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Azira Oxuna Bey of the Jumh, No Information
April 14th, 1411 NE
High Nisi
Common Nisi
Common Mercian
No Information
Magic Capable
No, absolute and born awake

Goals & Motivation

In all things she does, Azira seeks to further the cause of Oxuna. Currently, this means securing the title that Azira considers rightfully hers, Padisah of Al'Aswad. Beyond this, she seeks to improve the Bank of Oxuna and to reform monetary policies that will benefit Nis, and specifically Oxuna.


Azira considers herself a devout Yalmaanist. She greatly respects the Nisi scholars that devote their lives to knowing Vhal and studying the Yalmaa. With some of her own funds, she donates to support these scholars and their holy pursuits.


Standing tall at 5'10", she towers over most other women in Tnarem. Her body is thin, but lightly muscled and healthy. Her skin is a dark brown skin is smooth, free from blemishes or tattoos. Her face is quite typical for House Osbryn. With a strong jawline, beautiful almond shaped eyes, and a wide nose, none of her features are exactly unexpected from a Nisi, but her beauty is still remarkable. Her eyes are large and bright. She has breasts that are smaller than what is deemed attractive, but she feels like she makes up for that in the butt department, boasting a shapely backside, which she often displays with tightly fitted dresses.
Typically speaking, she wears her hair up, in a high bun because of the unforgiving heat of Southmere. This allows the breezes to cool her neck and provide a more comfortable existence. She often wears bright colored dressed, often favoring golds, pinks, blues, and whites. She enjoys extravagant and brave fashion choices, often taking risks in showing more skin that usual or wearing dresses with higher hems that what is considered respectable. She greatly enjoys pushing these limits and also relishes being a topic of conversation at court. She follows the mantra, "There is no such thing as bad press."


Like Vhal, Azira has many faces. To those she loves, she is warm, loving, and a staunch ally. As mentioned before, family is at the heart of everything that she does and this maternalistic attitude bleeds into other aspects of her life. Now that her father is gone, these feelings have only intensified. She considers herself a logical person, given that she is surrounded by numbers constantly. The chaos caused by the disputed succession is illogical. It is not what is best for the family and the in-fighting that has resulted only distracts the family from uniting in an uncertain time.

Although her concentration in life is not diplomatic, a lifetime of growing up in Dhah-qasr has given her a calm and relaxed nature in dealing with others. Years of meetings, interactions, and dealings with nobles, merchants, and foreigners have an impact. She is typically soft spoken, only sharpening her tone when necessary. In the interest of saving face, she is rarely rude or biting, only when she is offended.

In private, she spends much of her time working ledgers, reading books, researching, or working in her garden. Her wing of the palace has its own private garden that Azira tends to herself. In the typical Nisi style, she blends tropical plants, water ways, and colorful flowers to build her own oasis in the middle of the hectic Al'Aswad. She is also quite fond of her cats, who roam the gardens. Although she is the wife of Nimr Sofian Agha, she does not manage their household. Given her high level of involvement with the Bank, she has little time to manage the daily affairs of her family.

Academic (3) - No Information
She is smart, but doesn't devote her life to studying books and other types of learned knowledge. She has basic knowledge on most topics, but is only really remarkable in the maths, where she does quite well. She is skilled in accounting, business oriented maths, and politics.

Diplomatic (2) - No Information
This is the area in which she shows the most prowess. To her, people are like clay. They can be molded and shaped to do whatever she wishes at the moment. She speaks with great ease and skill, often understanding exactly what needs to be said in order to have the desired effect. She uses her body to get what she wants, but is also a skilled orator.

Martial (1) - No Information
No Information

Relationship with House

For Azira, family is everything. She cares deeply for the bonds of family and tries to make an effort to maintain relationships with members of Houses Oxuna and Nimr. Throwing all of herself into learning the ways of trade, finance, and banking, Azira was both expected and sought to take up the family mantle from a young age.

Public Knowledge

Azira is known for her major role in running the Bank of Oxuna as well as being the firstborn daughter of the late Oxuna Hasan kral. Outside of this, it is known that she is married to Nimr Sofian agha, has three children, and enjoys spending her time attending balls or tending to her gardens in Dhah'qasr. In addition to her first family, Azira has a harem of both men and women.


She is rumored to be ruthless in her pursuit to call herself Padisah. It is also said that she has a deep sexual hunger.

