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Allmut Yvonne Larian Caemire Prinzessa of the Lornesian Reiux, No Information
July 9th, 1417 NE
High Lornesian
Common Lornesian
Common Markish
No Information
Magic Capable
Yes, absolute and born awake

Goals & Motivation

In another life, Larian might have used her ambition to climb the social ladder, to claim a place beside a king, but as fate has it, she is useless in such a game. Her worth does not lie in her womb, but in her magic, and her weaponized ambition has been redirected thusly. She aims to aid her gods, her family, the Reiux, and those who are magic-capable, in that order. How she does these things is a nebulous concept from which individual, smaller goals emerge when the time is right. In the interim, she acts as a diplomat to maintain relations between the various families within the Vale and also, on occasion, with parties outside the Vale, though such occasions are rare for a cocktail of reasons including the role of women in foreign nations and her gift of magic.


Fervently devout best describes Larian’s religiosity. For three decades she has lived as a god among men, a fact that she feels brings her all the more closer to the Pantheon. It was them who blessed her with her extraordinary gift, and it is them she thanks each day she is able to use it to do as they bid.

Larian observes all Pantheonic holidays, she makes offerings on feast days and I’m times of great boon or great catastrophe with the belief that her voice calls out to them more loudly than her fellow man. After all, she is their child. In blood and magic. She is judgemental toward those less devout or who adhere to another religion. Intolerant, but quiet in her distaste. She understands the social ramifications of proselytizing and believes that to do so would only set back the gods plans for her. What benefits her, benefits them in her mind—such is the product of being chosen by them.


Yvonne has always told her second youngest that her hair is far too thin, her jawline far too strong for a woman, her frown too unwelcoming. And all those things may be true, though Larian cares little for her mother's harsh words on her appearance. Those delicate, thin waves cascade down her back far enough to tickle just above her tailbone, though the length is rarely on display. Often pulled up into whatever is deemed fashionable, the pile of curls and twists sits atop what has been described as a handsome, pale face. Her cheeks are plump, and her jaw is notably defined, lending to a harder appearance than feminine. The most prominent features to grace her is her decidedly hooked nose and thick, straight brows. Her lips are not her most catching feature, pink and often fixed into a natural frown. Sleepy eyes peer out at the world from beneath dark lashes that are more straight than curved, though long enough to brush the tops of her cheeks if she turns her eyes downward just enough.

A naturally frail figure has been made plush with a life of luxury. She is fleshy, but small of frame, standing just below 5’2” at her tallest. Wide hips and a modest bosom create a unique figure that some might consider comely. Even still, she would leave some men wanting for a more feminine figure.


Larian does her best to display a countenance of poise to the world, albeit with a gregarious twist. Inwardly, however, she is a woman ruled by emotion and ambition. Quick to anger and slow to forgive, she is one to hold a grudge and act upon it, should doing so not hinder her goals or relationships with others. When enacted, her revenge is often petty and subversive—a quiet attempt to sabotage rather than an overt declaration of war, though she has done both in her time. Largely, she is a caring person, often opting to aid rather than hinder those around her. Of course, as with all things pertaining to Larian, this comes with the caveat that In aiding whomever, her own advancement, goal, or values are not jeopardized. She is talkative, inquisitive, and warm. She would like to seem the type of woman who keeps no secrets while being a woman who keeps many. A concerted effort is made to seem as if there is little mystery that surrounds her, though her success in accomplishing such varies from topic to topic.

Academic (2) - Magic
The Gran Schecole has ensured that Larian receives a standard education on par with that of any noblewoman with the notable addition of magic, and it is in this area that she excels. While she is capable of holding a basic conversation about more academic topics, she is no match for a well-read or well-studied scholar or even a devoted hobbyist to one of those topics. When it comes to magic, however, she is intimately familiar with the theory behind most of the families and adept at casting anything that is not battle-related. When it comes to the theory of how to utilize magic in the context of war or battle, however, she is utterly useless as she has shied away from that knowledge, an act in keeping with her distinct lack of interest in the subject.

