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Helmut Yves Conrad Caemire Prinz of the Lornesian Reiux, Railead of Errevet, Majordomo of Errevet, Overseer of Meis
March 31st, 1422 NE
High Lornesian
Common Lornesian
Common Markish
No Information
Magic Capable
Yes, absolute and born asleep

Goals & Motivation

Though it is a desire not spoken aloud, there is no greater aspiration than that of Roi when it comes to the true wants of Conrad. He is talented, educated, calculated, and he deserves every bit of success that Caspar does, and yet, because of his unlucky lot, he is just out of arm's reach of what could have been his in another life. He would never act against his older brother, not even when he was lacking wife and prime for target. Such an attempt would have been drastic for the Caemire family, and not to mention that Caspar is more than fit to rule. He is not an imbecile, and if the line of succession cannot be respected, then what can in a world so ruled by the mighty?

As far as realistic goals go, Conrad seeks to be the majordomo of Errevet or any other city of note, and beyond that, he wishes to be a prominent adviser of his father and his elder brother after him. Once Caspar takes the throne, what is stopping the Caemires from becoming more than they ever were if they put two brilliant minds together?

Another objective to be achieved in the here and now is a new marriage and the siring of more children, particularly a son. Though this will need to come soon, he would find great pleasure in milking the solidarity that he currently has. The death of Orlane is still fresh in his mind, and to him, he is owed a few years to breathe before he is back to courting a noblewoman and bringing more Caemires into the world. Right now, he needs to focus on more political pursuits, so that he may ascend in the eyes of family and realm alike.


Not zealous nor cynical, Conrad stands a man that acknowledges the Pantheon as a part of world history, rather than a religion as seen by outsiders and infidels. If he were to stand face-to-face with others of opposite mind, he would not try to convince them of their grievous errors, for he would find them moronic and ill-conceived. He does not pray nearly often enough, only when he finds himself in need of divine intervention; some would call this inconsiderate and opportunistic, but to Conrad, it is a decision made out of clear thought. When it comes down to it, the Caemire does not wish to bother the gods if he is not in need of them. Though this is true, Mekhr is Conrad's chosen deity when he searches for guidance and wisdom, and he often uses His doms for peace and quiet should he be neglected such at home, or is in need of new scenery while he conducts paperwork if his study becomes overly dull.


Without muscle, Conrad is a frail individual, considered a weakling in the eyes of warriors. His hair is of golden hue, like most Caemires, and is cut quite short. In times past, he kept his hair long, and he surely might take on that style again in the future, but currently, his short hair remains, cropped nicely as to keep it away from his face so that he may look respectable and professional for the eyes that shadow him in court.

The Lornesian lord peaks at the height of five feet and eleven inches, his features angular and sharp: high-set cheekbones and low-set brows narrowing upon dark blue eyes that may appear gray depending on the illumination of the room.

As far as maintenance goes, Conrad keeps his beard shaved and defined, nearly a ghostly shade upon his jaw and jowls.


Undoubtedly, the Caemire lord is a man of staunch business-like demeanor, and in times of humor and enjoyment, he struggles to relax from that predisposition. He is forthright and blunt many a time out of an innate sense of hubris, believing that others beneath him are asinine and irresponsible, but that frame of mind has been tutored and disciplined throughout his childhood to be at least somewhat commendable when dealing with others of the aristocracy. From time-to-time, however, his true tendencies seem to leak through the cracks, either out of utter frustration, or utter shock. Without scenarios such as this, Conrad usually bottles up his opinions and feelings until they are bursting at the seams, which leads him to vent toward family and friends in private.

Despite his second rank in the line of succession to his father, Conrad views himself as unique, and more illustrious than other men, even within his own family. He believes he could bring real change to Lornesse if he were given the opportunity, and to be forever denied that chance would bring forth a wrath that can only be seen in times of severe stress.

Attributed to his impressive acumen, there lies a certain sense of overthinking when it comes to those he deals with. He tries to anticipate their motives and the moves they may make in the infamous jeu de tanz. He is overly cautious, and some might even consider him paranoid to a certain extent. When he does participate in the jeu de tanz, he is calculated and patient, holding his cards until an opportune moment reveals itself.

Beneath the outer layers that are Conrad, dwelling deep within the mantle, is a war being waged between two sides of himself that are at odds. There is the face that desires and needs control, and there is a face that knows his place and knows he must adhere to it if he wishes to survive in the political climate of the Reiux. Every encounter that Conrad has, the chaos ensues within, haunting him and persuading him to lean one way or the other.

