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April 20th, 1430 NE

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Goals & Motivation

On the political stage, Rowena’s only goal is to further the aims of her House in a way which glorifies the Four. With faith as her guide, she seeks to be an asset to her family and eventually to her husband by supporting him and bearing him children. As to her personal goals, nothing makes Rowena happier or more fulfilled than learning. She wants to learn as much as she can about as many different topics as possible. Rowena is a strong advocate for women's education, believing that in order to be the most effective and supportive partners for their husbands -- and a true reflection of Minea to his Haras -- women should at least be well-read in the matters which will affect men.


Devoutly Templar, Rowena's outwardly expressed piety is truly genuine. Having poured over many theological works as a pastime, her views on the practice of Templarism are as strictly traditional and conservative as the Temple in Dubhion dictates. She attends the daily matin and practices the Oratio Centrum without fail. When it comes time to be married, she looks forward to being offered to an honorable Templar man, just as her Messenger namesake, Rowena the Fair, convinced her father to do. With regards to the use of magic, Rowena finds casting to be abhorrent and ungodly, as the Templar teaches it is. Should she come into contact with a caster, she would be both horrified and frightened.


With fair skin and eyes like stormy oceans, Rowena's facial features are feminine with defined edges. Dark tresses curl as they fall down her back and might be curlier if they weren't so long, blending into the subdued colors of her chosen gowns. Her frame is neither petite nor stocky, simply built well. On the whole, she is a natural beauty who holds herself with the dignity of her station as well as the innocence of her youth. As a rule, Rowena dresses with stylish modesty as befits a Phrionnsa and devout Templar. Although you will find no plunging necklines in her wardrobe, little expense is spared on the quality of her garments and accessories. She favors greens and blues for overdresses and pearls to wear as simple ornaments in her hair, and around her neck she wears a simple silver rose pendant on a thin chain to signify her devotion to the Four.


Generally quiet in social gatherings, Rowena prefers to watch and listen to her surroundings rather than carry on long-winded or trivial conversations. Once someone manages to get her talking, however, they may discover an intelligent young woman with many passionate interests and a head for scholarly work. Learning is her greatest love, satisfied by her insatiable curiosity and access the royal palace’s library. Still youthful and innocent, she is a trusting girl with a great deal of faith in people. She laughs easily and often. She is also somewhat of an idealist and a dreamer, firmly believing that by following the tenants of her faith the gods will find favor with her and bless her life. As such, she takes the responsibilities and etiquette of her station extremely seriously, striving to be the model Templar woman and Phrionnsa of Dubhion. Such unwavering convictions are a hint to the strength, determination, and raw stubbornness hiding just beneath the skin of a typically demure young woman. One day, these traits may be her saving grace.

Academic (2) - No Information
An attentive student of all subjects, Rowena fairly devours books with an appetite to rival that of a master scholar. She does her best to understand what she reads, but without a great deal of formal training in some of the more advanced (or masculine) topics, she must rely on her own limited experience to make sense of them. Her skill level is above average for her age as a result, but she is likely unable to hold her own against trained scholar, except perhaps on the subject of government administration. Her own responsibilities at the Veturii court and interest in diplomatic relations between her country and Mercia has caused her to pour over countless tomes on various aspects of Mercian and Dubhionic governance, and she has a grasp of current and relevant events that exceeds that of the average noblewoman.

Diplomatic (3) - No Information
Naturally observant and intuitive, five years spent in a foreign Mercian court and the great responsibility of representing her House and her kingdom has caused the Phrionnsa to quickly mature into a capable diplomat even at her tender age. Because of her role as an ambassadorial guest from Dubhion to the Veturii, she was often the host of gatherings meant to improve Mercian-Dubhionic relations; thus, she learned very quickly how best to simultaneously cater to the needs of her own countrymen and those of the Mercians. She is able to remain composed, even in crisis, although this has always been a strength of hers, even as a little girl. Rowena’s prose is elegant and intelligent and she has an impressive command of current events beyond her years. Her nimble hands are well suited to complex and beautifully stitched samplers and embroidered gowns, belts, and other accessories. She is also a talented rider, as befits a daughter of Dubhion, and has a strong bond with her mare Aderyn, a dapple-grey Dubhionic Warmblood.

