Fair courtier, Guest, it is good to see you've returned.
Please allow us to inform you of the court's goings on.
it is currently season 1, the year 1449 NE. The continent of Tnarem balances on a precarious edge between survival and destruction. Wars rage between nations, fractures open in the Mete. The world as the Tnaremi people know it is dying and they are left with a choice: act or perish with it.

This contains our site culture, rules, systems, and plot. It's a great place to check out if you're not sure what the Ericourt is or if you're trying to decide if we're the right forum for you.
All of the information you need to become better acquainted with the world of Sergonia and its inhabitants can be found here. Anyone wishing to join the Ericourt will be able to find the essentials here.
All the ins and outs of playing on Ericourt

e lay out the rules unique to the Ericourt on this page in as succinct a way as we can. This means that while common courtesy roleplay rules may not be listed here, we still expect our players to abide by them. When in doubt, you can always ask the staff to clarify!

To give you a general idea of the tenor of our rules, we function largely like an online tabletop game where the staff are the GMs/DMs and our members are the players. Staff always has final say, and while we are most certainly open to discussing outcomes and decisions, if we maintain our stance, it should be adhered to. It is our goal to provide as realistic a setting with fair play in which we may enforce our values: all actions have consequences, everyone is always someone else's villain, and prizes do not come without prices.

01. - You must be 18+ to play. We are an mature, jcink premium forum, our posts may contain adult content (violence, death, sexual acts, etc.). We do not require threads containing mature content to be marked, you choose to read at your own risk.

02. - Please do not harass other players for posts, use hateful or derogatory language OOCly, or bully other members. This rule extends to non-forum but forum-related mediums such as Skype, Gchat, Discord, email, etc. If the conversation is about Ericourt, you're held responsible on the site for your actions. We will take disciplinary action for misbehavior off-site. Don't be a dick.

03. - Site pictures should not contain any nudity. The majority of our players write while at work and we aim to allow them to thread safely. IC pictures should be of the character's face claim, if one is used.

04. - Any lore that is not expressly stated in the directory or approved by staff is not canon. When in doubt, grab a staff member and ask! We're more than happy to answer questions. If you wish to contribute to the world, you can do so here.

05. - All IC threads must be dated and no thread can take place past the current date of the current played year. When posting, all time from the end of the previous season to the current date of the current season are able to be played on. IE today is June 18th, we are currently playing in the year 231. No thread can take place past June 18th, 231, or before the beginning of this season, which would have been January 1st.

06. - There are no word count minimums or maximums. We value quality over quantity, and all we ask is that you give your writing partner something to reply to. We encourage our players to adhere to the "Yes, and..." style of play.

01. - There are no character limits, however we require 10+ posts on each character in order to create a new character. The staff reserves the right to decline a new character because they feel you are not active enough on other characters.

02. - Your characters cannot be related, close friends, or in the same groups as your other active characters. This has the possibility to create some strange circumstances, but we believe this rule is necessary to keep our playing field even and our IC and OOC lines firmly separate. If you have multiple characters in play, they are not, under any circumstances, allowed to support one another in their endeavors. They may passively agree, but they cannot act in any way to aid one another.

03. - You cannot have more than 1 important character per region. Important characters include heads of house, heirs to houses, born awake casters, and any character with a significant military or government position. Please note that if you play a born awake witch who does not currently reside in her homeland, she will count as an important character in both her homeland and where she currently plays.

04. - Players are able to drop or shelve any of their characters. We ask that you let the staff know prior to doing so. If the staff feels that this rule is being abused, they reserve the right to deny the player the ability to create a new character.

01. - Your character can, and may, die here. Character death is not something we shy away from, and actions have consequences. The staff has final say on character death; player consent is not necessary. This rule is not utilized to punish players, but is meant to emphasize our commitment to realistic in character consequences. Players will always be notified ahead of time that their character is in danger.

02. - Any major plots and/or character deaths require the staff's approval. When putting together and/or executing any major plots or events in which any player characters or important NPCs may be killed, seriously harmed, or altered, you must discuss with the staff prior to the beginning of the plot. This is to ensure that all appropriate measures are taken IC to successfully carry out what the character desires and it also acts as a way to allow any player characters who would be harmed in such a plot enough forewarning and appropriate IC information that they will be able to react accordingly and potentially maneuver their way out of a dangerous situation.

03. - Any interactions your characters have in public/around others are fair game to be used by other PCs or NPCs. Take care to write out reasonable protection from prying eyes or eager ears if you're having a secretive conversation; news spreads quickly and easily.

04. - We heavily discourage OOC decisions for IC events. We understand that some things don't require threads because they are small or time is better spent elsewhere on plots, and in those situations, OOC decisions to substitute IC events are fine, but we want to limit this sort of thing to the absolute lowest possible frequency. Most (all, if we can) IC events should be threaded out. The staff reserves the right to strike something from canon if it does not take place in play. Along this same line, if a scheme is attempted without sufficient IC planning (read: threading) then it is likely that plan will fail.

05. - Do not metagame. Character decisions are to be made with the character's knowledge, not the player's. It's recommended that players make a decision for a character based solely on the information the character has, and to avoid discussing possible outcomes to other players prior to their decision. We are here first and foremost to write a compelling story, and that requires us to give and take. "Winning" should not be at the forefront of the mind, but rather "what makes this story awesome and how can I have fun exploring my character's strengths AND weaknesses?" If a player is caught metagaming, it is a bannable offense.

06. - Some situations require players to roll dice for success/failure. Rolling is not often used, but there are specific circumstances in which we require our players to roll for chance. Chief among these scenarios are pregnancy, sex/traits of children, and infection.
For pregnancy & miscarriage:
The initial roll is a d10, an 8, 9, or 10 being pregnant. A d100 is rolled to determine if there will be only one child or twins, a 1, 2 or 3 will result in twins. Once a child is conceived, a d10 is rolled again for miscarriage. An 7, 8, 9, or 10 results in a miscarriage.

For sex & traits of children:
A coin is flipped for sex at birth, either heads or tails being representative of whether the child will be a male or a female. A coin flipped before the due date is not considered a valid attempt to determine sex. Traits of the child include all possibilities for each parent's region, and can be handled with whichever method the players see fit, but it should be chosen by chance.

For infection & death via sickness:
A roll is required to determine if a wound becomes infected, and in the case that it does, the severity. A d10 is rolled for infection, a 1, 2, or 3 meaning the wound becomes infected. If the player rolls a 1, another d10 is rolled, if the player rolls a 1, the character is dead.

01. - There are no activity requirements for standard characters, only for important camons. If your character is considered an important canon (Heads of houses, those with significant IC positions, born awake witches, and heirs): You must post at least once every week with them in order for them to be considered active. If you're going to be gone for more than a week at a time, please leave a notice in the absences forum, this will prevent your characters from being labeled inactive. If your important canon is inactive for two weeks with no alert to staff, that character will be made available to be picked up by someone else.

02. - If any account is inactive for more than two weeks without notice, the staff reserves the right to include/exclude/alter their character via plots. We generally will not kill off or severely damage a character's physical person, but position changes, relationship changes, and other serious social changes may occur. Usually, a week is not long enough to cause the staff to act, but in the event that a player goes missing without warning while involved in important plot threads, the staff reserves the right to push that plot along as necessary.

03. - If a non-plot thread has been inactive for two weeks you may PM a staff member and have the thread put up for review. If the thread is found to be dead by the staff, it will be moved to the archives and the conclusion of the thread will be decided by the staff and remaining involved players.