Diplomatic (3) - Painting, Dancing, Prose, Instrument (harp)
After nearly a decade since her completion of education at the Errevetian Gran Schecole, Larian has found her true love: politics. While she has certainly remained heavily involved with the Schecolei, she has made a point to be a present force in the Lornesian courts. The time and interest in the people, their jeu de tanz, and nobility in general has led her to be something of a diplomatic powerhouse. A reputation that is simultaneously aided and hindered by her magical gift. She is abreast of court going-on not only in Lornesse, but abroad; she is capable of putting a face to family, should the family be of some importance, and she is easily able to acclimate to foreign court etiquette. In addition to these things, she is an adept showman, her lies told with ease and her emotions masked easily.

Martial (1) - None
Fields and talents of the martial kinds are best left to men in Larian's mind. Whether this is born from the Lornesian masculinzation of war or from her complete lack of interest in anything to do with it, the end result is the same: a complete ignorance to anything related to war, physical sport, or any of the topics therein. More often than not, Larian will brush away any conversation pertaining to such, finding it tedious and beyond her.

Relationship with House

Larian is proud to be a Caemire. She views her family as the rightful rulers of the Vale, apart from even the edlenal houses. The Caemires are the children of the gods, those chosen to oversee the divine people, and their rule should be, and is, undisputed in her mind. Caemire's success is Larian's success, and their failure is hers as well. She does not take kindly to a fellow Caemires besmirching their name, and will sometimes take the stance that someone is "not a true Caemire" should their behavior not fall in line with what she believes is appropriate for a Caemire. She loves her family dearly, immediate and distant, and makes an effort to maintain contact with them and support them should they ever need such from her.

Public Knowledge

- Larian is a powerful witch, born awake and adept at the magic families of mutomancy and illomancy.
- Larian is an agent for both the Gran Schecolei and the Reiux/Caemie; she will do the bidding of either.


- Larian is adept at paramancy.
- Larian is a member of the Coterie.
- Larian is not truly a witch, she only pretends to be; this is attributed to her desire for power, to her desire to avoid marriage, to her jealousy of Alena's immense skill in evomancy, or to her attraction to women and lack of attraction to men.
- Larian isn't actually a Caemire, she's a commoner that the Caemires adopted for the prestige of having two powerful witches in their family line.
- Larian does not worship the Pantheon, she worships an eldritch creature which, in turn, provides her powerful magic.
- (Lornesse) Larian aids the Augury; she is giving them information on magic, she is helping them catch witches.
- (Ostia, Mercia, Dubhion) Larian is a child of Cer, born directly from her with the purpose of exacting her will upon Tnarem.

If there was a life before the Schecole, Larian did not care to remember it. Her earliest memories are of leather-bound tomes, mistresses and masters of magic, and more important than all else: her gift. “Born awake” is what they called her, the fact brought into light when, in a child’s fit of rage over nothing of consequence, the small objects about her lifted, thrown about the room as if a strong gale had ripped through it. Her childhood was plagued by such events, often leaving her weak, tired, and sick. When it came time for her to leave the nursery and enter the realm of childhood, Larian was sent to the Errevetian Gran Schecole.

It was at the Schecole that she was raised, spending the overwhelming majority of her time on the university grounds. With the close proximity of the Schecole to the Etethron, Larian was still able to attend large court events--a luxury not afforded to those who must travel far for their education with the Gran Schecolei. Still, while the noblewomen of her age attended balls, courted, attended salons and fetes as maidens on display, Larian remained in the libraries and casting halls of the Schecole. It would not be until she neared the end of her schooling that she truly became an active member at court.

Her time spent at the Schecole was largely uneventful. Save for her struggle to control her casting, which became (and still becomes on occasion) errant with fast or extreme shifts in her emotional state, Larian was a diligent student who was both interested in and dedicated to her studies. It became clear early on, however, that she excelled at the subjects that piqued her interest and near entirely avoided those that did not.

"Come now," Larian goaded, her hands folded neatly in her lap as she watched the young girl struggle. Stormy grey eyes fixed on a quill lying on a table before the girl, pale blue ones fixed on the effort lines forming in the girl's forehead. "It is not about trying, it is about wanting. It is about needing." There was not enough desire for the quill to lift, but more important than wanting was confidence in one's ability to enact their will. This student showed neither enough confidence nor desire. Perhaps Talim was needed after all.

