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Meabh Ardena Ormonde nee Arden Ard Phrionnsa of Dubhion, No Information
March 4th, 1407 NE
High Markish
Common Markish
Common Lornesian
No Information
Magic Capable
No, absolute and born awake

Goals & Motivation

Meabh can be described as many things, but ambitious in her own right is not one of them. Her goals, if she can be considered to have any of her own, are to see her family prosper. That is not to say she wishes them to gain power, but she wishes for them to maintain the reputation and lifestyle they currently enjoy (and deserve). She will adopt her husband and childrens' goals, should they share them with her if she agrees with them, making herself an ally when she is able to.


There is no option aside from being devout. Meabh uses her religiosity as a tool, an explanation, and an escape; it is an all encompassing part of her life, and she would have it no other way. When she is not actively busy with her responsibilities, the Ard Phrionnsa can be found praying or aiding the Temple in some way. She delights in teaching the young children of Fenwatch tales of the Great Messengers and of the Four, and will sometimes venture to a Temple outside of her castle in order to teach the common children much the same. She believes that seeing their leaders being devout inspires love and devotion in the people, and she is not entirely wrong.

Religion is an area of contention between Meabh and visiting nobility. She is completely intolerant of other religious beliefs and while she is not outwardly disrespectful because of it, she will opt out of interaction with anyone who is not a Templar if able. Surrounding herself with heathens will only upset the Four, who, she believes, are also entirely intolerant of nonbelievers.


There can be no mistaking Meabh's heritage--her dark blonde hair and warm brown eyes are both distinctively northern Dubhionic. Her warmer skin, too, stands in contrast to the porcelain complexion of her husband's central Dubhionic blood. Her features are soft, rounded and feminine. Meabh has always looked motherly with full cheeks, a small, upward-pointed nose, and smiling eyes. In her youth, she might have been considered child-like, appearing younger than she was, but age has not been kind to her. She sports wrinkles that a woman of her age shouldn't, and her hair has begun to gray, white strands streaking through her honey blonde. She jokes that it's motherhood that has caused her premature aging, though such jokes are made to cover her growing insecurity about the fact.


Meabh wears many hats: mother, wife, confidante, diplomat, and mediator. She is the softer side of Callum, and, as a result, often the first line of defense against him. She is deferential toward her husband as she believes she should be, but that does not mean she agrees with him in all matters. She will speak her mind, but is most likely to bend to his will should he exert it--a flexibility she does not afford to many. Her patience, proclivity for evaluating situations before acting, and dislike for harshness lend themselves to Meabh being a very even-mannered and traditionally empathetic woman. She is forgiving, but she does not forget past transgressions, and they will always be factored into how she approaches new situations and interactions with people.

Academic (2) - theology
Her education was standard for a lady of Dubhion, if not stifled slightly by the early coming of her role as wife. Education took a backseat to courtly endeavors; Meabh's need to impress herself upon the Fenwatch court more important than her need to be knowledgeable about contemporary philosophy and book keeping. Still, she did decently in her studies, and took a particular (if not unsurprising) interest in theology. It is an interest she maintains well into adulthood.

Diplomatic (3) - needlework, event planning, calligraphy, gardening
A mixture of being naturally social and being intensively taught the ways of court, etiquette, family lineage and the importance of it, has created a powerhouse of Dubhionic court. Excelling at knowing and adhering to court norms, domestic and otherwise, has brought about Meabh's reputation as a cultured and diplomatic woman. It is on this reputation that she leans, as she does not necessarily have the penchant for lying that someone in her position might benefit from. Being the mother of five children, however, has honed her skill at detecting lies.

Martial (1) - none
Martial training of any kind was completely omitted from Meabh's education. If she knows anything of the military, she has learned it through conversation and understands only the most basic of concepts and only in passing. Often, when she interacts with military officials, she is prepped by an adviser beforehand, to ensure she is using proper titles.

