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Alden Ormonde Prionnsa, Athame, Justicar, Drunken Dragon
February 13th, 1418 NE
High Markish
Common Mercian
Common Markish
No Information
Magic Capable
Yes, bound and born asleep

Goals & Motivation

Alden lives every day to it's fullest, as much as a marked augur can. He serves the Augury and the Carnifex as loyally as he can to gain the freedom he craves, having gone so far as becoming an Athame and Justicar to travel the world and see all that he can, even at the expense of other witches.


Alden is at the same time faithful and resentful of the gods.Having been told from the day he was discovered as a witch that he was born with something wrong with him, that his very soul was imbalanced somehow, in his weaker moments he quietly curses the gods that made him. But in his life he has found some solace in their teachings. He is an Augur, and a Justicar, and attends every prayer and rite with the behavior expected of him.


Alden is a man of the respectable age of thirty one. Given his position as an Athame and a Justicar, it is no surprise that he is physcially quite fit and shows clear signs of his time in the field hunting rogue witches and carrying out whatever tasks the Carnifex deem worthy of unleashing a Pyromancer into the world. His hair is a well groomed chocolate brown like most of his family’s. He has aged rather gracefully retaining a respectable luster to his hair and a shine to his fair skin. His eyes are a light foggy grey, but are almost always erratic, darting this way and that as if in search of something that isn't quite there.. He stands at five feet and eight inches tall, tiny compared to the Mercian giants. His typical attire is, rather controversially, very Mercian in origin. He favors fit robes with long flowing sleeves, loose trousers, and usually has a stick of flint and a steel stick to draw sparks for his magic. In addition, he carries a flask with him at all times that he can be seen pouring into anything he drinks. He tells any who ask that it's merely alcohol, but those familiar with liquid source could identify it immediately.


Alden is carefree and fun-loving, to a fault. He shirks responsibilities, speaks his mind freely, and doesn't have anything resembling a filter. His desire for freedom from a very early age has fundamentally formed his beliefs and values, putting great distance between Alden and his family, whom he has rarely ever seen since his induction into the Augury. Having been sent away to the Augury at a very early age, he grew up without any of the core family-centric beliefs that most of the Ormonde's have. Instead, he's grown up knowing that he was different, that he was a witch. Having been willingly sent away as a child, he knew nothing but the inside of the Augur towers for a decade, and after that the Praesidium. His intense desire for freedom takes priority over all else, especially other people. While his superiors would proudly declare service in the Carnifex as honorable and necessary, the truth to Alden is simple. If he has to hunt other witches to gain the freedom he desires, he will.

Academic (2) - Magic
Alden was given the varied education all Augury members are, and he was more or less able to retain the basic knowledge required to complete his education there, though he only ever truly excelled in magic theory and practice.

Diplomatic (1) - n/a
Having been taken away from court life at a very very early age, Alden has never been taught the delicate intricacies of life at court, nor has he ever cared to learn. The Augury already puts too many restrictions on him for him to willingly submit to all the various rules of court etiquette. This has led to his reputation as ill-mannered, crude, and downright uncouth.

Martial (3) - Battle-Magic, Guerilla tactics, Resource Management and Supply
From very early on it was clear that Alden's magical capabilities were limited to Thermomancy, which quickly singled him out for battle-magic training. His training was tailored from that point forward towards a position as an Athame, a member of the war-mages college. To his great joy, this granted him great privileges and freedom so long as he obeyed his Carnifex masters.Now as a fully trained Master Pyromancer and Carnifex Justicar, Alden is a skilled battle-mage and fighter, trained to hunt his own kind and to support the Augury in whatever way he is commanded to. His preferred weapon, when he is permitted to carry one, is a Mercian Shortsword.

Relationship with House

Alden was always a black sheep. He never shared his families values, and always felt at odds with the vast majority of them. His birth as a witch, separation from the court, and his ineligibility to marry all result in his status as an Ormonde in name alone. His only saving grace is his position as an Augur with guarenteed Tenur.

Public Knowledge

Alden is a member of the Augury,and to those who understand the difference, he is also an Athame from the Praesidium college and a Carnifex Justicar
Alden is a renowned Thermomancer, with all the honor and fear that such a reputation brings.


