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No Information Prinzessa of the Reiux, The White Witch
December 1, 1417 NE
High Lornesian
Common Lornesian
Common Markish
No Information
Magic Capable
Yes, bound and born awake

Goals & Motivation

For the majority of her life, Alena's paramount interest has been furthering her study of magic. She takes great pride in her casting ability, and her life's mystique is constructed around it. She cares very much for the well-being of all people, and seeks to further humanitarian interests as they align with her own worldview. A religious zealot, she believes herself and other casters to be set above the rest - and feels Lornesse's way of life should extend far and wide. She takes her responsibility as a steward of the pantheon extremely seriously, and works toward what she feels is humanity's genuine benefit. A founding member of the Coterie, Alena has aligned herself with other powerful witches in order to achieve this goal. While her motivations may differ from its other members; she recognizes the need for compromise in order to progress.


Devout and self-interested, Alena is a zealot of the Pantheon. She cultivates an air of religious sanctimony that works in tadem with the lore of Caemires' near-godly status. To the gods and goddesses of old, Alena is an eager supplicant; visiting religious houses, holding their feast days, and spending time in silent prayer. Reverence for the gods and their mysteries is something she holds close at heart. Through her connection to the Pale the gods commune with her by choice and by right. Alena truly feels her actions are guided by an unseen hand (always, coincidentally, for good) and believes that the gods bless her every action. For her it is impossible to distinguish between what will is godly and which is simply her own. In her mind the two are one.


Fair-skinned, pale haired, and lithe; Alena's are the looks typical of a Caemire. Her face carries oversize features: large blue eyes, a prominent nose, a pouting mouth. The corners of her lips turn down, in a perennial frown - giving the prinzessa an appearance of constant frustration. Alena's height is average, neither particularly short nor tall, and her build is slight. She makes a concerted effort to appear ethereal - dressing only in white or other pale colors. The overall effect of her pale clothing, pale skin, and silver-gold hair is striking; if only for the jarring sight of so much whiteness. The painstakingly cultivated air of divinity hangs upon Alena's every movement, like a heavy crown. Feminine and otherworldly would be the words that most often come to mind.


A creature of two worlds, Alena’s personality is one of duality. There is a purposefulness to her actions, a self-preserving desire to project perfect etiquette and mindfulness - despite how she may truly feel. Often on edge, plagued by the perennial pull to the Pale; the effort to quell this unease is constant. This manifests as a palpable ethereality and a sort of sadness that encompasses her. She takes great pains to appear regal in public, but drops this facade easily in more familiar company. She is exhaustingly devout, her religiosity always an elaborate performance. For this reason her air is haughty and condescending. In private moments, she is exuberant and giving; prone to exaggeration and overt displays of affection. For Alena there are no half-measures, only extremes. She is easily elated, or despondent; enraptured in love or mired in jealousy. Prone to excessive rumination, this applies doubly to her unrelenting temper. Magnanimous until provoked, even a slight insult can unnerve her. These sorts of reactions are unpredictable, shifting like a breeze. While she may mask her true feelings, she is quick to take offense to any ill-placed comment.

Academic (2) - No Information
Alena is educated in topics befitting a lady of her station - the only exception to this being her knowledge of magic. In terms of learning, this vastly eclipses all else. Even more so, she has little interest in what she finds ephemeral and unimportant. Governance, commerce, and the like...as a magier she considers these things utterly beneath her. She can offer a clever remark here and there, but Alena is no scholar. She knows enough of the world to conduct herself well in public or curate salons of more learned people than herself.

Diplomatic (3) - No Information
poetry, instrument (lute), singing, gardening
Where she truly excels is in relating to people. Gregarious and kind, Alena wins friends easily. She especially enjoys working directly with religious orders to help the people of the Vale in any way she can, or alongside other magiers when possible. She is also a practiced flatterer, easily disposed to deceit when she needs to be. Hiding her own displeasure is something she does regularly; preferring to mask any discomfort behind a placid face. She recognizes the need to be diplomatic in order to achieve her goals - and understands that her views (while divinely ordained) are not shared by everyone. Over the years she has worked to master her discontent in other people, and to dampen how acutely connection to the Pale affects her. The Prinzessa is adept in courtly endeavors, with a pleasing singing voice to accompany music. She also keeps a lavish garden at the palace in Errevet with plants and herbs known for their magical properties.

Martial (1) - No Information
Uninterested in affairs of war, Alena has an interest and a capability only as a spy. She does not understand anything of war-making, nor does she care to learn. Inheriting a caster’s proclivity for illness, Alena is delicate and anemic. She tires easily, eschews physical activity, and must avoid sick people at all costs. Fits of emotion leave her exhausted, as can overexertion of any kind, and she often retires at midday to sleep or rest in quiet and dark. As an awake caster, she expends energy with every spell. When struck she bruises deeply and easily, her fragile skin often marred with patches of blue and purple from even slight injury. She has neither the interest nor capability to wield a weapon or participate in sport.

Relationship with House

Alena takes pride in her name, as rightly Caemires should. She reveres her father and obeys him above all others - and she carries that loyalty toward any other who bears the Caemire name. She holds her family above all others, and will always act toward their overall benefit, if asked. Often viewed from afar as remote and distant, Alena's true nature is one of warmth; and this extends mostly to her relatives. However no family is without its petty squabbles, and Alena is prone to bouts of petty jealousy and envy. Ever the eldest child, she does not like to be eclipsed. She takes flippant insults extremely seriously, and often holds grudges longer than seems appropriate.

