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No Information Rittalier of the Lornesian Rieux, The Hero of Blackreach
August 9th, 1414 NE
High Lornesian
Common Lornesian
Common Markish
No Information
Magic Capable
Yes, absolute and born awake

Goals & Motivation

All of Arnaud's ambitions rest on a single memory that transpired 30 years ago. It is not wealth, nor land, nor station that he is after. Only to change the fate that befell his sister Claudia. His motivation for power is not one fueled by greed. Instead it is fueled by his sorrow. Somewhere in the mysteries within the Pale, Arnaud believes that there rests the absolute power of the gods. For it is the pale for which his power exists. Some believe that the Pale even could be Lebeanach and that the Mete is the boundary between this world, and the afterlife. Arnaud does not confess to know the answers, but he desires to seek them.

The constant in Arnaud's motivations is that the highest influence on his life are those that he loves. They are very few. Everything else doesn't matter. He is no altruistic saint, seeking to lead the people to a golden age. He is not a messiah come to heal the scars of Tnarem. His only real personal desire is to discover the secrets of the other world and finding what he believes he desires most within. A power to choose when to perserve life and when to destroy it. A power to mend all wounds. The ability to bend time to his will and rewind it. A power to rewrite history. A power to change the past.

However for those who have invested and gone out of their way to aid Arnaud in his endeavors, he makes a genuine effort to return that help back. He is considered devoutly loyal to House Caemire who has taken him in to their care, supporting him through all his years at the Gran Schecolei. And thusly he makes an earnest effort to further their agenda.


Arnaud believes fully in the Pantheon. He believes that he is connected with the gods, having been taught as much his whole life for the unique and great power that he possesses. The people of Lornesse revere him, many of them say he is a God incarnate gifted to help lead mankind to a golden era. Arnaud himself has been convinced over time that there must be some sort of truth in that. He was one of the chosen ones by the gods to weild their power. And he pays tribute to those very gods who had given him his greatest gifts.


Arnaud's hair is shortly cropped in the fashion of a warrior, and golden in its color. He wears a beard that is at times unrully in its growth depending on whether he is campaigning at war, or if he is in the comfort of court. His eyes are a deep cerulean reminiscent of the eastern sea during a summer storm. His face is comely and angular, sharply cut of an attractive and prominent shape. His physique is that of a warrior, one who spends days in the drill yard honing in their skills, and testing their body to the highest physical limits. He is a tall man standing at about six feet and strikes an imposing figure. Most often his features are grim and stoicly neutral. He fashions himself for mobility, even at court, in uncompromising robes and clothing that would be suitable for a man of his reputation, but not overly lavish. At war, he is much the same, choosing fine leather armor paired with a plated brigantine, or light chainmail for protection that is uncompromising in his flexibility.


Arnaud is a reserved and distant man, very much a lone wolf, this stemming well back from his mannerisms in his childhood. Much of this is attributed to the constant burden of his connection to the pale which disconnects him from those around him. Despite this, he does have a thirst for social interaction when his psyche will afford him such. He enjoys wine and women, and company that he shares common ground with, which usually are other witches of the Schecole. Few have made grievance to him of his low-born status, this being entirely overlooked by the fact that he was born awoken and absolute. Thusly, he has a reputation of being frank and open with all whom he speaks to, no matter their social standing, if only for the fact that if he tells them something they do not want to hear, he has the power to back up his superiority.

Arnaud makes no attempt to entertain prominent people of power if they are incapable of peaking his interest. Some consider him pompously arrogant. Usually those who's pride is wounded when Arnaud pays them little mind. He will not tell something untrue, nor will he give compliments he doesn't mean. He's rarely interested in the squabble of politics at court, especially rumor and hearsay. Most of the time, diplomacy does not interest him. Yet every now and then Arnaud comes across a personality that charms him in some way or another. Whether it is a warrior of great reputation sharing tales of the war over a pint of ale, or mages discussing the theory of magic, or a scholar speaking on a fascinating era in history. Intelligent people who are straightforward tend to get along well with Arnaud, while those who are pompous and superficial in nature most often will not. And the small and broken have a particularly special place in Arnaud's heart, for even from the seemingly lowest of places, can greatness be found.

Every now and then when Arnaud is given the chance to do so, he places himself in the company of the low born, whether it is soldiers in service of Lornesse, or commoners in a tavern in Errevet. Sometimes he will stop at a farm in his travels for a brief respite, and to hear of the family's woes and trials. Sometimes he even has a place in his heart to provide relief to those who come into the world with little. Coin for the poor, food for the hungry, a stabilizing hand to the weak. He is a man who's interests are first and foremost for himself. But there are times when he'll ocassionally do a good deed to make him feel better about himself, or remind him from whence he came.

Academic (2) - Magic
Arnaud was afforded one of the best educations a noble child could hope for, and it was given to him, a low born orphan child. He struggled at first in comparison to his peers who were given a much stronger early education, but these struggles subsided over the years. While he was not the brightest, smartest, or most cunning child, he was one of the most determined and devoted in his studies. Little time did he give way to liesure, and as he had no family, he never left Shecole on breaks. Instead he remained and devoted this extra time to other learning.

