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No Information Vigressa of Kassel, The Feather of Vanya
November 2nd, 209 NE

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Magic Capable
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Goals & Motivation

She is a young woman who thrives when she feels she has purpose. The form of that purpose has felt malleable throughout the years. From the age of twelve until fifteen, it was found at the Ericourt, serving as a lady-in-waiting to the late Queen Mildred. When she returned to the Vale following the Queen's death, it was in studious worship of the Goddess Vyr, a devotion that began to concern her House, for as admirable a quality as her piousness might have been, one of House Crawley's only daughters would not do, languishing within a temple.

She was sent back to court therefore, at her Grandfather's instruction, her purpose re-imagined to one of Crawley ambition. It's a purpose Adelaide will do her best to shape in her favor, to invite a prosperous courtship and eventual proposal.


Adelaide is openly devout in her worship of the Pantheon and its various Gods, with a personal Autel to Vyr located in her chambers she makes daily offerings to in order to remain in the good graces of the deity she largely claims is responsible for sparing her brother early passage to Lebeanach. It is a private source of consternation to Adelaide therefore, that rumors persist chronicling her brother's supposed meetings with Creatorian priests.

Adelaide wholeheartedly believes in the mythos surrounding the Caemire family and her affection for the Princess, Larian, is well known from the Vigressa's time serving alongside her as a lady-in-waiting to the late Queen. While not outright dismissive of the Creatorian Church due in large part to her exposure to its teachings while in Ostia, she makes little secret of her disdain for the Four, believing the Marchers knowingly worship false idols.

She has an interest in magic, though it has never developed far beyond a certain quiet pride regarding the potency of it in her bloodline. To Adelaide, there is little greater evidence of the Gods and their favor than its existence.


She has quite the look of a Crawley. The hair dark, glossy as a crow's wing; perhaps not quite the depth of night but thick and tumbling to her lower back with some few natural waves when left to its own devices, though it is rare to see it so. Her eyes are a paler blue than her brother's and appear more gray in certain light and the complexion is fair, the nose kissed with freckles visible in the sun. Adelaide also boasts the high cheekbones known of her House, they have become more prominent as she's matured.

Her mouth smiles easily and brightly and every so often - with a sweet edge of mockery, as if it played with the precise meaning of such an expression. There's intelligence to the face, the eyes keen, the expression attentive to its surroundings. Her figure is naturally slender and she is tall for a Crawley, her body having lost some of the plumpness it held in her formative years at court. She has a modest bust that slopes into hips that almost seem too narrow to be well suited for bearing children, but her carriage is always erect, her manner befitting the accomplishments of a former lady-in-waiting.


Adelaide often feels far older than her years, this she attributes to spending so many of her formative ones at court, serving as a lady in waiting to a Queen. It informed much of her view of the world, those years at court but it never consumed her - she always felt as if she stood with her back to the wall as it spun around her. She listened, she learned. Her heart was flattered and occasionally it faltered but it was never broken.

She's an even tempered girl, on the whole. Her practicality is a tether for her House, she errs to the side of caution without losing sight of what it is to be playful and find laughter in the small trivialities. If her brother is a dreamer, his sister is the bulwark against fancifulness taking too much flight. She has a calm, steady manner of speaking and her countenance never gives away any sense she's anything but attentive and engaged with any conversation directed her way.

Academic (3) - No Information
Adelaide is an astute young woman. Her intellect is above average with a sharp mind that was further honed by her time observing court intricacies as a young lady-in-waiting. She is not one to rush into any situation unprepared and far prefers to quietly and unobtrusively consider her options before giving over to a plan or voicing her opinions. Her shrewdness can at times suggest a sort of emotional detachment, as her need for order and reason can often overrule her emotions during times of stress. Adelaide is known to be practical, level headed and conscientious.

Diplomatic (3) - No Information
Polite and well spoken seem to go hand in hand with both children of Leon Crawley. Adelaide is more than adept in dealing with social situations, her exposure to the the royal court during her formative years as a lady-in-waiting have more than adequately prepared the youngest Crawley for the particular nuances of conversational etiquette. Adelaide has a keen eye for the tiny tells often given away without thought by others in both speech and posture and while she often maintains an edge of cool introspection, she is rarely anything but cordial to those she finds herself in the company of. If she has a particular failing, it is perhaps that her thoughtfulness can sometimes be misconstrued as hubris.

Martial (1) - No Information
Adelaide suffers from the same lifelong anemia as many other Lornesians whose blood is rich with source. This has often manifested in nose bleeds, which she has experienced since she was a small child. Initially fearful that she had incurred the Gods wrath when they began, Adelaide has long since begun to attribute these occasional ruptures with signs from the Pantheon. Indeed when her brother's accident occurred and again when the Queen passed, she experienced what she considers manifestations of the God's decrees as she knelt to offer her prayers.

