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Seigna Ishilde Melisande Caemire neé Aldel Raiphina of the Reiux, ducessa of lornesse, edlena of touennes,
fria of errevet, vigressa of kassel,
edlena of kassel, fria of strasenau

"the red raiphina"
July 9, 1424 NE
High Lornesian
Common Lornesian
Common Markish
No Information
Magic Capable
Yes, absolute and born asleep

Goals & Motivation

Melisande lacks great ambition, having been given nearly everything she has in life, such as the title of Raiphina due to her family members putting forth their own efforts to gain the crown's favor and most other things in her life. She hasn't needed to put forth an enormous amount of effort ever, simply never being required to. She urges to be liked, loved by others, though, so definitely will place forth the effort to appear that way. It tends not to be extremely difficult, as she's as rather charismatic and easily admirable. She craves the social attention and validation, seeing as it's something to strive for if she has to be stuck in court.


She is as devote as one can be, seeing as she was raised on the beliefs that the gods impact everything, from the ground she walks on to events that occur from day to day. She regularly keeps in mind her matron goddess, Sif, and she prays to her most often (she very regularly did during her pregnancies and while she wished for children). Melisande particularly tends to pray to the gods upon desiring something or praising them for extraordinary luck, as most do, and she feels very blessed for having wealth, her title, her husband, three healthy children, and everything else in her life. After all, she owes he utmost devotedness to the gods after being given all she has and even marrying a their own descendent.


Melisande is on the tall side of average, standing at five feet and six inches tall, and she holds herself with composure and grace, making every inch worthy of the Raiphina. She has fiery red hair, a trait not rare in the Aldel household.It's not uncommon to be worn in intricate styles, or simply half left to flow down with only a portion of it styled up. Her eyes are bright blue, seeming to sparkle when she's particularly happy. Her skin is pale and soft, and though she received the occasional blemishes in her younger years, it now is quite clear the majority of the time, and she does her best to cover any imperfections.

Though finding dressing up in nice gowns enjoyable at times, she typically finds them restraining and uncomfortable, much preferring garments that would typically be found of someone of a lower class than her, though of course, that wouldn't be respectable of someone of her status. Still, she can tolerate simple dresses, seeing as she's been accustomed to wearing them her entire life. She likes the color red - seeing as it clashes terribly with her hair and makes a bold statement - though she enjoys wearing silvers and golds, as well.


Though she has done her best to adjust to the life a woman of her station is expected to have throughout the years, Melisande is wild at heart, belonging outside among the animals in a nice meadow and not trapped in a stuffy room, forced to socialize with people she hardly knows. She's quite a smooth talker, both from her natural charisma and years of experience. Typical small talk bores her, and she much rather make conversation with someone who would actually provide some source of entertainment opposed to one going on for endless hours about one matter or another that hardly affected anyone but themselves.

She's stubborn to a fault, not letting anyone stand in her way, if she has a goal in mind and occasionally being quite obnoxious because of that. She desires freedom and will often spend hours away on one of her horses if she feels the palace has been too containing, riding away until she can feel herself coming back to sanity. She's selfish at times, worrying more about her own feelings than others, though she typically can bring herself back to reality, where she isn't the only that matters, without getting dreadfully carried away.

Academic (2) - theology
She has had the education that anyone born into nobility would, and she's intelligent enough, not seeing the full point in spending countless hours poured over subjects that most don't care for. She can make logical decisions, read well enough, speak the three languages of Lornesse, though she has never been ridiculously interested in her studies (at least, in most subjects). Her single speciality is in theology, and she has put forth most her academic efforts to learning as much of the Pantheon as she's able.

Diplomatic (3) - horseback riding, dancing, singing, event planning
Melisande has nearly perfected the craft of social skills, easily able to tell whether one is lying, read other's emotions without much effort, and she's quite persuasive, easily making someone believe she knows more than she truly does. She can manipulate her own emotions appearances quite easily, making one believe one thing when she feels the opposite. She is easily capable of leading a captivating conversation with anyone, able to convince anyone to think whatever she'd like of her without a struggle. Her courtly talents include horseback riding, dancing, singing, and event planning.

Martial (1) - none
She has never found it worth her time to train in the martial arts, finding that she much preferred the life of court over military. Melisande can't use a weapon, and while she's aware of the general ranks, she doesn't know much beyond that. Some would call that ignorance, but she doesn't see the point when she doesn't actually ever need to fight.

Relationship with House

Though Melisande no longer shares the same name after marrying into House Caemire, she was born into House Aldel, an eldenal family. She did all in her ability to be as close as to both her mother and father, however, that proved to be rather difficult at times. Though she always loved her father and always will, she naturally was much closer with her mother, them sharing many similar traits as well as herself finding it easier to connect with her, and her father distant at times. She was close with her siblings, most being very near in age and her main companions throughout the years.

She received the great privilege and honor of marrying into the the royal family of the Reiux, and she has now been a part of House Caemire for a decade. Her husband, Caspar, is a man that she didn't necessarily love at first, but she has grown close to him over the past ten years. Melisande has given birth to three children in the past years, which tie her deeply to the house of Caemire, her love for her children having no bounds. Despite Caemire not being the family she was born into, after being a member for ten years, she already feels she has been a part of the house for her entire lifetime.

