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No Information Gran Maitrister of Touennes, The Half-Caster
March 5th, 1412 NE
High Lornesian
Common Markish
Common Lornesian
No Information
Magic Capable
Yes, bound and born asleep

Goals & Motivation

Duty to Lornesse is all that motivates Alaric to great accomplishments, but it's a strong motivator. Although not overly ambitious and willing to serve Lornesse however possible, Alaric takes pride in his personal achievements while taming his ego best that he can.


Few have received a prayer from Alaric, and only ever in communal worship or flippant wishes. He venerates the gods and believes in House Caemire's cosmic position, but that's his limit. The rest can be left to men more learned and devout than he; Alaric's concerns are of the worldly sort.


Alaric is blond and good-looking, which is unsurprising considering his family. His chiseled face and piercing blue eyes could easily be the weakness of a vulnerable heart, made worse by a physique forged through a youth of military training. Some of this allure is hidden by his armor, but alternatively who doesn't love a man in uniform?


With Alaric's life in a constant state of change since childhood, from responsibilities to environments, only his duty to Lornesse has remained consistent. As such, he's learned to adapt and overcome with resolute dedication, always openly experimental and healthily skeptical, while at all times keenly aware of the end to his means.

Academic (1) - None
Despite Alaric's great intellect, none of it has been put to administrative skills or humanities. This is a shortcoming that he's keenly aware of and humble about, deferring to the more learned in situations that demand such understanding.

Diplomatic (2) - Hunting, Riding
Little gets done at the Etethron without submitting to the jeu de tanz, so Alaric has endeavored to make himself mannered and presentable. It's not his focus nor does he find joy in politicking, but he does have hobbies and is able to adequately socialize.

Martial (3) - Grand Strategy, Guerrilla Tactics, Siege Warfare
From Alaric's childhood to the present, his mental and physical faculties have developed his military prowess. Few can parallel his martial mastery in Lornesse, particularly in his carefully chosen fields, and he wastes no time with incompetents.

Relationship with House

Alaric is loyal to House Caemire and its Roi. Any personal relationships are case-by-case due to his half-caster status, which has sparked controversy even in the family. Despite this, Alaric is honor-bound to be the best he can for House Caemire, and is generally perceived as accomplished for it.

Public Knowledge

One cannot know of Alaric without knowing that he was born a half-caster. One also cannot know of Alaric without knowing of his military accomplishments, recognized by both Loron and Merek Caemire. Ultimately, how Alaric is seen says more about the seer than about himself.


So many rumors abound about the circumstances surrounding Alaric's birth that at this point it's ad lib gossip. A kinder rumor doubts his half-caster status entirely, since he's never been trained to cast. Rarely, it's rumored that he's Loron's secret son given away to hide the shame, brought back for his prowess and kinship.

When Alaric turned 6 years old, he was no longer the favored child. Less magic meant he was less than his peers, especially to his father Detlef. There was no drama when Alaric was sent to the Graugard; inheritance would go to a complete child once one came. Though young, Alaric was already wise to the situation, but he obeyed like any good Caemire son.

News of Alaric's status followed him to the Graugard. For a while, he was quietly ostracized in the academy despite his surname. This did not confuse or discourage the boy, and in his isolation he dedicated himself to his duty. He was not a popular student, but gods be damned if he wasn't one of the brightest and most diligent.

Following a visit from Loron Caemire, Alaric's work was finally recognized by others at the Graugard. Immediately after graduating he was given command of a chapter in Touennes, answering directly to Loron Caemire, and proceeded to fulfill all expectations. Brilliance was not unique to Alaric, but it paired well with his industry and loyalty.

News from home was not so bright. Detlef hadn't sired another son to inherit, and so Alaric had to, yet he wasn't recalled. It took the concern of Etethron for Detlef's summons to finally arrive. Alaric returned immediately, yet even then he received no tutelage. Though Alaric was present at functions, not once did anyone in his father's court discuss his inheritance.

Detlef's words still rang in Alaric's ears, and not even the crackling hearth could clear them out. All around the two of them the cold winter air weighed impossibly large in the study, draining all energy from the room along with the oppressively faded colors. That admission had cut through Alaric's thoughts like a hot knife, leaving no space for them anymore.

Before Detlef could wield his words once again, Alaric picked himself up and bowed properly, bidding his leave in the courteous manner before one's lord. Behind a closed door and with the distance of a few rooms between them, the son and heir to Ouesthohl steadied his breathing and shut his eyes. His hands clenched into fists and relaxed, coloring them the ever slightest shade of pink in the Lornesian chill. Thoughts returned to march through his skull, arranging themselves in rank and file before reforming again in new arrays, but never once did they take a proper shape.

Minutes later, when duty summoned Alaric to return to something productive, he held the same emptiness that had been left to him by his father. Yet return to his duty he did, because that was what a Caemire was supposed to do.

For the first time in his life, Alaric was at a loss. Honor dictated he remain and inherit, but sans preparation he would bring only future dishonor. Ultimately, he sought the counsel of one with great honor. Loron's reply was not to Alaric, but to Detlef, requesting Alaric be sent to Etethron. Without a word to his son, Detlef happily answered the letter and prepared the journey.

Alaric was immediately put to work as Loron's aide, ostensibly becoming a better heir while providing military assistance and receiving experience. What Alaric had gone through at the Graugard repeated itself at the Etethron, expedited by Loron's acknowledgement. The half-caster had become gran maitrister of Touennes by the time he stood over his father's deathbed.

Since then, Alaric has repeatedly proven himself to his family. He's gained new companions and rivals at the Etethron, while reconnecting with old ones from the Graugard. Command of the defense of Blackreach Pass was given to him when the Faulmer gran maitrister proved traitorous, and he's since led the campaign against the Marinii. The rising star that is Alaric Caemire continues to soar, with seemingly no limits.
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Consequences of Being Awake

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