Alden is always drunk.
Having spent a great amount of time in Mercia serving the Carnifex, it is rumored that Alden has acquired a taste for the hedonism of the southern nation and dislikes the social structuring of his own homeland.

Alden was born the second son of a second son of a second son, and thus was very quickly informed that he was not going to rule Dubhion, and for the most part that was fine with him. He was always a rowdy child, always starting fights, speaking out of turn, skipping lessons, and making a general fool of himself. His father frequently punished him for such undisciplined behavior and there was talk of sending him to the temple to be forced into the life of a priest to avoid the shame he would inevitably bring upon his family. All of that changed when he got his hands on a courtier's source. He'd always been a curious boy, stealing drinks and getting into things he shouldn't. Source, he knew, was a drug that made grown ups very happy, and was attributed to magic somehow but none of that mattered to him. All that mattered to him was the simple fact that he wasn't supposed to have it. So he drank the small glowing liquid vial and his life changed forever.
"He's hearing voices Woman! Voices!. The boy is a witch!" Alden's father shouted loudly at his wife, the argument having gone on long into the night. Alden was still very sick, his exposure to the powerful drug had taken it's toll. He was scared. That was the truth. It was the only time in his life he had willingly gone to his father for help. The voices were quiet, whispers at the edge of his mind. But they were there and they scared him more than anything else he'd ever experienced. The strange ghostly nature of the whispers was terrifying. Coupled with the natural high that came with consuming source, he was confused and afraid and confessed everything to his father who promptly sent word to the Augury. He had heard some things about the Augury, that they were witches who wore collars and stayed locked away in their towers so they wouldn't hurt anyone. Hearing his father call him a witch was perhaps more terrifying than even the voices he heard. To be a witch was a terrible thing, he knew that much. The knock came at the door and his father exclaimed loudly "Finally!" and ushered them in. They wore strange clothes but no collars that he could see. That was a relief, even if it was only momentary. the process was strange as he did not understand what they were doing. He heard them murmur something about the source he'd consumed and that the testing would be easier for it. After it was done they gave Alden's father a grim nod. "Your son is a witch. He must come with us." They sounded..not angry, he thought, but mean nonetheless. They were bossing around his father. No one bossed around his father except for the Ard Ri. But to his great shock, the man who had sired him only nodded a silent acknowledgment as his wife began to cry. That was the last time Alden ever saw his father. He was locked away behind Augury walls from that day forward. .

Life as an Augur was...not pleasant, but not unpleasant either. The Augury was a well kept establishment, with many many rules, which did not sit well with Alden but he quickly learned that his behavior would be punished with more than just a slap on the wrist here. Prionnsa or no, he was a witch, and he was dangerous. And the men watching over him knew that very well. All things considered, being sent to the Augury was probably the best thing that could have happened to the rowdy little boy. He learned boundaries very quickly, despite pushing them often. He was afforded the education all Augurs were, with some small extras due to his unique status. Things were always a little easier for him, instructors were a little more careful not to let him get hurt in training exercises, his food was always made with a little more care. He didn't realize it until his teenage years, but he was afforded rather special treatment in honor of his blood, so long as he conformed to the rules set upon him.

After his True awakening, it became clear that Alden was born a Thermomancer, able to raise or lower temperatures at astonishing rates. This made it clear that, given the right training, he could be a very powerful, if limited, member of the Praesidium's battle-mages, the Athames. After he completed his primary education, all his training was tailored in this direction. He was taught how to manipulate fire, to freeze waters, and how to use these skills for the Augury. And the ever present Carnifex. This specialized training wasn't entirely positive, however. His particular talents labelled him as a truly dangerous Witch, and made his hopes of leaving the Augury walls that much harder to achieve. Left with only one real option, he expressed interest and willingness to join the Carnifex. To use his powers against runaways and rogue witches. While it was subtle at first, he noticed the paradigm shift in his daily routines. His training was no longer simply conducted by Augury officials, the ever present eye of the Carnifex growing more clear as he progressed. His lessons expanded from simple Thermomancy, to weapons training, field tactics, 'witch hunting'. It was gruesome business, but he took to it quickly. Anything to see the outside world again.

