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No Information High Lady of Westmarch, The Little Fox of Thrace
April 5, 204 NE

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Goals & Motivation

The “little fox” of Thrace has come to an intersection in her life. Being the proud wife of Lucius Beringar, the crown has put her in an uncomfortable position. Her goals and motivations up to this point had been to make her father proud and to help her husband in any way she could as the Keeper of Warfare. With her husband currently on house arrest in the Ericourt, her motivations have shifted. While her previous wishes still hold true, she is now acutely aware of the tensions in the kingdom, as her husband falls in the balance. Alexia is using her quiet, sly nature to gather any information that could aid Lucius or the Westmarch forces in the seemingly unavoidable hostilities to come.


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Alexia stands at a mere 5’2”, and is a wisp of a woman. Any extra fat on her has been distributed in equal measures between her breasts and her hips. Womanhood was merciful to Alexia. Before the age of twelve, she was all legs and arms, a gangly thing that would easily be mistaken as a boy. Now, she has the curves that are desired in a young woman. She is slight in stature, but her muscles are sleek and toned from countless hours of archery training and horseback riding. Her body bounced back quickly after her pregnancy, though it did leave her hips a bit wider than they had been previously.

She has the dark brown eyes that are characteristic of her House as well as long dark brown hair. Alexia’s hair does have a little curl and definition, but she does not share the tight curls that are seen in some of her siblings and cousins. She prefers to wear her hair down or in a loose braid, not caring much for the extravagant updos of the North. She finds that they restrict movement and are a frivolous waste of time. She has olive skin, a little lighter than what her House is known for. Alexia has strong cheekbones and full lips, that soften what could otherwise be a harsh face. She is undeniably feminine, in her features and her fluid movements.


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Public Knowledge

Alexia Beringar is the wife of Lucius Beringar and the youngest child of Gallus Thrace. She is known throughout the region as an extremely skilled archer. She narrowly escaped house arrest with her husband in Ericourt. She had left the court a week before in order to visit her mother in Pruxea. After meeting with her mother, Alexia recieved news of her husband's situation . She traveled to the edge of Ostia, to the war front, in order to see if she could be of any aid with her ties to Ericourt.


In the four years since the loss of her child, Alexia has failed to give birth to another. Some speculate that she is now barren.

With the perceived betrayal of her husband, some question her loyalty to the Beringar House

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