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it is currently season 1, the year 1449 NE. The continent of Tnarem balances on a precarious edge between survival and destruction. Wars rage between nations, fractures open in the Mete. The world as the Tnaremi people know it is dying and they are left with a choice: act or perish with it.

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The Coterie

The Coterie is a magic-oriented faction,
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While mageirs are no new concept in Lornesse and Argonne, the Coterie is a beast of its own nature. Newly founded, it exists to ensure that the practice of magic, and those who are capable of it, do not fall victim to any opposing force, and to protect and promote the interest of witches throughout Tnarem. It is a secretive group, and those who are members never talk about their involvement. It is often that they will deny its existence outright, perpetuating the belief that the Coterie is only a fairy tale conjured in anti-magic rhetoric.

The Coterie was not named by its members, but rather by the nobility at large, or at least by those who know of it. It is not a name spoken with love by many, nor is it one the members brandish openly. They are, however, proud of their group.

IMPORTANT: The Coterie is a secretive group, anyone who is a part of it must be chosen by the current members to be inducted. Nearly no one knows who makes up the Coterie until they are involved with it. If you would like your character to join or work for the Coterie, please contact Larian or Vesper.

Culture & Reputation

In Tnarem, the Coterie is largely believed to be a fictitious group and a name called forth to put a face to the opposition of the Augury's tightening grip around witches. With the expansion of the Augury, spats of violence have sounded the small but growing, movement of protest, and some whisper that there is an organization to the chaos. In some cases, this is true, but it is also not uncommon for rebellious acts to be falsely attributed to the Coterie. All the while, the group itself remains silent.

Those who seek the Coterie, recognize its followers by their simple sigil: a crescent moon resting inside a sunburst. Sometimes, this will be carved into the exterior of a building or stitched into some piece of clothing and kept from view. It denotes the affiliation, honest or otherwise, with the shadow group, and will sometimes be asked for when two agents meet to ensure that there is no foul play afoot.

Secrecy is the name of the game when interacting with or working for the Coterie. Names are never used, instead, the actors resort to monikers of their choosing, and these are often different from day to day. The risk/reward for participation in what can only be described as a treasonous movement is high. The goal being the freedom of witches and those who are magic-capable, and the risk being death. As the clout surrounding the group grows, so too does the risk of agents being captured.

There is no hierarchy to the Coterie. Those trusted enough to be inducted into the group are held as equals to the already existing members. To become a member of the Coterie is not a position to flaunt, but rather one that someone takes great care to conceal.

Being a member of the Coterie and being a compatriot of the Coterie are very different and distinct things. The Coterie interacts with and utilizes a wide array of informants, important figures, and pawns to further their cause, but these people are not members of the Coterie itself. In order to become a member of the Coterie one must be magic-capable and learned (to any degree, though usually relatively experienced) in the art of casting. A character must be inducted, and usually that is done via a member approaching them.

"the vow all make"

Often shortened to simply "the vow," the vow all make is the ritualized promise every Coterie member must make when being inducted into the ranks. Ceremonial, it is meant to show allegiance to the cause and is done by cutting the palm open so that blood is shed. Those awakened will have a blue tint to their oxidized blood, and it is that blue blood that denotes the person's eligibility to become a member of the Coterie.


A loosely organized group of those who support the cause of the Coterie, agents report to other agents, though never under the assumption that there are positions above them aside from the shadow group that is the Coterie proper. Those who pledge themselves to the group may or may not understand the danger of doing so. Most agents have never met, nor truly know, who is a member of the Coterie, though there are some people who openly claim to be members, and there is no way to truly tell if they are or are not.