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it is currently season 1, the year 1449 NE. The continent of Tnarem balances on a precarious edge between survival and destruction. Wars rage between nations, fractures open in the Mete. The world as the Tnaremi people know it is dying and they are left with a choice: act or perish with it.

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The Carnifex is a magic-oriented faction,
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Overseeing the Augury and all its members requires the full attention of an entire organization, which would be the Carnifex. That's not all it does, however. The Carnifex has become a solution to a number of problems throughout Tnarem, all of which stem from the unaddressed issue of magic in a nation where magic is regarded poorly. To some, the justicars are heroes who safeguard Tnarem from the threat posed by magic, but to many others -- including some of the Augury itself -- they are the violent watchdogs chomping at the bit, looking for the slightest excuse to kill. The Carnifex need not concern itself with such opinions, however, they know theirs is righteous work. An aura of fear and intimidation surrounds the Carnifex members, so even lacking in nobility they are afforded a degree of respect.

A wide variety of tasks fall to the Carnifex to handle, from administration within the Augury, to combat, to investigation. Because of such, a wide variety of people find their way into the group. With no strict rules for enlistment and no preferred background, to claim a shared culture would be a lie. All that can be said consistently about the justicars is that each member is different from the rest, with their own history and reason. Camaraderie may be lacking in the Carnifex, but it is made up for by the diversity of talents that fill its ranks.

Becoming a justicar is simply a matter of satisfying the inquiry before accepting the badge, but being invited by the leadership requires expertise in the work that will be required in the new position. As such, many justicars are former military or old members of the government, with past experience in their role.

IMPORTANT: The Carnifex is made up of both augurs and non-augurs, though positions of power are almost exclusively non-augurs. If you would like to play one of these authority positions in any of the three Athenaeums, please contact Larian.


The Justicars that fill the ranks of the Carnifex are a stopgap measure meant to take care of the problem of magic. This means monitoring and enabling the Augury, but it also means hunting down rogue witches and cataloging magical families. It means finding new ways to combat rogue witches, and rooting out sedition meant to destroy the Augury. Any new threats previously unknown are to be dealt with in whatever manner is deemed necessary. Justicars are administrators, witch hunters and wardens all at once, and so have a considerable amount of authority with which to carry out their assigned tasks.
The Carnifex employs augurs to help them hunt rogue witches throughout the regions where the Augury has a presence. Whether sortilege is illegal or not, the Carnifex asserts itself as the policing force for all magic wherever it is able to.

However, this does not mean that the justicars are above reprimand, in fact the opposite is true. Given most of Tnarem's prejudice against magic, the justicars' actions are far more scrutinized than any other. Any lapse in judgement, any blatant undue cruelty, is punishable in a myriad of ways depending on the nation. The justicars aren't a lynch mob, they're a very powerful but very restricted organization.

There is nothing apparent by which one can recognize a justicar. Each carries a badge that identifies their affiliation to be shown when required, but it is not an emblem displayed on their garb. Indeed, there is no required uniform for the justicars, not even armor, and so a badge is all that marks one.

To Catch a Witch

Along with being tasked with keeping the Augury safe and smoothly functioning, the justicars of the Carnifex are also tasked with rooting out and rounding up rogue witches. Their methods for doing so vary wildly and are intermingled closely with what can be described as "security theater" and intentional shows of force.

venari di sangue

These "hunts of/for blood" or "blood hunts" are sanctioned or requested on an individual basis by the nations in which the Carnifex functions. They are historically (and accurately) portrayed as being brutal and as a result are the subject of many legends surrounding the Carnifex. When a location is known to harbor rogue witches, or if there have been rumors of the practice of magic, usually a venari is ordered.

To begin a hunt, a town or some population is chosen to be examined either by the Carnifex or by the ruler of the nation/region/city with the goal being to discover latent or rogue witches among the population. Once the venari has been approved by both the region and the Carnifex, the population is isolated. A force consisting of Carnifex members and people selected from the local guard or militia is chosen to set up a perimeter around the area. No one is to leave or enter unless given permission by the Carnifex. The people are to remain in their homes or on their land if work needs to be done, they are not to communicate with their neighbors, they are not to act in any way suspicious (which is left to the Carnifex's discretion). Home by home, the Carnifex sweeps the area, performing tests for magic-capability on each person, willing or not. Those found to be capable of magic are given the same choice as all witches: submit or die. Those who refuse the authority of the Augury are executed and left on the outskirts of town as examples and reminders.

Because the Carnifex is so heavily tied to the Augury, it functions within the same colleges that the Augury does, but with one notable difference: all colleges of the Augury are headed by Carnifex members. However, besides those very specific roles that head the colleges, there are no specific areas of focus for the justicars. They are trained to do all tasks asked of them and share a unified title despite what their current work entails.

Positions of Note

Chief justicar and the one responsible for both the surveillance and protection of the Augury. This position bears with it a heavy burden, as they are culpable not only for any dangers presented by rogue witches, but for any wasted resources in the form of slaughtered augurs. It's a delicate tightrope to balance on, and an unenviable title to hold.

Chief of the Praesidium, although not an athame himself. Those augurs entrusted to this man are trained rigorously by him and are expected to follow his direction.

Chief of the Ministerium, although not a bolline himself. Public projects do not always require his attention, but when instructed to he must send the bolline and their justicars to do what they must. Keeping track of who works where is the primary responsibility of this position.

Chief of the Athenaeum, although not a magister himself. Augurs who take up the mantle of magister are sworn to notify him of every new development and change in the records, as well as the Augury's census. The Scriptor must endeavor to know as much as possible about magic.