If one were to pick at his finer traits, they would see that the man is incredibly flawed. He is arbitrary, finding no value in justice itself if it holds no benefit to him or his family. He is driven, thorough, and relentless in his work, which leaves him deprived of the more compassionate side of life more often than not. And, when put into a corner that he cannot escape, Conrad's true colors tell of greed, vengeance, and selfishness, but of course, reaching that point is undeniably difficult.

Even though Conrad has his fair share of flaws, it does not mean he is incapable of being soft and friendly. In company of those that are like-minded, or those that seek to achieve as much as he does, he finds himself drawn to a more likable state. If one can engage him with intellectual, artistic dialogue, one might find that he is not nearly as somber and resolute as he portrays himself to be.

Academic (3) - administration, finance, commerce, history
More than any other characteristic he may have, Conrad is brilliant of mind. His knowledge of how to manage a city or organization, of how to operate large amounts of capital, of how to allocate goods to the right locations, of how to keep the flow of trade steady and successful, and of how to connect his decisions with an extensive understanding of world history is truly impeccable. He is fast and certain in decision-making, able to wield schemes and plots like a soldier would wield their sword. His memory capabilities are beyond the average man as well, and he is deliberate in how habitual he makes the task of recognizing and remembering the prejudices, vulnerabilities, and broad philosophies of others so that he may use them later in his workings of the jeu de tanz.

Along the lines of basic education, he is quite learned in the fields of philosophy, mathematics, the sciences, Pantheonism, the geography of Lornesse, the government methodologies and structure of the Reiux, and magical theory/history.

Diplomatic (2) - theater, drawing
Neither talented nor terrible in the ways of how to conduct himself in court, Conrad is just simply average at best. Sometimes he will be successful at lying, masking his emotions, and being sly in conversation, but his awareness of mannerisms and bodily language is inconsistent, and if faced with someone more familiar with that field, he will be at a severe disadvantage. He is rather proficient when it comes to the court etiquette of Lornesse, and he has heard of the customs of foreign lands, but has not truly practiced them. Furthermore, he knows nearly all the powerful families of Tnarem, and his knowledge of history aids him in knowing just a tad bit more of them than others might.

When it comes to hobbies and courtly interests, the second son of Halmut is quite exuberant when it comes to theater. He attends many shows, enjoying and criticizing them equally as he watches. At times where theater is not an option, Conrad is prone to draw. Sometimes he illustrates storyboards for potential plays, while other times he will simply draw what comes to mind.

Martial (1) - none
As much as he would like to be more knowledgeable in the arts of military upkeep and strategy, Conrad simply does not have any time to dedicate to such an expansive pursuit. Because of this neglect, he is now only vaguely familiar with the military ranks of Lornesse, and has no concept of how the other armies of the world work. All he knows is the history of battles and famous victories based on his academia, but all functionality is unknown.

Moreover, Conrad has no familiarity whatsoever when it comes to weapons. They feel heavy and alien in his hand, and honestly, he does not care in the slightest that he is unable to fight. To him, combat is the work of unintelligent brutes, though it does have its uses and can be respected.

Relationship with House

There is a melting pot of opinions that boil within Conrad's mind when it comes to his family and their stance within the world, and what the individual members of his family mean to him. The Caemires may be great, but when it comes down to the threads and needles, some of the Lornesian demigods fall very far from the tree of divine glory, and will fall from grace if they are not intelligent, measured, strong, and capable. And in their downfall, they will bring shame to the name that rules the Reiux. Conrad, both selfishly and selflessly, intends to halt that from happening in the first place, even if others of equal blood would see themselves blinded by theology and use that ignorant bliss to ignore the actions of their kin. It is in this knowledge that he uses to judge his own family, for if they do not provide some sort of benefit to the greater whole that is Caemire, he would see them without care and love when they need it most, cast out into the emptiness without a second thought.

In Conrad's eyes, family may be a thing born into, but the perks of it, the security blanket it throws over you, that is earned through effort and strength of will. The Caemires need to work as a unit, and instead of being only as strong as the weakest link, the Caemires must only encompass those of the blood that put their all into the blood. You are not just born a Caemire, you must act and excel a Caemire.

Public Knowledge

- Is the second son of Adolar Raginmund Helmut Caemire, and is currently unlanded.
- Is a widower. Was once married to Orlane Murrat, but she died soon after her birth to his daughter, Charlene, after a period of illness.
- Is a peacetime economics specialist.
- It is known that Conrad is a prestigious gamemaster, particularly schooled in chess.
- It is known that the second son of the Roi is a theater enthusiast.