The rain fell steadily upon them, gathered together in the courtyard. He'd watched the gate open and close so many times before, yearning for this day. Now it would open and close for him. His team was preparing now, adjusting their travelling gear and sharing short jests. they'd done this before, he began to realize. He was the new addition, the Augur. There was one other, the Paramancer charged with detecting the witch they were hunting so he and the rest of their team could eliminate them. "Wake up Alden!" the larger Justicar called over to him. He'd been staring at the gate, and must have been noticed. "Sorry sir, I just got...lost in thought." Casting his eyes towards the leader of the group. All Justicars held the same title, he knew, save for the four leading executives, but even equals need direction and this large Mercian soldier was clearly the force of direction in this team. "This is for you." His accent was heavy, making Alden's lessons in Common Mercian very valuable. The small circular crest with the Carnifex's insignia looked so small compared to the great meaning behind it. Alden accepted his badge, marking him as a Justicar, a witch hunter. "You'll need this if things get messy." The older Mercian held up something else. Alden recognized it immediately. The key to his collar, the key to freedom. "From now on, this key stays with me. In the field, I decide when you can cast, what you'll cast, and who you'll cast at. Understood?" Alden nodded slowly, his gaze fixed on the key. "I am at your command, Justicar." The gates opened then, slowly. The view of the outside world set Alden's heart thundering forward as the group of Justicars strode through on their bloody quest.

Par for the course, Life wasn't pleasant but it wasn't unpleasant either. The more freedom Alden gained, the more rules came with it. He was never without his team now. Over the course of years, he became friendly with a small handful, and grieved the loss of more than a few. Life was dangerous for an Augur outside the walls of the Praesidium. Especially in Mercia, where he spent a great many years hunting rogue witches and even aiding in several "Blood Hunts". His name opened doors for his team of Justicars and they quickly utilized his access to gain better equipment, more support, even going so far as to bend a rule here or there to get the job done. And life went on, at least for Alden. Less so for the unfortunate targets he was assigned to. There was only one reason to dispatch a Thermomancer like Alden, if a witch had resisted attempts to bring them into the Augury and was labelled dangerous. A dangerous rogue witch had only one real solution: Death. Alden rapidly gained a reputation for putting down various witches that had eluded other Justicars, always in a very public and very painful way. The use of Pyromancy rarely went unnoticed, especially when it ended in a charred corpse.

This long and storied career was put on hold as word spread of the Fracture in Dubhion, his own home. Alden heard the rumors, but he wasn't quite prepared for the reality. The order came quickly, reallocating Alden to the rapidly growing number of Augurs and Carnifex Justicars being sent to contain and, hopefully, close the fracture. So Alden packed his gear and made the journey, on his way to what he could only surmise as the biggest magical anomaly in his lifetime. Ready to bring his particular talents to the table in eliminating the various creatures slipping into Sergonia, and eager to finally encounter some of the widely known witches of Lornesse that rumor suggested were also investigating the fracture alongside the Augury.
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Magical Abilities Explained

Alden is only capable of Thermomancy, and has thus become a master of the craft in his decades of specialized training. He excels at combat magic and is both praised and feared for his ability to kill. Always watched, he is used with great effectiveness by his Carnifex superiors.

Consequences of Being Awake

Alden suffers greatly under the affects of magic, having grown addicted to source very quickly after his first Awakening. The worst side-effect for him has always been the Pull. The urge to abandon everything and run towards something he doesn't even know. Perhaps that contributed to his intense desire for freedom, the sense that he was always in the wrong place, always needing to go somewhere else. His natural response was drink. In an attempt to drown out the Song and the Pull that had rapidly intensified in his early years, he began drinking heavily. He had always been easily seduced by the allure of escape, first from life and then from the Pale. He tells himself that it helps, that his constant state of inebriation keeps the whispers quiet and his dreams silent. Perhaps it does in a way, but in truth he's only pushed himself into another addictive substance that he can't survive without. Now with two life-straining addictions and a connection to the Pale that he can never truly silence, Alden does what he can to make life as fun as it can be. While it lasts.
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