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No Information Earl of Saoidh, Guardian of the North

Honourable Lord of Forestwatch
27th of December, 177 3A NE

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Goals & Motivation

The Earl of Forestwatch is a plain man with little aspirations above his duty to preside over his lands prudently, as well as look after his family. His relations with House Belinus are well known, with some inspiration from the proud traditions of his southern counterpart. He considers himself the guardian of the North, the one man tasked to prevent southern aggression - but because of that he also resents the decadence of the north that so infuriates those he keeps his watch upon.

Little did he know that the attacks upon his lands would eventually lead to civil war in Tnarem, but when he came he was prepared. Only, instead of fighting to the death he met with the then Crown Prince Alexius and forged a path without blood, the Guardian of the North did not guard - he surrendered the North. It is a decision that will haunt him for the rest of his life, to fight a futile war that would lead to the extinction of his house and destruction of his lands or to save countless live. He swallowed his pride and saved the lives. Given the heresy and accusations of blasphemy in the North, he turned his back upon the King and people who abandoned him and ushered in the Beringar legions.

All that he cared about was doing his duty to his liege lord, House Beckwyth, and protecting his lands and those that resided upon them. Since the institution of the Tnaremi Imperium, he has kept in contact with Duke Beckwyth and worked to restore damages from the war. The most important thing has been working to deal with the food crisis from devastated lands, since the Earl presided over some of the most fertile lands in the realm.


A humble man, Alaistar swore his oath to the Creator and attends Church regularly to confer with the one true god. He takes his family to mass, pays his tithes, and does his part to uphold the Creator’s doctrine. He believes the South is weak because they have no steadfast allegiance to one almighty deity, but he is taking a chance that matters of faith will not lead to further strife in the Imperium.


Hardened blue eyes glare from grim and stoic face; deep curves forming upon his wizening face from much time spent outdoors overseeing his territory. Course dark curly hair rests crowned upon the man’s head. Taller than many members of his liege house, yet smaller than the colossal Beringar men, Alaistar is of good height and stocky enough to competently lead his men from atop his mount. Whether he can land blows from upon his steed is another question, but he looms formidable when in armor and doing his job.
The leader of House Burkett possesses a slighter darker complexion than many of his northern compatriots, the results of much interaction and relations with House Belinus among other southern families. Under his layers of steel and clothes he hides scars and from riding accidents, tournaments, and perhaps the odd skirmish with bandits. He oft can be found in his armor with sword at hip, but when attending court he is mindful of portraying a softer courtier’s style.


‘We stand vigilant’ are the words that define House Burkett, they are the watchers of the southern woods. It reminds the Earl to remain steadfast in his duty, to protect the vassals and commoners under his protection and defend Argonne. By default he is also the first line of defense for the entirety of the North should the brutes of the March drool for war and blood. There is no room for Alaistar Burkett to gallivant off to court in Moorcastle or Ulrich, living high on the hog getting fat at ease. Such glamorous lifestyles of decadence are gluttonous and descend into comfortable sloth, such vainglories parading around like peacocks in their finery lead to the moral decay and decline of society. No, if one man in the north has to reject such immoral hedonism it must be the man who takes his commitment and duty more serious than his peers. It is his faith that grounds him, leading the Earl to live a humble and plain life doing as he swore to do when arising to his station in life. He has personally overseen the training of his cavalry; keen to keep them in good form should the peace in the realm break. He’s not a man that would wish war upon any, but he also feels it is a force the Creator intends to maintain balance to prevent decadence on one hand and barbarism upon the other - both two sides of the same coin that leads to decay. It is for that reason he can begrudgingly respect southern military tradition, yet also repudiate their savage and bestial ways. This is where he finds camaraderie among the members of House Belinus - men who employ tact and at least more caution in their demeanor than many of their Marcher brethren.

Beyond security, Earl Burkett is very active in hearing the grievances of those that reside in his land. He will mediate disputes as justly as he can, and letting punishments fit the crimes committed. There also is a certain manner to Alaistar that personified the elements of noblesse oblige, his responsibility as a privileged ealdorman to act with generosity and nobility to those less privileged. No voice is too low for the Earl’s ears, no matter too small for him not to find resolution for. He prefers being out among the people helping them recover from harsh winters, or when drought may strike in summer, calculating grain stores and purchasing meat from the butcher in person. Alaister will not let his mind and soul be overcome with the decay that destroys society. It is unwise to forget one’s roots and the origin of man.