She can ride passably well, though it is not a frequent pleasure of hers as she finds it fatigues her rapidly, she has little to no training with a sword or bow, her focus having always been firmly steered toward social etiquette and its associated niceties. Adelaide can dance tolerably well, though she concedes it has never been her strongest skill and often prefers to observe, or engage in dances that do not challenge her too strenuously.

Relationship with House

She is proud of her name, it's clear to any who come to know the young woman affectionately called the Bud of House Crawley, her bloom yet to fully flourish but the potential for her to bring esteem makes her a pretty piece of plumage for their House - and forms the origin of the title often hers to bear in wider Lornessian circles, murmured in generally approving tones: there goes the pretty young Feather of Vanya.

She is invested in the politics of possibility. For their House, for her own future. The child of an indifferent father on such matters, Adelaide cannot entirely distance herself from the importance action and inaction must have on all their futures, having spent perhaps more time observing the minutiae of court than others. She seeks a prosperous marriage, her ambitions in this are perhaps the most apparent. If she can foster a connection that pleases both her House and heart - all the better, though in private moments, she's been known to concede she'd be satisfied merely with a husband whose wits were not beneath her own.

LEON CRAWLEY: There's a fond exasperation evident at mention of her father, the sort that has its roots in true affection. Adelaide does not fully understand him and has never assumed she shall do so. Her memories of growing up are not stained by any abject cruelty at his hands, nor the particular devotion she's seen in other men with their babes. Theirs is very much a strange mixture of familial duty and sincere, if pleasantly distant, friendship.

GENEVRE CRAWLEY: She cannot help but admire her mother, for she understands duty came before all else when she married Leon Crawley and any disappointments that were hers were firmly set aside to ensure their House produced a Heir. Theirs was never a marriage of love, though she firmly believes there is sincere attachment of some kind between her parents. Adelaide is often in her mother's company and while she does not outright share her mother's looks, it is said there is the hint of a dimple in Adelaide's cheeks by virtue of her Amaranth blood.

DORIAN CRAWLEY: Oh, how she adores her brother. Born barely a year apart, there is deep and unrivaled love in her for her sweet Dorian. Adelaide has often expressed a certainty that no man will truly match the affection she has in her for him. He is perhaps alternately the great delight of her life and the sincerest worry of it - for all his musings, she fears the world holds little but disappointments for her brother.

Public Knowledge

Adelaide was a former lady-in-waiting at court in her younger years, though she was rarely known to speak out of turn or draw attention to herself. This gave rise to a false impression, one that occasionally finds harbor in new acquaintances, that she is of a haughty and proud disposition, but those that have her confidence will attest she is simply cautious with her affections and deliberate in the manner she keeps a polite distance with those she does not yet know well.

She maintains a close friendship with Larian Caemire and has often been seen in her company at court.

Adelaide loves to read, it is a particular passion that she is eager to share with those who demonstrate a similar fondness.

While she does not engage in an abundance of physical activity, she is known for her love of nature and often walks to admire Lake Norgenau in the fairer months.


It's said that when her brother was near fatally injured, the young Vigressa of Kassel took herself to a Dom of Vyr and wept at the great altar, begging the keeper of death to show mercy and any offerings she wished would be hers in exchange for allowing her elder brother's survival. Whether true or not, it is known Adelaide Crawley makes frequent visits to worship the lady of death.

Adelaide Crawley's name has rarely been linked with ill gossip but there was talk she left a broken-hearted noble behind her when she departed the Ericourt, the details of which seem to fluctuate wildly depending on which version is recounted. Some would have her indifferent to a Lord's advances, others the victim of a cruel heartache. Whatever the truth, it's near impossible to judge from the young lady's steady composure on the matter.

Adelaide's life began in the early hours of the 2nd of November. It was the height of autumn, with winter only just beginning to dust the tips of the evergreens surrounding Vanya and barely a year having passed since her elder brother had come to bless their House with an Heir. She was greeted with pleasure, for a daughter filled a valuable role and it brought her mother considerable joy to have a girl to dote upon. In her father's eyes, Adelaide often came to suspect, she also settled him of a particular duty and debt he felt encumbered by.

He had done what was expected of him and produced a pretty matching pair - two dark haired, clear eyed Crawleys. One to inherit and one who would marry.

She wriggled out of her Grandmother's grasp and ran toward the gardens, delighted at the beauty all around her, the vivid green stalks, the sunlight dappling through the trees and throwing patterns across the stone. She pulled at several colored bulbs and carried them back.

"No, my beauty. You must wait for the bulbs to open. They are too young. You see?" Her Grandmother played with a rogue curl of dark hair.

"Have patience, Adelaide."

But patience had never been in Adelaide's possession, in her early years. She had always felt overly eager to begin. To find her purpose and excel at it. The first true opportunity she had to do just this was when, at age twelve, she was sent to court to serve as a lady-in-waiting to the then Queen Mildred. They were years of her life she thinks back on with a mixture of pride and regret. Pride for the manner she navigated her way through uncertain, often perilous, court politics and regret for some of her early behavior. Her eagerness to excel in those early days had seen Adelaide sacrifice her scruples on more than one occasion.