Martial (1) - No Information
As a Dubhionic woman, matters of war are hardly something Rowena need concern herself with. She would have not the first clue as to how to use a sword even if one were handed to her, and even when she plays at archery, the draw weight of the bow she uses is designed for women’s casual recreation rather than combat. Other than the most basic rules of engagement that she would have picked up from reading historical tomes, Rowena has no knowledge of the logistics or strategies of battle, nor does she have much interest in them.

Relationship with House

As Phrionnsa of Dubhion, Rowena never been anything less than dutiful, and thus the wishes of her House are also hers. She holds affection for her parents and siblings, especially her older brother Tristan, and is loyal to the House of Ormonde to her last. She strives not to make any trouble for her father, and remains fully obedient to his bidding.

Public Knowledge

Rowena is known for being well read, or at least for seeming to always have her nose in a book. Chances are, scholarly nobles and gentry alike using the Veturii library will recognize her grace on sight. She is also known at the Veturii court for being a bit of a prude by Mercian standards, adhering strictly to her more conservative upbringing. Yet she is also known for being an exceptional rider and gracious host, traits which may have endeared her to certain people despite such rigidness. Those in Dubhion will remember how she was as a child -- quiet, scholarly, and obedient -- but will have little knowledge of how she behaves now, as she hasn't been home in five years.


Some people have been whispering that Rowena was not simply sent to Mercia to continue her education, but to become versed in the art of seduction in order to ensnare a powerful Veturii for political gain. Or perhaps she fell pregnant and her parents sent her to Mercia to have the child secretly. Either way, rumor has it that the Phrionnsa has become more Mercian than Dubhionic, and that she despises the kingdom of her birth.

The fourth child of his high majesty the Ard Ri and her high grace the Ard Phrionnsa, Rowena’s birth was a difficult ordeal. Yet when she did arrive she was both a healthy and easy infant, calm and content to watch the passersby from her cradle, rarely demanding anything with her cries. As she grew she remained much the same, a sweet girl with an inquisitive nature. She gave her parents no difficulties beyond those of a typical child, except perhaps when it came to her voracious appetite for reading. From a young age she was fascinated with the library – perhaps the only truly “naughty” thing she did as a little girl was sneak out to go sit in the library and bury herself in a book.

With her first bleed and entrance into womanhood at age thirteen, Rowena’s education as a Phrionnsa of Dubhion intensified, and she took to her lessons with all the diligence expected of her. Her religious education became of paramount importance, and she began to take a more active role in worship services, through which her already well-founded faith in the Four blossomed into a lifelong devotion. Her days were filled with arts and culture, learning to stitch, paint, sing, and dance, all in preparation of shedding her likeness to Phile and becoming a reflection of the goddess Minea. Just like her parents and their parents before them, she expected a marriage to be settled for her within the year. Yet, her father had other plans.

An audience with his high majesty was wholly unexpected, even if Rowena had an inkling what it was for. Her father was a busy man, and he took his responsibilities as Ard Ri, and by extension the Haras figure of all Dubhion, quite seriously; thus, he had little time to spend attending to the simple whims of women. She had never begrudged him for the distance. It was his duty, as it was hers to support his will.

Yet, her heartbeat quickened as her measured footsteps carried the girl down the corridor, her simple blue silk gown rustling as restlessly as her thoughts. There could be only one reason he would call her to a private audience like this – marriage. Just fourteen and having bled periodically for over a year now, it was high time, wasn’t it? Who was her intended, she wondered? Was he Dubhionic? Or foreign? Ostian, perhaps. Her pale fingers brushed at the silver rose sitting just at the center of her collarbone. “Still yourself, Rowena,” she murmured to herself, taking an unsteady breath at the doors of her father’s study. Then with as dignified a nod as she could manage, she signaled to the guard to announce her.

“Her Grace, the Phrionnsa Rowena.” As the door swung open, she entered the room and immediately curtsied. “Your high majesty,” Rowena said, and when the Ard Ri gave her leave to approach, she did so, folding her hands at her stomach and awaiting whatever words he had for her.

“Phrionnsa Rowena,” Callum Ormonde began, and his daughter noted the way his shoulders seemed to sit perfectly stone still beneath the strong jaw she had inherited herself. His voice rolled over her, as deep as it was immovable, like aged oak. “You are of an age now where you may be considered a woman. And there are responsibilities that, as a woman, you now must prepare yourself to shoulder.” Rowena remained silent, but her eyes were trained exclusively on her father. She knew this, of course. Glory was given to the Four through marriage and motherhood. She had never desired more, nor striven for less.