Diplomatic (1) - None
Arnaud is no diplomat. He doesn't believe in false pleasantries. He doesn't believe in telling a man a lie for his own gain. He is not particularly cunning, and has no interest in the happenings of the noble social circles except for where it concerns him (and it rarely ever does). He is famously straightforward and blunt in nature.

Martial (3) - Battle-related magic, mounted combat tactics, and infantry tactics.
Where Arnaud shines, and his reputation stands out, is as a warrior and a magic caster. He is in both prime physical condition, and has achieved in his lifetime a multitude of learning from the Gran Schecolei, becoming a master of Kinemancy, Thermomancy, and Alquemancy. He is an exceptional swordsman, magic aside and could very easily hold his own in battle without the use of magic. Where Arnaud's persona shifts from man to legend is in his application of all his ability, both physical, and magical and utilizes it in full practice in combat. Many have alikened his fighting to a song with many moving parts. Each part of the score works harmoniously together to create a moving and masterful symphony. Of his higher studies in the art of warfare, Arnaud's time at the Shecole in Thann had left him studying Infantry Strategy and Mounted Combat, and last and most important of all, the use of magic in battle strategy.

Relationship with House

Arnaud has been a loner by nature ever since he lost his sister, the only true blood family he had. There however are people he has become endeared to over the years. Alena Caemire, an old childhood crush, that had attended the Schecole with Arnaud for most of their childhood. Arnaud also felt a special kinship with Larian as well. A great part of this is a debt of gratitude for the Caemire's who sponsored his education at the Gran Schecole, and provided him comfort and shelter throughout his attendance there. Another great part of this is also due to the common ground in which they share as few of the awoken.

Public Knowledge

Arnaud is a low born Rittalier of the Reiux.
He was an orphan that was accepted into the Gran Schecolei due to his strong connection to the pale as an awoken, absolute caster.
He is revered as a god amongst men in Lornesse
He is an accomplished swordsman, magic aside.
He has an intense interest in the curiosities of the Pale.


Arnaud burned ten thousand Mercians in the Pass of Blackreach, made jelly out of their eyes, and spread it on his morning scones.
He wants to overthrow the Roi and become the supreme ruler over Tnarem.
He is in love with Alena Caemire, and Larian Caemire, all the Caemires, really.
He is in love with his dead sister.
He killed his sister for eating first from the tavern waist barrel.
He devoured the soul of his sister to become an all powerful witch.
He was conceived by the gods.
He is the bastard son of Helmut Caemire, which explains why he fancies those Caemire girls so damn much.

Arnaud's story begins in Errevet, the Grand Capital of the Vale of Lornesse. Arnaud was an orphan who was taken in by the Grand Schecolei at the age of five. The only thing known of the boy's past beyond this point was that he was a street urchin, homeless and orphaned. One summer day, the young boy was found cradling his sister's broken body in the streets of Errevet's market district. It was said that the girl was fleeing the markets from which she had stolen food for herself and her little brother, but trying to escape, she had fell and hit her head, succumbing to the injury. Most often Arnaud was used to being ignored by the world around him. Few paid any mind to street urchins, except to protect their wares from theivery. All however kept their eyes on Arnaud that day. For as the boy weeped, the ground beneath him crumbled. The glass windows of the dwellings around him shattered. The flame lamps that were there to guide travellers at nightfall, exploded into flame. The men of the city watch who had been summoned to apprehend the girl, and soon after, the boy who wept over her, were hesitant and fearful for the uncontrolled display. While several drew their swords on the child, it was a passing Pretre who had told them to stay their hand. "He's an awakened, you fools! Put those weapons away before you frighten the poor thing and cause more harm!" The holy man came to the child's side and took the boy into his arms, soothing him gently in his grief. Soon after, the pretre would take Arnaud to the Gran Schecolei to find the truth of his suspicions.

The nameless orphan of Tounnes was discovered to be both absolute and awoken to the pale. It was decided by the Shecole's council that the boy would receive their training and tutelage House Caemire itself, choosing to become the Patron of the child, paying for his tuition and seeing to it that the boy had every comfort. Even as a small child, Arnaud's thirst for knowledge was remarkable. He never thought he would be given chance to read or write, but the Schecole in his early education made certain that he would. He was given a fundamental understanding of history, mathematics, the sciences, and a basic overview of magic in these early years. At the age of twelve, Arnaud would learn the fundamentals of casting, putting his years of learning into actual practice for the first time. He would be introduced to source, ingesting the pale blue stones after they were ground into fine powder to attribute his power and protect his inner vitae from fatigue as he devoted himself to casting. His greatest love was for the elemental magics, dedicating much of his time in practice of Alquemancy and Thermomancy. He loved these two particular schools for the creative ways in which he paired the two together. One day, he found himself attempting to woo the Prinzessa of Lornesse herself, Alena Caemire, with a water dove that dropped a rose of water at her feet, before it turned to ice, crystalized and beautiful.