Larian sighed.

"Your Highness, I do not think I--"

"You do." Larian's muted tone cut the girl off, drawing her attention from the quill. "You will never see results should you allow such insidious thoughts to prohibit them. Look. See?" With a nod, Larian directed the girl's gaze back toward the quill, floating with some effort a few inches from the table's top. Shock, relief, and then joy passed over her face. Larian struggled to hide her attention on the quill while still keeping it afloat as the girl marveled at what she thought was her unintentional handiwork.

"Focus," the Caemire demanded gently. "Now that you know you're able, you must practice." Slowly, she would pull her magic away, hoping that the quill would remain aloft. It did, though it plummeted several inches in the exchange of power, earning a dismayed gasp from the girl before it leveled out once more, no longer needing Larian's kinemancy.

Larian's devotion to the Schecolei is continuous, she will never truly be detached from the organization, even well after she has undergone the abschluss ceremony at the age of 22. Near a decade later, she still acts on behalf of the Schecolei, representing them in her home court of Errevet as well as their influence abroad. Her studies, too, continue, though now she fills the role as professor and researcher more often than student.
mutomancy, paramancy
mauermancy, evomancy
kinemancy, illomancy, alquemancy, thermomancy

Magical Abilities Explained

While the Schecole sufficiently taught her the theories and practices of every family of magic as is standard, Larian’s Interest has funneled her aptitude into a smaller spectrum of families: mutomancy and paramancy being by far her most accomplished schools. Her weakest schools come as no surprise to those who know her: kinemancy, illomancy, alquemancy, and thermomancy. She is capable, but middling when it comes to casting magic from the families of mauermancy and evomancy.

It has always been the guile-related magic that appealed most to Larian. The ability to manipulate herself and those around her leant itself easily to her need to feel in control, and her gods-given gift of a bottomless well of power at her disposal has allowed her to hyper focus and master the families she most enjoys.

Her casting technique varies wildly, depending on the school and her proficiency in it. With families she is skilled in, there is little to no preparation, her casting easy and natural. She simply wills the changes she desires into existence, if they are not too demanding of her body to cast so flippantly. With the families she is not intimately familiar with, casting is more ritualized. She takes time to prepare herself, needing a quiet area to perform her magic and her book of magics for reference. In those situations, the strict steps of Schecolei-sanctioned rituals give her the sense of confidence needed to successfully cast.

Consequences of Being Awake

The pull has always been the most extreme manifestation of the Pale for Larian. When she was young, she didn't understand the urge that drove her from her bed late at night or kept her preoccupied during otherwise quiet hours. She let her feet carry her through the Etethron, toward the mageirs who called the capital home. She always felt best when in their presence. Her arrival to the Errevetian Gran Schecole was her homecoming in a way, surrounded by those who also had awoken--who shared her divine connection to the world of the gods. As she grew older, she learned how best to cope with the constant nagging, the anxiety, and the frustration her need to be close to other witches brought her. Still, though, she is plagued by a drive to be close to the Pale. It wakes her from her sleep more nights than it does not, distracts her from work outside of the Schecole, makes her uneasy when she is surrounded by those who are not awake to the point where it is unbearable if she remains among them for extended periods of time.

The song is perhaps Larian's least afflicting consequence of her connection to the Pale. While the voices do certainly become overwhelming at times, they are fleeting and seem to come and go in short bursts, easily ignored more often than not. When they are present, though, especially when they can be heard for longer than is usual for Larian, they become maddening, driving her to irritation. She has never truly cared to know what they say, chalking their communication up to nothing more than her being privy to the conversations of the gods; she could hear them, but the words they spoke were not for her clearly, or they would be sure she understood them.

The dream, much like the song, does not plague Larian as much as it might another caster, and certainly not nearly as intensely as the pull does. Funnily enough, it is more likely to come about when she sleeps during the day than at night, though such could be caused by her sleep being interrupted by the pull rather than anything to do with timing. When she does experience the dream, however, it is vivid and unsettling, leaving her completely unrested.
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