Academic (3) - No Information
Quick to take action and solve problems, Alaistar is an accomplished tactician able to deal with issues as they arise. Also a strategist, he has not had to test his military capabilities to great extent, but is constantly always preparing for the worst possible scenario. The type of man who feels it is better to be prepared than be caught off guard, he has retreated into the depths of his own cleverness becoming less sociable over time. His main strength is in cavalry formations, but to understand that requires him to possess knowledge of infantry strategy and tactics.

Diplomatic (2) - No Information
He knows what to say to get by and can speak his mind capably, but he prefers to mind his own business. Alaistar is no great statesman with polished pretty talk, but he knows when to swallow his pride to some extent. He is prone to speaking his mind and fixating upon whatever may be his most pressing issue at any particular time. The Earl of Forestwatch has always preferred minding business in his lands and perfuming his duty than being a fixture of court life. Aggressive and determined to get his way, he straddles a fine line between his northern allegiance and his culture's decadence in contrast with the south's militant culture but socially lacking manners.

Martial (2) - No Information
While better with the sword in his youth, he has not taken up arms to suppress bandits since his younger years. He partakes in tournaments when possible, and keeps in excellent health so that he can travel Argonne and lead his men from horseback along the southern border. The Earl of Saoidh does not mind sleeping in a camp off the road, or tending to his own horse in the stables - he is a simple man that likes breathing in fresh air and feeling wind against his face. He likes being out amongst vassals and those under his protection, seeing that their affairs are tended too and the laws are upheld.

Relationship with House

Alaistar was raised in the military tradition of House Burkett, the family unit being important in military culture for a sense of stability. He demands discipline in the pursuits of his blood relatives, and primarily encourages them to take part in the family tradition - but he holds no ill will towards those that would rather pursue other endeavors so long as they may bring honor to the Burkett name. He is the type of man that prefers to keep things simple, in a stern and authoritarian way.

CASIMIR BURKETT: The ideal son, reared just as Alaistar had been when he was a lad. Honour, duty, filial piety, these are among the core themes instilled in his eldest son, to give an ideal of everyone's place in the Creator's world. By all accounts, Alaistar raised his eldest child from a boy and made a man of him. Despite his son's apparent injury, he knows Casimir to be ready to lead and act in the interests of the family Earldom. He already demonstrated his leadership while Alaistar was held captive by Faustus Beringar. Some tensions have arisen recently, over whether the Earl made the right decision to surrender instead of fighting - a decision that Alaistar will have to live with for the rest of his days.

TRISTAN BURKETT: Alaistar's third son, but what a man he has become. The Earl got to witness his son's ability in the training leading up to the recent rather bloodless war and surrender of House Burkett. With his son's appointment to the captaincy of the Silver Mantles, Alaistar has been filled with immense pride that another of his sons has went on to serve both their liege and Argonne. There is a special place in his heard for Tristan, and should the young man need his advice or assistance he is there for him. Despite his son's misfortune in marriage, he has produced a male heir and Alaistar has offered to accomodate the boy for the purposes of education and training, should Tristan desire. He only hopes that his son may find some lasting happiness and joy in his life.

CLARA BURKETT: Although not very close with his neice, it came to his attention she was raped during the Marcher invasion. As an Earl with a moral conscience, this could not go unpunished. Alaistar demanded justice. Nevertheless, he was not too keen on her idea of fleeing to Lornesse, but such irrationality was in the past and water under the bridge.

YSALDA BURKETT (nee LEVENTHORP): The wife of his eldest son an heir, a considerable alliance to unite House Burkett with House Leventhorp. Unfortunately, Alaistar is not particularly keen about the Quoran turncoats. Sure he will leverage their relationship for the interest of his family and Argonne, but considering Magdalena Leventhorp already betrayed her vows to her liege - who was her own blood - he wonders if one does it once how easy it could be done a second time. He doesn't trust the family and keeps a close eye on his daughter in law, ensuring that Casimir maintains dominance over his woman.

Public Knowledge

Alaistar is cold and rough man, so proud that once he has set his mind to something it is hard to get him to change course. He keeps his cavalry in tip-top shape through vigorous training and exercises, taking his duty to defend the Argonnian border with utmost importance. He has a begrudging respect for the south in many ways, but remains convinced they are inferior for as long as they refuse to accept the Creator.

The Earl is not a fixture of court politics, and only makes appearances when important matters require him to do so. Undiplomatic, he doesn't mind speaking his mind when he feels wronged.


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