- Whispers swirl about the union between Conrad and Orlane, and whether or not it created a small battle between Sif and Vyr. On one hand, Charlene was allowed life and came out as a healthy child, but on the other hand, Orlane was not allowed the privilege to participate in the celebration of her daughter's birth, having been bedridden in the weeks following the maternal ordeal, which eventually concluded with her death.
- Many believe that Conrad is currently trying to court Ava Aldel, even though his elder brother Caspar is already married to her sister, Melisande.
- Alongside the above rumor, there is another that has arisen in its wake. There is talk that Conrad poisoned his late wife to allow him the freedom to marry Ava Aldel.

Epithets: The Railead of Errevet

Known to be a talented chess player over the course of his youth, that talent became seasoned by experience as he aged into his late twenties. Having been the champion of many a tournament, and having done so by expertly wielding the rai piece, he managed to acquire the epithet of Railead of Errevet.

Childhood was nothing spectacular. It consisted of books, knowledge, and the lessons of tutors. Such things were enjoyable for Conrad, but they were not relished for what they were, but for what they could do for him. They were stepping stones, weaving a path that he wished to walk upon. What he had always wanted that path to finally lead to was the throne, even as a child. He looked up at his father with intrigued and jealous eyes, and to know that the one that would receive the honor of succeeding him would be Caspar was... devastating.

He had always wanted to rule. It was why he became so enthralled with chess at such a young age. At least there he could control everything to his whim. He was the roi, and he could move the pfions, the couroleirs, the gardes, the mitius, and the rai at any time he desired and in any way he desired. It was a fantasy made real, if but for a time.

Playing chess relieved Conrad of any of the more sinister emotions he held for Caspar, and in doing so, allowed him to act more cordial with him. This led to the beginning of a friendship, and even collaboration when Conrad suggested to his tutors and his father that he learn the processes of administration alongside his elder brother, so that they could use their shared knowledge to better the kingdom in the future.

As he aged into the first phases of adolescence, the second son of Helmut began to become more of what he would truly embody as an adult. His business-like demeanor would begin to develop, and though he was not particularly estranged from his other siblings, he did not really know them for all their worth as they aged into adulthood. Yes, some of them had spent their childhoods together, but those years had long passed. At this point in his life, he reached out to Alena, Larian, Emma, and even Falk, despite not having much in the way of common interests due to their varying educational focuses.

With his training taking him into his early twenties, a meaningful event did not occur for Conrad until he was twenty-three, when his father secured him a marriage with Orlane Murrat of Marmoteir. The prinz had not had much sexual experience outside of a brothel by that age, with his attention being wholly on his books and becoming the most brilliant mind in the Reiux. A few noblewomen here and there, but nothing significant, and so with wife came uncertainty. That uncertainty, however, was quickly replaced by confidence. In his household, he was in control, and there, Orlane was to abide by him and him alone.

Like a piece on a chessboard, he placed her wherever he thought would best benefit himself, and though they appeared happy at public events, they despised one another in private. She did not love him, but she knew her duty and the consequences that would befall her if she was not a dutiful wife. She let him have his way with her, whether it was in the bedroom or elsewhere.

Their sexual encounters together were only spontaneous if Conrad was in a mood, otherwise they were merely appointments meant to conceive child. One such session would prove fruitful, Orlane becoming pregnant a year or so after their marriage. Once those nine months flew by, their daughter Charlene would be born, and a fortnight after that, the entire Caemire family would celebrate the bringing of a new life into the world.

A few months would pass before something would happen that altered the way Conrad stepped through life. It would start with a single day where Orlane felt worse for wear, only an inconvenience for the woman. With more time, though, her illness would inflame, overtaking her senses, leaving her bedridden and fatigued. An aching throat would plague her as well, resulting in disturbing coughs that brought forth blood.

The inevitable would come as time passed: Orlane's death.It came in the night like an omen, a frantic ushering from servants that shook him awake. "Your Highness," they said over and over until his consciousness gripped reality. The first thing Conrad saw were a pair of eyes in the dark, glistening with a sheen of water. A handmaiden. "L-Lady Orlane is... is not breathing. I was checking up on her and s-she... she was still, and she was pale... ghastly so."

For a time, the news went in one ear and out the next, Conrad's blank stare hiding all emotion that attempted to spill forth. He had known her condition had been worsening, but to be within the moment was something completely different. "Have my scribe begin writing up letters for her family and mine," Conrad whispered, his eyes finally meeting the woman's. "We do not have much time. Vyr is patient, but will not remain so indefinitely." The prinz threw his legs over the side of the bed, shaking his mind awake as he began to stand.