She couldn’t help it, she sucked in a breath. ‘But?’ Yet her father continued as if she had made no sound, while the Phrionnsa’s mind swirled in a frantic buzz, mulling over scenarios even as she remained stock still before the Ard Ri’s equally stoic frame.

“You still have a great deal to learn about how best to fulfill this role. To that effect, I have decided to send you to Raevenna, where you will be in the care of the House of the Veturii.”

There was a pause, and in the silence Rowena felt her cheeks rush with color, for of all the possible outcomes she had foreseen, this was certainly not one. Mercia? He was to send her away? No talk of marriage, no intended betrothed to be spoken of; instead, she was to be carried off and deposited in a foreign court far away from her home and family. Her own shoulders stiffened as clear, oceanic eyes searched her father’s face. What had she done? How had she wronged him, disappointed the Four so much that the Ard Ri should be so ashamed of her…? Against her better nature, her chin dipped in the shame she felt she ought to bear. She was still only a girl, after all, and her anguish was poorly disguised. Perhaps Callum saw this, for he took a few steps forward, boots muffling his steps on the stone floors. “Rowena,” he said, and though his expression seemed impassible, it had softened a little. “This is a great honor, and I have chosen you for it specifically.”

Her gaze flickered up again, surprise flitting across her face momentarily. “Your High Majesty…” she breathed. “F-Father?”

“You will be visiting royalty in their court,” came the explanation. “I believe this will be a rich experience for you.” A nod. “I have no doubt that you will represent me well.”

Not a punishment. A grave responsibility, but… she was being honored. Her head swam with new daydreams. Mercia. A strange land, and steeped in beauty as much, they said, as it was in immorality. That her father trusted her enough to send her into such compromising conditions – that he would make her his ambassador of sorts – spoke volumes, and the slow realization of the challenges ahead were as exciting as they were frightening. Her heart seemed to be beating even faster now, her lips parting just slightly as eyes shone and her head dipped with another curtsy, deep and reverent.

“As you command, your high majesty.” Rowena rose, chin a little higher, back a little straighter. “With the blessings of the Four, I shall endeavor to do my best for your honor and for Dubhion.” When she again looked her father in the eye, there was a rare smile on his lips. It was a subtle expression – close-mouthed, still stern. Yet there was something in it that caused her own lips to turn up at the edges.

“Very well,” the Ard Ri concluded, and Rowena curtsied once more. “Remember your home. Remember what we expect of you, and I am certain you will make me proud.”

She was certainly going to try.

Rowena left within a fortnight. The Ard Ri had never been one to postpone a decision for very long, and as late spring, early summer was the safest time to travel, it was best she begin her travels as soon as possible. When the day finally came, she found her excitement wore away at the prospect of saying farewell to her dear mother, and to her siblings. It was a struggle to hold her head up and bid them goodbye without tears, but she managed it. She had promised she would make her father proud, and it would be a terrible start to burst into tears before she had even gone a mile. Yet, when at last she was sitting in the carriage and the wheels began to turn, alone with only her maids, the tears fell with abandon.

She arrived in Raevenna without incident, announced by the diplomat assigned as her liaison to the Veturii court and caretaker, Gioffre Osred. An older man with a gruff but kindly disposition, he was a great comfort to her in her first days at court, helping her to adjust to the strange customs. The weather took getting used to as well – warm and sunny, not at all like her damp, cool homeland. Her horse, Aderyn, a beautiful dapple-grey filly, had been brought with her, and she too was a taste of home the young Phrionnsa initially needed. Yet as the months wore on, Rowena found her way. Certain customs – the bathhouses, for instance – shocked her, but she did her best to stay away from anything she believed her parents would find inappropriate. Letter after letter was crafted and sent home, and the correspondence fed her news from Dubhion that she craved and treasured. She read every book on Mercian culture and government she could get her hands on, spent time in the company of Mercian ladies and diplomats alike, and in time carved for herself a place within the Veturri court.

Now, five years since she arrived in Raevenna, Rowena is acutely aware of the unrest between Dubhion and one of the other Mercian Houses claiming to be the Imperial family. Her father has recalled her to Dubhion to avoid the risk of her being used as leverage in the Mercian-Dubhionic war, though she arrives as the Fracture rips a hole between the Pale and Tnarem. Now approaching nineteen years, she wonders if she will ever be married with all these crises cropping up....
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