Fair courtier, Guest, it is good to see you've returned.
Please allow us to inform you of the court's goings on.
it is currently season 1, the year 1449 NE. The continent of Tnarem balances on a precarious edge between survival and destruction. Wars rage between nations, fractures open in the Mete. The world as the Tnaremi people know it is dying and they are left with a choice: act or perish with it.

This contains our site culture, rules, systems, and plot. It's a great place to check out if you're not sure what the Ericourt is or if you're trying to decide if we're the right forum for you.
All of the information you need to become better acquainted with the world of Sergonia and its inhabitants can be found here. Anyone wishing to join the Ericourt will be able to find the essentials here.
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anastasia Inactive January 17th, 2015 10
Anastasia Fairisles Unsorted February 15th, 2018 0
Aoifa Ruadh Ostia December 15th, 2017 2
Ardicea Unsorted June 6th, 2018 0
Ariadne Lenes Inactive January 17th, 2015 205
ariel Unsorted August 9th, 2017 0
Arnaud De Tounnes Lornesse January 19th, 2015 81
Artemic To Delete February 11th, 2017 0
Asgoth To Delete February 12th, 2015 21
Asgoth Bosque To Delete February 21st, 2015 4
ashton player February 10th, 2018 0
Atticus Lewall Wright Unsorted July 14th, 2018 0
Atticus Marinia Mercia September 1st, 2017 15
Aurelia Thrace Unsorted July 27th, 2017 6
Aurik Fabre Unsorted December 15th, 2017 0
Aurora Beringar Unsorted December 19th, 2015 97
Ava Aldel Lornesse September 25th, 2016 35
Avilion Alveston Inactive January 30th, 2016 13
AVN Unsorted January 21st, 2018 0
Avril Unsorted January 4th, 2018 0
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