions he wears the deep maroon of his family. A golden unicorn pin gifted to him by his father when he made his first appearances at court is treasured by the Roiphin and is a staple in his wardrobe.


Caspar is a soft spoken man that chooses his words wisely and thinks before he speaks. His calm nature can be mistaken for indifference and it is rare to see him show exuberance, save in the company of a select few. A lifetime with the eyes of Lornesse peering at him and examining his every move have lead him to lead a private life, but this isn’t to say that he is rude or unmannered. Years of training can override his natural predispositions, especially when he is at court. As the Roiphin he understands that his life is not his own and he must work to respresnt both his family and nation honorably. In private, the Roiphin less reserved, although he often prefers the company of his dogs and books to that of other humans. He cherishes his loved ones and he is loyal to them above all else. On the other side of the coin, if one were to fall out of favor with the Roiphin, there is little chance of return. Just as he loves fiercely, he hates fiercely as well. Because of his outwardly ambivalent nature, it can be difficult to ascertain where exactly one stands with him, although he is not greatly skilled in the art of deception. Collaborative in nature, he often prefers to work in tandem with other family members such as Larian or his wife Melisande. Their power in the social circles gives him, by extension, a great reach within the Reiux.

Academic (3) - No Information
Architecture, Administration, Finance, Mathematics
From a young age, Caspar was given one of the best educations in all of Tnarem. Showered with tutors, books, and ideas, he tried his best to absorb every drop of knowledge along the way. His own inclinations toward mathematics, art, and design led him to gain particular skill in the areas listed above. Caspar focused his studies so that he could both shape the face of the Reiux itself and so that he could impact the lives of his people. He wishes to bring more beauty, design, and order to the cities of the Reiux so that they might continue to shine as architectural beacons throughout Sergonia.

Diplomatic (2) - No Information
Painting, drawing
Although not his main interest, Caspar is capable in the sphere of diplomacy. He is quite average in personal conversations and has trouble detecting and telling lies. He is knowledgeable of the courtly manners of Lornesse, but only vaguely aware of foreign customs. Caspar is merely passable in this realm and it is not for hours of training when he would much rather have been studying more academic pursuits. However, Caspar did find a great talent in both painting and drawing, which he practices quite frequently, if not daily.

Martial (1) - No Information
For the Roiphin, this area of study was always his worst. Because of Caspar's utter lack of interest in the subject, his knowledge of martial matters is less than average. Caspar's frail state restricted him from learning fighting techniques. He was only ever taught the basics of sword fighting, but rarely does the Roiphin ever carry or sword (when he does, his ability to fight is abysmal). He has no talent for tactics, war time economies, or any administrative aspects of war, either. Caspar relies on others around him to support him in this area because his opinion is not worth much.

Relationship with House

Since birth, the importance of family was imprinted upon Caspar. It is from his family that he has been given everything in life and he feels obligated to serve them and to further their goals. As the firstborn son, he was chosen by the gods to lead his family and his nation. This heavy mantle is his to carry, but thankfully, it is not something he must do on his own. Caspar often looks to his siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins for support. He feels especially close to his siblings and makes an effort to maintain strong connections with each of his sisters (Alena, Larian, and Emmaline) and his brother (Conrad). His wife Melisande and his children are newer additions to the Caemire family but he feels a great sense of duty and loyalty to them. He considers the Raiphina to be an excellent match for him and sees her as an able partner.

Public Knowledge

Caspar is chiefly known as the heir apparent to the Lornesian throne. He is an artistic man, known for his paintings and drawings. He is a reserved man, but courteous and well mannered. Caspar is known as both a patron of the arts and learning. He and his wife host monthly salons, to which invitations are highly coveted. It is also known that Caspar has a close relationship with the Vigrave Cedric Aldel. It is also known that he and his wife are pious; they say prayers at the dom within the etethron daily, especially honoring their ancestors, Sjay and Mekhr.


Despite his lifelong dedication to learning the ways of the Roi, it is said that Caspar practices magic in secret. Caspar is also rumored to harbor jealousy against his older sisters who are both skilled casters. Because of his more insular nature, there are also whisperings that Caspar might abdicate in favor of his younger brother or his eldest son, once he comes of age.

Caspar's birth was marked with a great deal of celebration, with perhaps a tinge of worry. He was the male heir that the nation had hoped for, but his two sisters before him were different, born awake and connected to the Pale. While these boons were surely signs that the Gods favored their children, his sister's gifts were doubled edged swords. House Caemire held its breath upon the arrival of Caspar, and exhaled in relief when it was deemed that the child was not born awake like Alena and Larian. It was perhaps one of the first times that a child born awake was not desired, for the continuance of the family line.