Public Knowledge

- Alena is a powerful Evomancer known (whether renowned, feared, or reviled) throughout Sergonia.
- Despite her position as the eldest Caemire child, she is completely barren and disdains affairs of state.


- She both covets and despises her younger sister Larian for her magic.
- She longs for powers beyond Evomancy, but is incapable of other types of magic. She abuses source to try and awaken other powers.
- Her brain is addled from constant connection to the Pale. She is deeply disturbed and basically inhuman.
- Her magic is used to spy on the kingdom and report any dissent or treachery to the Roi.
- She foiled the planned coup in Southern Lornesse and predicted its failure before the campaign even began, directing the Lornesian army to exactly where the Marcher forces would be.

For a few years, it was just Alena. The first Caemire child born to Lornesse’s royal couple, Alena was a remarkable thing just by breathing. She had no idea, could have no idea, of how her life might change. The eldest Prinzessa often complained of horrible nightmares and tortured sleep, running her nursemaids ragged in the night. She was a strange child; quiet, contemplative, distant. It was after the physicians and magiers of the court determined that the Prinzessa was born awake, a child of the Pale itself, that she was truly understood. Any hope of a political marriage for Alena dissolved. Though, as a child, she was unaware of this singular blessing. Her life would be her own in ways she would only grow to understand. It was then that she was given to the Gran Schecole in Errevet. She would not be a queen or a ruler of men; but she could be something else entirely. The Schecole taught her how to hone her gift - a singular thing, a prized magic that consumed her. As an evomancer she could be anywhere, see anything. The possibilities the Pale provided were like tempting peaches; the world hanging heavy on a vine. Alena left teeth marks on its skin.

It had taken months before a large enough pane of glass could be sourced and shipped from Nis. Lornesian silversmiths had labored to apply the silvering; goldsmiths had tended to the frame. All this she knew, and had commanded. But the tradesmen were proud of their work and the Prinzessa could not blame them for a bit of gloating. As she sat upon her gilded chair, enshrined in her darkened chamber, the smiths extolled the skill that went into its creation. They would have her know no fewer than fourteen goldworkers had created the filigreed edges and carved the runic markings on the frame. And was her highness aware that the mirror’s silver backing originated from only one Caemire mine, in order to retain the most consistent color?

Alena sighed. What sense was there in listening to the droning of men - that endless off-key baritone - when the song behind the song played on? Instead she preferred to listen with her head tilted toward the immaterial, as if the gods would sing to her alone. Their long phrases lent such consequence that her desires became fulfillment of the divine. The indecipherable croon reminded her of the unseen hands that held the world together: known and unknown, hand-clasped and eternal.

“Prinzessa....your highness...your highness?”

Dazed, as if from a dream, the young Prinzessa turned her head. The singing dulled. The men were staring at her, wide-eyed and expectant.

“Thank you, gentlemen. I am grateful. I wonder, though, if you might not simply show me the product of this diligent work?”

Her golden head tipped toward the hulking thing, which was still covered in a sheet. Alena nodded. Blustering to acquiesce, the tradesmen scurried to the mirror’s sides and one of them pulled the fabric away with a dramatic flourish. As the shroud fell away, Alena’s mirror gleamed in the candlelight. Standing ten feet tall, its one large pane was flawless - reflecting the details of the chamber in perfect symmetry. The Caemire’s flashing smile shone back at her as she slid from her perch, white skirts pooling at her feet. To Alena the world fell away, and there was only the singular perfection of her mirror - dazzling in its completeness. Through it the eyes of the Pantheon seemed to peek from the other side, wondering at the human world.

“Splendid,” the Prinzessa sighed; her voice cool as silk, her eyes transfixed. A second white witch stood framed in gold, her fingers stretching to touch the one that stood just beyond the glass. “Please go now,” was all she said. Alena’s eyes did not stray from her reflection. Whether through sleight of light and shadow or by godly command, through Alena’s eyes the mete would lift - baring the mystery of the Pale. Between her fingers she held the veil as if it were spun silk and not the boundary of oblivion...and through it she could see eternity, stretched out before her like an old cat.

Alena had been resistant to leave the Schecole as a student. She had her abschluss at 24 - that this was the same year as her younger sister's did not go without comment. Though Alena was older, Larian had risen quickly as a witch of unparalleled talent. There were others, though rare like her sister, whose awakened powers encompassed all schools of magic. It was a fascination to Alena, and her ability to scry allowed her to see into their world. Though she had never been concerned with the world beyond Lornesse, over time she developed relationships with foreign witches whose views differed vastly from her own. The world was not as kind to magic as Lornesse, nor was it as well equipped to handle people with such fearsome power. It was for this reason Alena was persuaded to found the Coterie - such power could not exist without protection, without order, without guidance. The White Witch of Lornesse, firstborn and heiress to the goddess Sjay herself, was a powerful mask. Around Alena this mystique coalesced; and she was able to use to to hone her influence. There was a power to the mystery, strength in fear of the unknown. Into that unknown, Alena could pour herself, filling up the voids wherever she might fit. Secrecy, fear, power - the barren Prinzessa had found herself inheriting more from the Roi himself than she had ever thought possible. After more than three decades, the heavy crown seemed to fit at last.
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Magical Abilities Explained

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Consequences of Being Awake

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