Fair courtier, Guest, it is good to see you've returned.
Please allow us to inform you of the court's goings on.
it is currently season 1, the year 1449 NE. The continent of Tnarem balances on a precarious edge between survival and destruction. Wars rage between nations, fractures open in the Mete. The world as the Tnaremi people know it is dying and they are left with a choice: act or perish with it.

This contains our site culture, rules, systems, and plot. It's a great place to check out if you're not sure what the Ericourt is or if you're trying to decide if we're the right forum for you.
All of the information you need to become better acquainted with the world of Sergonia and its inhabitants can be found here. Anyone wishing to join the Ericourt will be able to find the essentials here.
Earn some cool (or lame) prizes

Player Achievements

These are earned by the player's OOC account. When achievements require posts, please link to the appropriate posts.

Ericourt Tester
Helped Lar test out a new Ericourt feature
Lore Contributor
Has had a submission added to addenda
Tnaremi Scholar
Contributed 5+ entries to addenda
History Maker
Won a lore challenge
Written By Victors
Was a runner up in a lore challenge
Have had one of your characters killed
Made a character from 3+ of the nations
Posted/contributed to 5+ feedback threads
Hand of the King
Has had a suggestion implemented
Welcoming Party
Posted in 3+ introduction threads
Happy Helper
Caught red-handed helping a newbie or a member with a question (this is awarded by staff)
PR Nightmare
Has voted for the Ericourt 15+ days
Filthy Player
Has referred a friend to the Ericourt
Blow 'Em Out
Celebrated your birthday with us
Celebrated an Ericourt birthday with us
Have been a member continuously for 3+ months
Have been a member continuously for 6+ months (1 seasons)
Are You Kidding Me?
Have been a member continuously for 1+ year
1 Year
Has been a member for 1 year
2 Years
Has been a member for 2 years
3 Years
Has been a member for 3 years
Calm down, Moneybags
Has donated to the Ericourt
Finished a duo+ thread with 4+ posts the same day as it was started
Marathon Man
Participated in a duo thread with 20+ posts
Put a Little Dialogue in There
Wrote a 1,000+ word post on any character account
Breaking the Seal
Created first character on the Ericourt
High & Mighty
Created an important character on the Ericourt

Character Achievements

These achievements are earned by character's accounts. Things that happen in the application or off-screen do not count toward these achievements, and a link to the thread should be provided when claiming a character achievement.

You win or you die
Directly or indirectly killed an important NPC or player character
Killed a member of your House or ordered their death
Heirs and Spares
Went from the spare to the heir
To the victor go the spoils
Has won a site-wide tournament
Ready? Fight!
Been a combatant in a duel or brawl
Thems Fightin' Words
Won an honor duel
This Town Ain't Big Enough
Won a duel to the death
Achieved a higher rank or position (gone from heir to head, earned a position on the crown council, became the head of a group)
Insufficient Skill
Lost a rank or position (gone from head to high lord, or lost a position on the royal council)
GG, No Re
Has escaped death at the hands of an NPC or PC
Going Steady
Professed love for another character after threading together 5+ times
Don Jon
Had sexual/romantic interactions with 3+ characters
Creatorian Glory
Had/has a relationship with someone outside of their faith
Different Area Codes
Has/had lovers from different nations at the same time
A True Beringar
Behaved like a true Beringar in a thread (both fought and fucked)
You must atone for your sins (this is a secret achievement handed out by staff)
Successfully navigated a political scandal while incurring minimal or no reputation damage
Tying the Knot
Got married
Engaged in an affair while being married or with someone who is married
Black Widow
Had a spouse die
And So We Part
Had a divorce
Had an annulment
Divorced, Beheaded, Died
Has been married more than once
Bundle of Joy
Sired or gave birth to a baby
Double Trouble
Sired or gave birth to twins
Conceived or sired a child out of wedlock
Pen Pal
Has written 10+ correspondence threads
Everything the Light Touches
Has been the head of a House
Heavy Lies the Crown
Has been the King/Queen of a nation
Hallmark Holiday
Participated in the Riston Tourney
A Feast for Pigs
Participated in the Inshmor Games
Beringar's Two F's
Participated in Raevenna Hastiludes
Not Quite Captain Planet
Became an alquemancer
Became a thermomancer
Became an illomancer
Can't Touch This
Became a mauermancer
Do You Even Lift?
Became a kinemancer
Has had a letter confiscated
Collar & Leash Play
Became an Augur
Call me "Sir"
Became a Justicar
In the Name of the Moon
Became a member of, or an agent for, the Coterie
Triumph To the Mighty
Became a member of the Legion
Write This Down
Became a member of the Gran Schecolei

Event Achievements

These achievements are earned by character's accounts. These achievements apply to events that only happen once and cannot be earned after the event has passed. Claim these like you would claim character achievements.

Took part in the vote for the next Tnaremi king in Game 2, season 1
Your Toys Are My Toys
Took part in the Marcher invasion in Game 2, season 2
That is not dead...
Took part in the Inshmor fracture plot Game 3, season 1
Season I Binger
Has completed season one
Season II Binger
Has completed season two
Season III Binger
Has completed season three
Season IV Binger
Has completed season four

Retired Achievements

These achievements are no longer able to be earned, but it is important to honor the players and characters who have transcended seasons and games. Thanks for sticking around, you old bastards.

Forefather (Player)
Has been a member of the Ericourt since Game 1, Season 1
Complex Mathmatician (Character)
Earned a 4 mental
Silver Tongue (Character)
Earned a 4 social
The Contender (Character)
Earned a 4 physical
Natural 1 (Character)
Had any sphere reduced to a 1