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No Information Leatha of Dubhion, Arcane Advisor to the Ard Ri
April 16th, 202 NE
High Markish
Common Lornesian
Common Markish
No Information
Magic Capable
Yes, absolute and born awake

Goals & Motivation

Her goals are split into two main branches currently. Firstly, she finds herself indebted to the Ard Ri for allowing her to serve as his advisor. Given the superstition that many have around magic, she feels like she must maintain her loyalty to him (and therefore Dubhion), above all else. Secondly, Celine finds herself working diligently to understand and ultimately close the tear in the mete. Given her power and knowledge, the king has asked her to assist the crown and provide counsel based on what she can glean. With this, she feels the great weight of expectation upon her shoulders.


Celine believes in the Temple of the Four, but this does not mean that doubt has not crept into her mind a time or two. She goes to the temple to pray and knows follows the teachings of the Four, as is expected of her. However, her own abilities provide a lens for her to look at the world in a differently than the typical Dubhionic noble. She was taught that her power was a perversion of human nature; she was taught to be ashamed of herself. Because of this, she has always tried to better the world around her, in service of the Temple and the Ard Ri. She entered the Augury willingly at a young age and has worked hard to prove herself devout and of use to the world, not a mere perversion.


Her body is overwhelmingly average, not boasting many curves. Her long brown hair has a tinge of auburn, but comes from her mother, who is a Beckwyth. She also has her mother's eyes, dark and captivating. Beyond this, however, she looks more like an Alveston. Her face is gaunt, with prominent jawbones and a large, prominent nose. She is fairly tall for a woman of Tnarem, however, measuring in at 5'8".
She typically wears rich colored dresses of dark reds, blues, and browns. She is not known for being the most fashionable woman at court, but she always looks very put together and refined. Her hair, thin, brown and straight, is usually pulled back and placed atop her head in some way. One of her greatest annoyances is her hair getting in her face, so she is rarely seen with her hair fully down. She adores jewelry however, and often wears many layers of necklaces and many rings on each hand. She looks a little foolish, but Char loves her bling.


Celine is a courteous, pleasant woman due to her family and her initial upbringing. However, the prejudice she has faced through her life because of her magic lead to a more insular nature. She is not one that typically speaks unless spoken to, preferring to keep to herself. Despite this, she does enjoy socializing with her friends and loved ones. She is usually deferent to men, especially her father and the Ard Ri, both of whom she respects deeply. Her calm nature allows to her to think before she acts, lending to a careful approach to life in general. Despite this, she is not afraid of the unknown, especially if said person or thing is magical. She is curious, sometimes to a fault. Somewhere inside her, there is a drive to understand magic more and work to better the condition of the augurs around her. She feels that since she has been given great power, she must use it responsibly, Above all, she feels driven by a duty to protect and bring order to the world.

Academic (3) - No Information
Celine has devoted her life to intense study. In addition to a better base knowledge, Celine excels in three areas: Magic, Theology, and History. These were taught to her during her time in the Augury, as tools to aid her in her work. She delves into deep levels of magic and theology that most common folks do not understand and her fields of research might seem obscure to the common Tnaremi person. In particular, she studies the history of magic and organizations associated with magic users. Beyond this, she has devoted enough time to become fluent in Common Mercian, allowed her to speak with most Southerners, crucial for coordination with her comrades in the other Athenaeums.

Diplomatic (2) - No Information
Celine was first a lady, so she was able to develop a few courtly talents of her own, which help her now that she lives in Fenwatch. Horseback riding was taught to her at a young age, given the great deal of national pride. She greatly enjoys riding, especially in the outdoors because of her own inability to take long walks like she wishes she could. Instead, she has relied on her horses to take her about, where her legs cannot. She loves her horses and prizes them, visiting the stables most days to check up on her riding horses. As a young child, she too, showed great promise in singing. Her small voice filled her parents' manor house in Caerntan on most evening, where she sang in the parlor while her brother played the pianoforte. In other realms of diplomacy, Celine is quite average. She is not particularly skilled at lying or detecting lies, and has an average capacity for interpreting body language. Given her shuttered life in the augury, this skill is perhaps stunted. Perhaps if she had not been born a caster, this could have been her strength, but the Four had different plans for her.

Martial (1) - No Information
Because of her sex she was never taught much in the realm of war. She has little interest in this realm. Because of her frail body, she was not able to learn any martial skills to help her in combat, instead relying on her innate magical talent.

Relationship with House

Celine is devoted to her family and often spends some of her free time writing to her siblings and parents, when she cannot see them in the capital. Her family is known at court and she does try to help them when she can. She sees her role as the advisor to the Ard Ri as a way for her to honor her family given her perversion.

Public Knowledge

She is known for her presence at court, which is controversial to more traditional factions in Dubhion

- She is a known for being a powerful augur


- There are those that believe the Ard Ri and Celine are romantically involved
- Celine has the Ard Ri under a spell
- Her perversion doesn't stop with her magic, it is said she is a lesbian because of her lack of interest in courting.
- She only received her position with the Ard Ri because of her relation to the Ard Phionsa

Celine's early life was both terrifying and confusing. She did not understand her abilities and especially did not understand the consequences of her power. The dream began plaguing her from an early age and at a certain point, paranoia took over, clouding her memory. At her age now, it is hard for her to distinguish between what was real and what she might have imagined as a child. There is still a part of her that believes it was all real, but she can't be sure. After confessing the reality of her situation to her governess, who observed her habitual exhaustion, her parents were made aware of her condition. Lord and Lady Carlisle insisted that she enter the Athenaeum in Inshmor, as any upright Dubhionic family would. Celine herself was but a girl and who was she to resist the will of the Four?