Born into the wealthiest house in all of Tnarem, there was little that Azira found herself wanting for as a little girl. Much of her early life was simple. She spent her days playing with other children and without much worry or care. Although the laws of Nis dictate that all children of the padisah are given equal chance at inheriting the title from their parent, some fall into the role more easily than others. For Azira she felt this to be her case. As a young child, she was given the best education that Oxuna gold could buy. From this early age, however, it became clear that Vhal had blessed Azira with a head for numbers. This pleased both of her parents and as she grew, she grew even more skilled.

Her sister, born in the heat of the summer of 1417, was another important landmark in her life. In truth, Azira had been skeptical of sharing the attention of her parents and the court with another child. Up until this moment, the adorable Azira had been the darling of Dhah'Qasr. However, whatever apprehension Azira might have held melted away when she laid eyes upon her beautiful baby sister, Ayana.

Led by her father, Hasan, her small legs tried to keep up with the adults that accompanied her. Her governess held her hand tightly as the Kral himself led his firstborn daughter to meet the newest addition to House Oxuna, Ayana. Walking through the many open air halls and porticos, the party made its way to the apartments of Khairunnisa, her mother. The palace itself was alive with activity, servants and slaves darting around every corner and whispers of the news filling every hall. Much of this did not make sense to the young Azira, who quietly asked, "Where are we going?"

Squeezing her hand reassuringly, her governess replied, "We are to meet your new sister, Oxuna Azira, agha. She arrived two days ago."

Her dark eyes flicked upward and her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. As a child, she did not understand the words that she heard. With the curious mind of a child, questions began to flood out of her mouth.

"Where did she arrive from? Did she sail on a ship? And why have we waited two whole days to meet with her? She must be very lonely without her family . . . " She said, trailing off into her own thoughts.

Her father, the handsome Kral, turned down to Azira with a smirk, amused. Before Azira's governess could answer the child, his deep voice filled the air, "Vhal has given us your sister, young Azira. We have waited two days because it our way. Remember that we must honor the teachings of the Yalmaa."

Swallowing nervously at the intimidating figure that was her father, she nodded quickly, even though his answer did little to sate her appetite for answers. She might not have understood what he meant, but that was enough for her at the time. She dared not question her father, for whom she held great respect and deference.

Soon after, the three arrived at their destination and the wide double doors to the apartments of her mother were opened by palace guards. Inside, there were even more servants and slaves, buzzing around completing various tasks. As was tradition, this was the first time that the family was to meet Ayana. Once Azira's own dark eyes saw her sister, swaddled in luxurious silks and scented with oils, she felt her heart swell. It was totally unexpected.

The babe was presented to the Kral first, who was quite pleased with his second daughter. After, Azira was given the chance to have an up close encounter with the cranky babe. Despite her initial thoughts about a sibling, she was filled with excitement and joy. This small child was her sister, forever. With help, Azira held the baby in her own arms and promised both her parents that she would watch over and protect her baby sister, always.

Her teenage years were marked by her own increased involvement in family matters given her clear inclination toward mathematics and business. Even greater tutors were hired and Yalmaanist scholars worked to educate Azira in all matters, though as before, it became obvious that she held a natural predisposition for mathematics, trade, finance, and statecraft. She began to shadow her father in his dealings, from the ruling of Al'Aswad to the management of the Bank.

With her increasing importance to the family, the Kral decided that it would be necessary for Azira to continue living in Al'Aswad so that she could help the family. This became an issue because of her age and the expectation for her to become married. Her father went to his closest allies, House Nimr. Together, they crafted an agreement such that Azira would be allowed to marry into their house, but the couple would be allowed to live within Dhah'Qasr in Al'Aswad. As it stood, Azira was considered the heir and her father did not wish for her to be removed from the workings of her maiden family's seat.

Her marriage with Sofian was a pleasant one. He was a kind man and the two of them made sure that their duties to one another were fulfilled. As the two of them grew older and closer, they had three children together, two girls and one boy. Again, Azira found herself surprised by her emotions. She had not expected the maternal bond that she felt with her children. Her daily life was filled with meetings and important work, but she always made sure she had time to visit with her children for just a moment.

Her father's death changed everything. Hasan had been the rock upon which Azira could always count on and with his passing, it felt as though a chunk of her heart had been cut out. As if this was not enough, her own uncle had challenged what was her rightful place as padisah. She knew not why the man dared to take what was hers, but now, despite her hurt and pain, she is determined to seize what was promised to her by her father.
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Magical Abilities Explained

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Consequences of Being Awake

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