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it is currently season 1, the year 1449 NE. The continent of Tnarem balances on a precarious edge between survival and destruction. Wars rage between nations, fractures open in the Mete. The world as the Tnaremi people know it is dying and they are left with a choice: act or perish with it.

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The Timeline
A complete timeline of Tnaremi history

This timeline details the history of Tnarem as well as the events that have taken place throughout the game, up until current time. Events that are notable on a continent-wide, nation-wide, and family-wide scale are all noted here are can be distinguished from one another by using the filters to the right.

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Continent-wide event
Nation-wide event
Family-specific event
The first settlers arrive in southern Nis, establishing Alnnahr Al’aswad.
Mercia invades and conquers Pargos and Meis. After border skirmishes, a full war is declared against Pargos and Meis, the Veturian War. This war is the reason the Veturii rise to power.
The Veturii become the imperial family. Via a joint military and political coup, Veturii seize the imperial throne from the prior imperial family, Asinii.
Mercia invades and conquers Tramark. This sparks the Nine Years War.
Nis invades the Mercian settlement of Mebeda, seizing it. This begins the South Mercian War, the same war that will earn Nis its status as a Tnaremi nation.
Ostia successfully embargos Mercia with the help of Dubhion and Lornesse, bringing an end to the Nine Years War. Mercia and Ostia convene to discuss terms, resulting in Mercia's official acquisition of Tramark.
The Nisi Athenaeum in Grevilla is completed, the Augury officially has a presence in Nis. While practicing magic is not immediately outlawed, the pervasive distrust of witches leads to the Athenaeum filling quickly.
Roiphin Caspar Caemire is married to Vigressa Melisande Aldel.
July 1441
Marcus Ameridia Agostia declares himself the imperator of Mercia. In the process, he also declares war on the Veturii, denouncing the Veturian imperator, Magnus Veturia Agostia.
March 1442
Atticus Marinia Ameridia refuses to answer the Veturian call to arms. He declares himself the imperator of Mercia. He is the first to draw blood in the Mercian civil war, attacking Ameridian legions stationed at the border between the two territories.
August 1443
Ettore Veturia's 26th Legion deals a crushing blow to an Ameridian legion, causing Ameridian army to retreat from their formerly westward expanding border.
June 1445
Ettore Veturia's 26th Legion sieges the Ameridian city of Agrieum, taking it. This pushes the Ameridian border back even further, creating a bottleneck of sorts between Thedaea and Enui.
March 1447
The Ameridian legions invade and conquer the Dubhionic city of Aunios and its demesne. This act of war breaks the near three hundred years of peace between the two nations.
October 1447
Faulmer refuses to allow trade ships belonging to Caemire through their port in Altkirch. They blockade all Caemire trade in the region, sending economic ripples throughout the rest of Tnarem. They demand that Caemire step down from their position as Rois of Lornesse. Caemire refuses.
October 1447
Helvian troops begin an assault on the Blackreach Pass. Their free movement through Rai Pass bring to light Faulmer's collusion with the Mercians in an attempt to seize the Lornesian throne.
April 1448
Collectively, the families Caemire, Murrat, and Aldel put an end to the Faulmer revolt. They seize the city of Altkirch and remove Faulmer from power.
July 2, 1448
The Siege of Crelona finally culminates in the seizure of the city of Crelona. The first major Meisian city is captured by Lornesse after a brutal siege lasting nearly a fortnight. The city's leaders are executed publicly.
August 8, 1448
Northern Meis is invaded and captured by Lornesse. After a brutal series of battles, the capital of Meis, Verdua, is captured. The Helvii family is forced to flee, those captured are executed.
December 4, 1448
The fracture opens in the Dubhionic Athenaeum. The athenaeum must be evacuated. Thousands of displaced augurs make camp outside of Inshmor.
December 11, 1448
The Mercian Carnifex and Augury envoy arrives in Inshmor.
December 28, 1448
The Gran Schecolei research envoy arrives in Inshmore to aid the Dubhion Augury. This earns the ire of both Lornesse and Mercia; the Augury and Gran Schecolei have never worked together so openly before.
December 31, 1448
The first lusus escapes the Pale.
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