Fair courtier, Guest, it is good to see you've returned.
Please allow us to inform you of the court's goings on.
it is currently season 1, the year 1449 NE. The continent of Tnarem balances on a precarious edge between survival and destruction. Wars rage between nations, fractures open in the Mete. The world as the Tnaremi people know it is dying and they are left with a choice: act or perish with it.

This contains our site culture, rules, systems, and plot. It's a great place to check out if you're not sure what the Ericourt is or if you're trying to decide if we're the right forum for you.
All of the information you need to become better acquainted with the world of Sergonia and its inhabitants can be found here. Anyone wishing to join the Ericourt will be able to find the essentials here.
The Directory
an overview of our site & our core beliefs

he Ericourt holds three principles above all else, and it is around these three things that our systems, community, and game are built. These core tenants of our game are ones we ask players to keep in mind when building and playing characters as they are important in maintaining immersion in the game.

All actions have consequences.
Everyone is someone's enemy.
Prizes do not come without prices.

Our setting is unforgiving and our rules are set up to support the above principles and that unforgiving world. Death is a possibility, enemies are as plentiful as allies, and intrigue is the chief rule of the game. If that sort of cut-throat in character environment does not interest you, then we are not the site for you and that's okay. We understand the intense nature of our game isn't everyone's cup of tea. If this is where your visit ends, thank you for looking and we wish you the best of luck in your hunt for a roleplay home. If this style of play appeals to you, you can read about our out of character culture below.

Looking for the IC information? Check out the Compendium!
About Us

Here, at the Ericourt, we strive for a close-knit, laid back environment that is welcoming to all people. We love our game, we love each other, we try to not take things too seriously, and we solemnly swear to enjoy the story as it unfolds. We believe that you get out of roleplay whatever you put into it, and we believe in helping our fellow players out whenever we are able. In the words of the wise Jackie Moon: "E.L.E."

Site Culture

We think we're a pretty funky bunch, but we also acknowledge that we're not for everyone, and we want to be up front with you about how we are different. The barrier to entry for playing here is high. The world in which the Ericourt takes place is complex and ever-growing. There is a lot of reading to be done before joining, but we feel that's a good thing! It means we have the opportunity to enjoy a robust and intricate setting. Secondly, we are an adult site. To some, this is awesome. To others, it won't be and that's totally okay! We feel we are adult because of the following aspects of our community:

01. - Our activity comes and goes; we all have big kid jobs, responsibilities, and hobbies outside of the site, and we maintain that real life will always come before roleplay. In return, we ask that the players let us know when something comes up and they will be gone. Open communication is encouraged and welcomed.

02. - We enjoy adult themes. Murder, rape, torture, slavery, sexism, racism, classism, prejudices of all kinds, incest, heavy gore, foul language, embarrassing bowel movements; it's all part of our play. It is, however, to be kept in play, and in play only. We do not tolerate any sort of nastiness out of character. It should also be noted that there are no trigger warnings on the content IC or OOC, players read at their own risk.

03. - Our player base is expected to conduct themselves maturely, fairly, and kindly at all times. There will undoubtedly be players who do not hold the same views as you do. There will undoubtedly be conversations in the Discord channel or elsewhere on the site that touch on sensitive subjects. We do not discourage differing opinions or the discussion of politically charged topics. We do discourage those who are not able to discuss these things civilly from joining them, however. We are a community, and while we are different people with different minds, we are required to respect one another.

Play Style

Third person, past tense, play-by-post. Our threads are primarily one-on-one, with open threads being marked (open). There are large group events every few months. There are no word count minimums, our typical posts range anywhere from 150 words to 1000+ words. You're welcome to write as much or as little as you would like.

Roleplay on the Ericourt revolves around the happenings of court. Since all play happens in and around the various capital palaces, player characters are those who spend most of their time there. Nobles from all over Tnarem come to court to ensure their family’s future in the Kingdom, and gentry come to rub elbows with the elite and work with the historic figures that live there.

Staff as GMs

Our staff double as GMs. They are here to uphold the rules of our game and to determine outcomes for our players. They understand the world and are available to answer lore questions as well as accurately decide how the inhabitants of Tnarem and our prominent NPCs will react to player character actions. Discussion about a decision is always welcome, we encourage our players to ask the staff questions that will help them to better understand the setting.

Game Seasons

Ericourt takes place in six-month chunks that we call "seasons." New seasons always begin on January 1st and July 1st on our OOC calendar. We use these breaks in play to close and open up plot lines, to push forward in game time, and to enact change in Tnarem. Usually a season change will be accompanied by a year-long time jump. This allows the players a longer period of playable time at the beginning of seasons.

We do not allow posts that happen before the current season or past the current date in that season, so not before the 1st of January or July (depending on the season) and not after the current real life date. Because the timeline of events is important to keep plots coherent, we ask that all threads are dated. You can find the dating conventions in the newbie guide and the ongoing timeline here.