His early childhood was filled with many fond memories made with his siblings, governesses, and grooms that attended to him. Rarely did he see his mother and father, but when he did they were kind. From a young age he admired his parents. Perhaps it was the extravagance of their clothing or perhaps it was just the air they exuded, Caspar wished to be among them. This was something that was only encouraged by his older sisters as well, with whom he has many memories of "playing court" with. Their imaginations were endless and it was their dream to be amongst the "grown ups," to be important.

"My Queen!" the young Caspar shouted out in the direction of young Larian, who was seated in overstuffed armchair. His young voice filled the small parlor that the children often played in. Slowly, the young blonde-haired girl raised her brow and merely uttered, "yes?"

Bowing so low that he almost fell over, the young Caspar tried his best to straighten up and brush off his doublet. Swallowing nervously, he searched for the correct words to use. After a few beats, he spat out, "The Mercians are all dead! We have slain the savages!" At his side, Alena stood and nodded her head in agreement, satisfied with the news. Caspar raised his head to look up to Larian, who looked daunting for a 6 year old. A small smile spread across her face and she stood from her chair, sending her pink dress tumbling down to the ground.

Alena's elbow nudged against his and he looked, confused, to his eldest sister. She leaned to her brother's ear where she instructed him to say something else, to inspire the people. He thought that Alena must have been joking, but her eyes did not signal such a farce.

Clearing his throat once again, Caspar shouted, "Let us drink their blood, my sisters!"

Larian's smirk was overtaken by a devilish grin and she responded to her younger brother, "Let's."

Around the age of six, Caspar's innocent childhood ended and he began the hard preparatory work of becoming the Roi of the Lornesian Reiux. It was a daunting task, even to a young boy. He was nervous, even, to begin tutoring. He did not know if he could live up to the standards of his family; from a young age he doubted that he could be as great as his father or his mother. The distance between the child and his parents only created more mystery and respect. One of his greatest fears as a child became disappointing his parents, for they had given him everything he had in life. It was also in this time that Caspar became acutely aware that he was different, even from his own siblings. Alena and Larian were soon sent to the Schecole in Errevet and he was tutored alone, for a while.

In his pre-adolescent years, he drew closer to his studies and his younger siblings, Conrad and Emmaline. Caspar found a love for learning, especially mathematics and art. Numbers made sense to him and the stroke of the brush allowed him to express how he was feeling in a new way. Despite his own preferences, Caspar showed early promise in most areas of study. Alongside his brother Conrad, who was also talented, he stretched his mind in new ways. Sharing tutors, the two brothers drew even closer to one another. Caspar was the eldest sibling living at the Etethron and he felt his younger siblings look to him for daily example. Although this time was exciting, there was a part of Caspar that felt sad and longed for the old days. The departure of his older sisters was not easy for the young Roiphin. Alena, Larian, and Caspar had been close and despite his best attempts to mask his disappointment, he felt sad.

As time passed, he saw less and less of his siblings. At the beginning of his teenage years, new responsibilities were thrust upon him and he entered court life. There, he could stand beside his parents like he had wished as a child. It was also during this time that his father, Merek Caemire IXV, began to teach him the ways of the Roi. The two had never been very close before this point, as was to be expected, but he found his father's attention comforting. As with his tutoring, Caspar was nervous to begin such lessons with the Roi, someone that Caspar considered to be the most important person in the world. Before this point, it was as though his own father were a celebrity that he had never met. However, once he began the transition into manhood, his father properly took his firstborn son under his wing. In addition to Roi lessons, Caspar's academic lessons intensified as well. Instead of sharing tutors with his younger brother as he had done before, his father hired new tutors that were experts in their fields.

Not long after his introduction to court and his learning was turned into the next gear, Caspar was married to his wife, Melisande. She was a beautiful young woman, but as most arranged marriages begin, it was a bit awkward at first. The two of them had met before as they had long known of their betrothal, but even familiarity cannot make up for the solitude of marriage. After a few years, the two drew closer to one another. Caspar admired her kindess, quickness of wit, and her prowess in the social sphere. She was someone to be admired for her abilities, especially since she excelled in areas that he could only hope to be average in. Soon, Melisande became pregnant and gave birth to their first son, Reichard. He and Melisande felt an immense weight fall off their shoulders, as the line of succession was safe.

Today, he works for the betterment of his people in earnest. He feels a great weight of responsibility to lead his people and learn from his father while he is still alive. Concentrating his focus on the internal workings of the Reiux, his chief concern is administration and bettering the Reiux through science, art, and learning. He is devoted to building better, beautiful edifices, monuments, and leading public projects. His own apartments have turned into a bit of an impromptu Public Works office, since the Roiphin seeks to better the cities and towns of the Reiux above all.
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Magical Abilities Explained


Consequences of Being Awake

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