It was not until Celine entered the Augury that her full power was ascertained. Her teachers, learned Augurs, told her that she was born awake, meaning that her connection to the Pale was constant.

The young girl buried her face into her pillow, hiding the tears streaming down her face, stinging. What had she done? She did not not her own power. How could this be her fault? What had she done to deserve such terrifying power? Her heart raced in her chest and she could have sworn that it might give out from exhaustion. Only moments ago, she had been training with a teacher. Her eyes closed and she tried to forget the burn that she had caused on her teachers face. It had been an accident. No one could have expected a child to cause such damage with a mere stroke of her hand, but Celine had.

Shame and fear took a hold of her, like a boa constrictor. She felt like she couldn't breath, terrified by what would happen next. She had run back to her dormitory after her teacher quickly dismissed her. She had looked into his eyes and saw sheer terror, like she was some sort of monster, even amongst the augurs.

A knock on the door shattered the downward spiral of her thoughts.

The soft voice of a woman came through the wooden door, "Celine? Please, may I come in?"

She wanted to respond, but it felt as if her mouth had been wired shut. She tried to swallow down the lump in her throat and inhale more air. After a few moments, the woman opened the door and appeared before Celine. It was her favorite instructor, Yvonne. Her pale face was devoid of emotion, save her caring eyes, which looked right into those of the young girl.

"W-what have I done?" Celine croaked.

"You have done nothing wrong, Celine. You are different than those here, we have known this."

Wiping the tears from her face, Celine looked up at the woman, not fully understanding the meaning of the words she was hearing. However, as she listened to the woman who continued to speak and explain, it all began to make sense.

Over the next years of her life, she began to understand herself more and with this came a new found confidence. It was in understanding herself that gave her the strength to pursue magic as ravenously as she does today. During this time was when she was taught both evomancy and paramancy, both of which she had a natural inclination for. She decided to not spend as much time learning thermomancy after her accident, eschewing magic that could cause more harm like she had before. She devoted herself to becoming a capable augur and controlling her power. It was difficult, but she channeled all of her will into proving that she was not dangerous.

Celine quickly became a skilled caster as she grew closer to becoming a woman. It was in these late teenage years that she was first approached by the Carnifex and was offered a position within. Initially, it was not her job to seek out witches, but rather administrative and supportive. She could divine with great skill and teleport Augurs with great ease to different locations. In this way, she was not aware of the more gruesome workings of the organization. Her job kept her safe from any exposure to the truth of what went on, so she was relatively unaware.

It wasn't until she reached her early thirties when she was scrying did she observe the true nature of those that she worked for. She watched, from her crystal ball within the Athenaeum, the gruesome murder of a witch that did not want to submit to the Augury. It was difficult for her to watch a child slaughtered by her merciless colleagues in the Augury. She was a pious woman that believed deeply in the Four, but surely they did not intend such actions. She watched again and again, and began to take in more information about the Carnifex, only to find herself disgusted with the way that they treated both augurs and free witches. She began to doubt herself and her duty, but unfortunately, there is no way to truly leave the Carnifex or Aurgury, once someone has entered. She kept her discontent quiet and hid it behind walls in her mind. She continued her work, mastering mauermancy so that she could protect those around her. In an act of frustration, she also decided that she should perfect thermomancy, to prove to herself that she was capable of it. She faced her childhood fear and succeeded.

Around five years ago, after the death of the last king of Dubhion, the magical advisor to the Ard Ri perished. With this position vacant, Celine knew that this could be a way out. She hastily applied for the post and given her credentials, she was welcomed into the role. She left her life at the Athenaeum, where she had lived for almost 30 years and moved into Fenwatch, the royal palace. It was a much needed change, one that gave her more freedom. She was allowed to research whatever she might want in exchange for her services to the Ard Ri. This was not hard for Celine, for she had always admired the Ordmonde family. Despite knowing of one another before her tenure, it was not until a few years later that Lady Celine and the family Ormonde were endeared to one another.

Much like herself, a daughter of the Ard Ri was born awake. Thankfully, Celine knew the signs and she was able to understand the strange happenings around the child. It was Celine that was able to speak with the King and Queen, both of whom were upset and confused with the situation. Celine explained that they had not been given an ordinary child. Despite initial fears, Celine was able to calm the girl's parents and promised them that she could make arrangements for their daughter in the Athenaeum. Celine now watches over their daughter, often scrying her and seeing her in person. Celine likes to think that she has taken the girl under her wing, so to speak.

Most recently, Celine has been preoccupied with the tear in the Mete. The tear terrifies her because she does not have any means of understanding it. Hoping that with their combined magical knowledge, she is looking to the witches of Lornesse for help in the matter. For her, the matter is practical, although she knows her ever step will be perceived as political. She works closely with the Ard Ri to protect her people from this new threat and she hopes to learn whatever she can to help the people of Tnarem.
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Magical Abilities Explained

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Consequences of Being Awake

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