Relationship with House

There is nothing more important to Meabh than her family, distant and immediate. Her devotion to her family comes before all things save one: her devotion to the Four. She loves and cherishes her children deeply, however, she is a demanding and expectant mother. She knows how she has raised them and she will tolerate nothing less than perfection from them. This is an expectation she holds for her husband as well. He is to act the part of Ard Ri, father, and husband at all times without exception.

Public Knowledge

- Meabh remains close with her Arden family; she often takes advice from her mother, even as an adult.
- Meabh enjoys matchmaking. Choosing spouses for her children is something she takes great care and pride in doing.


- Meabh paid a common woman to produce children for her.
- Meabh is cruel behind closed doors; her agreeable demeanor is just an act.
- Meabh sometimes takes clergymen as lovers.

From birth Meabh was destined to sit beside a great man, to be all of Dubhion's Minea. It was a destiny she embraced early and with ease--a constant presence that loomed over all she did until time came for her to fill the role. She was thirteen when she first bled, and fourteen when she was finally wed to Callum Ormonde of the same age, heir to Dubhion. He was a strange looking youth in Meabh's eyes, nothing like the depictions of a strong, masculine Haras she had imagined he'd embody, but such things were unimportant. He was dutiful, attentive, and devout. That was all she could truly ask for in a husband and in a father to her children. Children that she struggled to bear for him. Their first pregnancy came when she was sixteen, and it ended nearly as quickly. For the next three years, they struggled. After nearly five miscarriages, finally, with much prayer, a child quickened in Meabh's womb.

In the late summer of 1426, a son was born. Named Tristan, he was healthy and dark-haired like his father. Meabh rejoiced. A year later, she produced a daughter with little trouble, completing their picturesque representation of the Four. Meabh took it as a sign: the Four were pleased with her and with her husband Though it was favor she would struggle to maintain, and that struggle would be a source of great anxiety and pain for Meabh throughout her life. Her next few children came with increasing difficulty each time. A miscarriage between Myrna and Silas, constant trouble and forced to be bedridden with Rowena, the premature birth of Arthos, and finally after five years of miscarrying, her last child, born frail, Belana.

Meabh wasn't sure why it felt so wrong. She was not losing a daughter, only sending her away. To enrich her, no less. She should be proud of Rowena, she should be excited for her. Neither of those emotions were at the forefront of her mind, however, or her heart. Fear was predominant. Fear for what her daughter might encounter in Raevenna, fear for what ills might befall her, of what she may be tempted into while there. Was Rowena's faith strong enough to keep her from such temptations? Was her resolve strong enough to see her remain true to her Four and to her family? Meabh didn't know. How could she?

"Your Majesty, as always, I defer to your wisdom in these matters, but..." her words faltered, confidence in her argument fading quickly. "I worry for her," she admitted, vulnerability plain in her words and on her face as she lifted her gaze to meet Callum's sterner one. "She is only just a woman and she is softer than Myrna. Must it be Raevenna?"

It was a fruitless question, she knew the answer.

"I have made my decision already." His voice was hard as it often was. "You've raised her well, have you not? Made her capable? If so, I see no reason for you to doubt me." She should have kept her worry to herself, Meabh thought as her lips pursed. "If there are questions as to her character, make me aware now. Otherwise, send your daughter off with dignity, Maebh."

"I have indeed raised her well, your Majesty. She is most capable." He would not hear anything else; he knew that anything else would be a lie and she did not lie to him. Swallowing the hardening lump in her throat, the Ard Phrionnsa pulled in a quiet breath through her nostrils, composing herself. Callum was correct in his implication--whether he had meant to imply or not--that she had lost her sense of dignity in the moment of apprehension.

"Raevenna it shall be. She will be all the more capable for it, I do not doubt."

In recent years, Meabh has focused on raising the children she has instead of birthing more, a decision that has led to increasingly infrequent visits between her husband and herself. The tensions that has resulted because of such is dealt with, with prayer and busying herself with other endeavors, some which have the specific intent to please Callum. She has jumped headlong into overseeing her childrens' education, marriage arrangements, and burgeoning court lives. Some may see her interest and control over her childrens' lives as overbearing, however, Meabh sees it as ensuring they will have all they are meant to.
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