Public Knowledge

She is fair and kind, a future Rai, having married Caspar Caemire. She has served the Reiux dutifully as a Prinzessa then Raiphina, giving birth to another future heir to the throne, as well as two other children. Melisande is a kind and charismatic woman in public, known for her sweet words able to convince another without much effort and being a quite kind person, seeming like a friend one has known for months or years after only talking with someone for a few minutes. She's more sociable than her husband, easily creating conversation and thriving during all sorts of social activities. She has a certain affinity for animals, and her husband even gave her a stable for her many horses and unicorns.


She doesn't love her husband, nor her children: she actually quite hates them and can hardly stand kids, and she is a most terrible woman when not forced to behave herself in public. She's nothing but cold and power hungry, and she spends her days doing nothing but waiting for the king to finally die, so she can be Rai. Her supposed "love of animals" is nothing but a farce - she's only buying herself some time away from others to plot something cruel. She's too selfish to think a moment about any but herself.

Melisande was surrounded by massive wealth, riches beyond what most would ever dream of amassing before she was even alive. Born into the immediate line of an Edlenal family meant she had everything a girl could ever want, alongside too many luxuries to ever need.

She had a plethora of siblings, an older sister and an older brother, and three younger than her. She was right in the middle, though she hardly minded the attention being more scattered. She liked the companionship; she enjoyed being able to always talk to a sibling if she happened to have anything she needed to discuss. Here family members were always her closest confidents, her dearest friends.

She had a busy childhood, filled with lessons in history and etiquette and balls to attend. She found her escape on the back of a horse, her fiery hair flying behind her as she spent the afternoon on a trail. It was quite the relief, getting a break from the stuffiness of court and expectations in favor of the trees and wind. It wasn’t to say that she hated the life she was born into – no, she felt blessed by the gods that she was born into such a life – though the rush that came through her while on a horse’s back was unlike anything else. Freedom, pure freedom.

She couldn’t be free forever. She still had to marry, to have children. She knew that even as a child, she had a certain duty in society to uphold.

“Your Right Honorable, His Most Honorable.”

The fourteen-year-old stood to face her father. “Father,” she dipped her head into a nod. Something was to happen, something substantial. What that was, she had no idea, but her father typically didn’t call on her alone. It had to be important, for her to be seated here. She surely wasn't the only one feeling the tension in the air.

“I am here to discuss your betrothal.”

She sat down. A betrothal, already? It wasn’t too unusual, she supposed, for a girl of her age, though it took her by surprise. She hadn't heard talk of such a thing yet. “Oh?” Melisande wasn’t disappointed, simply curious. Who would she marry? Someone of importance, she hoped. Someone kind, someone brave. And hopefully rather attractive, too.

Oh, she was dreaming. Men like that were only in fairytales. She maybe could get one of those traits she desired, but life wasn't a tale where every girl gets swept off her feet with the man she loved. How could she even love a man she had yet to meet? No, that was silly, too. Matches weren't made out of love, but of necessity. Maybe he could be attractive, but he would have to be cruel to balance that out. Or worse, hopelessly boring.

Her drifting thoughts were snapped back to focus.

“You are to marry Caspar Caemire, in the coming season.”

A Caemire. Caspar… He was about four years older than her and definitely of importance. Just the name Caemire, royalty, descendants of the gods, made way for importance. Caspar... the future Roi, the future ruler of all of Lornesse.

She was going to be Rai, come one day in the years in the far future. She blinked for a moment, closing her eyes for a second to thank the gods. She was going to be the most important woman in all of the region. She didn't know much of Caspar, but from what she heard, he was attractive (shallow, sure, but a factor nonetheless), and kind, if on the quieter side. And he would one day have the most esteemed title in Lornesse.

Melisande was near speechless. She couldn't find words. Her future was now sealed, her childhood gone, but with a brilliant reward. She stumbled for a moment but did her best to regain her composure, “How wonderful!”

“Yes,” her father nodded. “Only our loyalty has earned our house such an advantageous marriage. I trust you will bring us honor as the future Rai.”

“I will, father. I will.”

She married Caspar the following season, right before her fifteenth birthday. It was beautiful, extravagant, with everyone of importance in attendance. She felt so young, of such little importance, but she couldn’t. This was here future now, and though she was only a prinzessa now, she soon would be Raiphina, then Rai.

They had children soon; she had their first within the year, a beautiful, healthy baby. Then, three years later, came their second. Then a third, after another four years. She became closer to Caspar throughout the years, with each shared child only bringing them closer.

The old Roi was dead. The new Roi, Adolar Caemire, ascended after the period of mourning ended, the line moving up. Caspar was now the heir apparent, Roiphin. She was Raiphina. She had new privileges, new duties, new responsibilities. She would hold the title with pride, and bring honor to Aldel, to Caemire. She would be the Rai of the Reiux, and she had to deserve that.

Magical Abilities Explained

Consequences of Being Awake

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