It was also where she forged many friendships and connections she keeps to this day, none more important to her than that of Larian Caemire. It was only when the Alveston Queen passed and Adelaide returned to Lornesse that she began to feel a deep ravine forming around her, separating her from everything that had previously mattered. The Ericourt, her friends and family, even the House that she felt such pride for. She took shelter within the Pantheon, threw her energy into worship until at last, three years later, she felt tethered once again.

Adelaide returned to court for a period during 228 3A and again in 229, before returning to the Vale, long before the Marcher invasion had begun in earnest. Once word reached Lornesse of the capture of the Caemires, along with Adelaide's father, she departed Ethethron to be with her family as they awaited news of the Margrave's son.

October 229 3A

Adelaide had always liked the gardens surrounding Vanya at this time of year. They were a splendid array of vivid reds and burnt golds and despite the growing chill as the season looked toward the winter, there was warmth enough in the sunlight that filtered its way through the towering trees; showering the walkways with dappled light that seemed almost to sparkle, as the wind from Lake Norgenau pushed the boughs to and fro.

Dorian would have had thoughts on it, she knew, would have pointed out the play of the light in such a way as Adelaide’s awareness of it would have grown and she’d have listened to his musings with a smile, the one she reserved, just for him. She often found herself thinking of her brother when she was home, walking the same paths they’d played along as children. It had been strange, when she’d first returned after the Alveston Queen’s death, she’d felt altered by the loss and so had Vanya. The towering evergreens seemed suffocating, their shadows dwarfing and dire. Even her family had seemed like strangers for a time.

It had felt as if all the color had been drained away, leaving only shades of dull, lifeless grey and only in the Dom, through worship, had it seemed there was vibrancy left in her world.

Now, she felt the same stirring of contentment she’d known once, before duty had called her to court, before she’d bid farewell to her home. There had been a great many ‘befores’, some counting greater losses than others. It was temporary, however. This state of tranquillity that fell over the world outside of the castle walls – as if the city itself held its breath, awaiting the same news they all did.

Word of her father.

She’d taken her leave from her mother’s chambers only an hour ago, at the Vigressa’s insistence and privately, Adelaide was thankful for it. As sincere as her desire was to comfort her mother, she found her constant fluctuations between incensed anger at Adelaide’s father for not writing and tearful anticipation of news of his suffering exhausting. Dorian had traveled to Ethethron, Adelaide knew, in part to be present when the Vigrave returned with the other Lornessian captives and even in her brother, she’d sensed the stirring of that same anger, carefully stowed beneath his concern.

Her own anger at her father felt borrowed.

It was easy to channel it from her mother, or even her grandfather. To sense the rebukes that hung unspoken, suspended until a later time, as news trickled in of a war waged on Argonne, waged against the current King. Absences did not affect Adelaide in the way they seemed to the rest of her House. She felt a detachment from much of the goings on, even though she supposed it was upsetting. The possibilities did lay there, spread before her.

Imprisonment. Torture. Death.

Perhaps it was simply that she didn’t doubt her father’s capacity to survive quite the same way. Her knowledge of the man prescribed that he was entirely skilled enough to avoid an untimely meeting with Vyr. He was reckless, she’d said as much with her mother’s hand in her own. But he was also brave. And resilient, as they all were. Don’t worry, mother, she’d offered in her calmest, most confident voice. It was the same one she’d used when assuring the Queen and she knew its effectiveness in projecting a tone of authority in a matter, as if her steady gaze and voice must be taken as fact. Father will return, as he always has. He’s a Crawley, after all.

Footsteps on the pathway behind her had Adelaide turning in time to greet the sight of a maid, who clumsily curtsied when she caught sight of the young Vigressa. “Your mother bid me fetch you to her, my Lady,” she offered, looking flustered enough to rouse Adelaide’s interest.

“Has something occurred?”

“A letter has come, my Lady. From Lord Dorian. Your father has arrived at Ethethron.” A sedate little smile touched the edges of Adelaide’s mouth and she nodded, turning back to regard the distant water. “Inform my mother I will come directly.” She waited until the maid’s footsteps could no longer be heard before breathing out slowly and bowing her head.

You have spared another of my blood Vyr, you have my thanks. I will make an offering in your honor. She felt something damp hit her sleeve and opened her eyes to see a speck of vivid red, blooming against it. She touched her fingertips to her nose and carefully dabbed at it.

Vyr had heard her. Adelaide turned and hurried inside, there were arrangements to make and a celebration to prepare for.

In the wake of the Reiux distancing itself from the unified kingdom now under Imperial rule, Adelaide has returned to the royal court once more, her long standing friendship with the Princess aside, there are many new faces and potential connections to be made for the young Vigressa.
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