"Y-Yes, Your Highness," the handmaiden replied, bowing her head in deference before scurrying away to carry through the urgent task at hand.

With swiftness that defied his exhaustion, Conrad readied himself in the moonlight that streamed through what space was available between the curtains that hung over the nearby window. Breeches were put on one leg at a time. Buttons clasped and unclasped in nervousness. Sleeves were rolled up to the elbow. Hair was pulled back into a knot. There was no time to bathe.

Hurried steps carried him from his chambers to the medical quarters of the Etethron where Orlane was being kept. His guards were in tow, silent but protective, knowing full well what was going on from the handmaiden. When he reached the clinical wing, his pace slowed to a deliberate gait, his hand shooing away a servant that stood at the doorway. With a quick apology, she moved, revealing the sight that made his breath become caught within his chest.

Instinctively, his hand gripped the door frame for balance, eyes intently locked upon the lifeless corpse of his spouse. She laid there, eyes closed, hands intertwined over her bosom, her flesh sickly and ashen. It looked as if the color was seeping forth from her, and with a deep, dry swallow, his eyes flicked over to his closest guard. "Cover her with a sheet and bring her to the Temple of Vyr. Make sure not to touch her with bare hands; she could still be contagious."

With a bowed head and a fist over heart, the guardsman followed command, nudging past Conrad into the room that held the shell of a soul awaiting Lebeanach.

Like a gust of wind, Conrad was swept away from the scene of death. Two days would pass: the amount of time needed for the pretres and pretresses of Vyr to complete their task of readying the body. Thoughts of her husk being drained of blood were unsettling, and the weight of her death upon his shoulders kept his thoughts from concentrating on anything else.

Soon enough, the holy site was chosen as the arrival location of Mekhr and Sjay after their flight from Arcoliur. Set near the true summit of Errevet, of what used to be bare mountain, was now a place of herbs and wonderful flowers. In the center now, though, was a pyre. Wooden logs were stacked expertly, and on the very top of it all was Orlane, dressed in the finest apparel and jewelry that belonged to her and her family. Foliage and kindling surrounded her body, and though it could not be seen, a gold coin rested between palm and bosom.

The sun had already set beyond the Orhaupts, bathing the city of magic and demigods in darkness. That dark would be slain, however, as the designated pretre of Vyr put torch to tinder, and the families of Caemire and Murrat that were able to attend stood silent as the fire grew, overwhelming the poor girl laying within it.

Conrad observed it all intently, watching as his wife's skin peeled back and burned from the power of the flame. Orlane's mother and father had managed to travel from Marmoteir to Errevet in time to see their daughter once more before she passed into Lebeanach. His mother-in-law's head was half-buried into her husband's chest, sobbing harshly. Conrad's eyes, glowing with the tendrils of the inferno, flicked to the side to take in their visage. It was the display of their melancholy that made his own orbs glisten with accrued moisture, making him swallow dryly as he re-positioned his hands behind his back.

Caemires surrounded him, and he knew that they held sympathy. He did not want nor need it. Orlane and he had shared a child, yes, but they had not been close. He had not treated her like a goddess. Perhaps that was what stirred the beginning of tears that he held back with all his will. Not sorrow, but guilt.

"I fear that Charlene will not be the same without her mother," Conrad muttered, his shimmering eyes peering over at Caspar. It was obvious that he struggled to remain in control of his own emotions, his face quivering only slightly at certain spots. "I t-think it would be a good idea if Melisande could look over her when she comes of age. She is good with children, and my daughter would likely hold excitement to have the future rai teach her a thing or two." He chuckled lightly into the wind, his weak smile paired with a hand that rose quickly to wipe away a falling tear.

"I am sure she would take her niece in under her wing. We are your family, brother. These are the times to lean on us for support. We are here for you, as always," Caspar replied, placing a hand on Conrad's left shoulder. Their eyes held one another's gaze for but a moment, and with a sigh, the second son of Helmut positioned his left arm under the right of Caspar and embraced him in a brotherly hug. It lasted for a few seconds before they broke away, both of their gazes moving on to take in the pyre once more.

And there they stood silently, bidding Orlane farewell.
Nearly two years have flown by since the death of his wife, but Conrad tries his best not to think about it. He moves forever onward, and with political goals set at the forefront of his mind, he has placed the possibility of another marriage into the depths. It will come, but he does not wish to press it.
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