It was Alena who had also peaked his interest in the magic of Evomancy. The illusive nature of the pale was alluring to him as an awoken witch, and that she was able and determined to uncover its' secrets had fascinated him. He wanted to see the unknown with her, and step beyond the mete to find the truth of what actually remained upon the other side of the veil. He heard her say that she believed once that the mete was the boundary between Lebeanach and Tnarem, heaven and earth. Though some of the scholars disputed this, the fact that no one truly knows fascinated Arnaud. And he wondered if their power could be the key to going there. Would she be able to take him to his sister? Would they be able to reunite with the dead? It was an ambition that was as haunting as it was alluring to Arnaud. And so in his freetime, he took to trying to learn more about the art of Evomancy, more out of his personal interest. He wondered, if Alena had been right, could he bring his sister back from the other side? Was there a magic out there, waiting to be discovered with such great power? If Alena was of the line of the gods, then what was he? What was this gift given to him for? Was he a creation of the god's as well? Could he achieve the power that even Kings and Rois would covet and envy?

By the time that Arnaud would reach his sixteenth name day, he would be chosen to transfer to the Schecole of Thann where he would begin to train to become a warrior caster. There he would train to wield a sword, and to become versed in warfare of many styles and tactics. He would learn strategy, specifically in how magic could be incorporated in warfare. And he pushed his limits in casting, and its use in combat. Of all his training there was nothing so arduous and taxing on Arnaud than his time at Thann. But he would grow stronger physically, mentally, and push his limits in his ability with magic. It was there that his peers began to truly understand the great and terrible power that Arnaud was capable of. And it was there that Arnaud began to believe that he himself was destined for some greater purpose, that he was made of the same ilk as the immortals. Each victory, each accomplishment, his superiority to those around him reminded himself of this.

Arnaud would gain the reputation as one of the most capable up and coming warrior casters of his generation due to his absolute ability. And finally at the age of twenty-four, Arnaud would graduate from the Schecole to be tested in warfare for the first time. Immediately he was recruited into the ranks of the Lornesian Military where he would be tested and tempered in the hellfire of warfare. It is in war that the legend of Arnaud would truly begin, and he would create a legacy for himself of a fearsome and powerful warrior and witch that the bards would sing of in all the corners of Tnarem.

He was thirty three years old when Arnaud had made his greatest claim to fame at the Blackreach Pass when the Mercians marched to Lornesse in collusion with House Faulmer. It was here that both Arnaud's peers, and his enemies would see the first true glimpse of his power. Arnaud and his men would ride to bolster a demoralized Caemire force after nights of fighting in the pass. When the forces collided, Arnaud and his fellow battle-mages released unrelenting and terrible power upon their enemies. It was his years of learning, of practice, and perfection harmoniously coming together in instinct and reflex as he combined his magical knowledge collectively with his prowess as a warrior. The sight was one of horror for his foes, whereas his fellow Lornesians hailed him as a god. The Roi would call upon Arnaud after the conflict, and name him Rittalier of the Rieux before he would be sent off to participate in the invasion of Mercia. From there, Arnaud De Tounnes' legend would grow greater with each and every battle, his name was immortalized in Lornesse. And soon it would be in Mercia as well.

Arnaud's stormy gaze fell over the slaughter that remained in the pass. The Mercian's had been withdrawing, and what remained of them in sight had littered the field. Behind him he could hear the cries of the Lornesian soldiers who fought alongside him. "ARNAUD!" They shouted. "ARNAUD!" They roared. Arnaud lifted his arm to wipe the blood from his face and eyes, as he had taken the sight in. Arnaud's attention was only interupted by the gasps of a dying Mercian not far from where Arnaud had stood.

"Malritus..." The Mercian had said with bloodied teeth, the strong warrior struggled to breath as he swallowed blood away to clear his throat. Arnaud had turned to look down upon the man and his stormy eyes would meet the Mercian's dark gaze. "Maliritus!" The Mercian cursed in his tongue as Arnaud knelt down beside him. "Go to your gods, Mercian." He had said, though the Mercian would not understand his common Lornesian tongue. Arnaud lifted his sword and held the tip of his blade against the Mercian's chest. "And tell them of the God who sent you to them." He drove the steel into his heart, and held the Mercian until life escaped him.

Arnaud would stand then after he gave the Mercian a merciful death, to take in the fruit of his labor. For the last Mercian, his fate was far kinder. For the sea of corpses around Arnaud had been disfigured and dismembered. Some had been charred by fire, their skin melting away from their bone, their armor melting and binding them to the earth. Some were cleaved clean in two with the force that seemed impossible for a single man to be capable of. But this was Arnaud's power. Kings ruled nations on the illusion of power. What Arnaud possessed was real and absolute. What Arnaud was given was not provided in loosely bound loyalties, or in a web of lies told to control the masses. His power was that of the divine. A power that Kings would envy.

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Magical Abilities Explained

Arnaud has a fundamental understanding of all the schools of magic as well as the ability to cast in all of them. However he has only mastered a few. His greatest strengths are as a Kinemancer, Thermomancer, and Alquemancer, and he usually will not cast in other more dangerous schools such as Evomancy without the assistance of other more practiced witches.

Consequences of Being Awake

The Dream, the Voice, The Pull. Arnaud experiences each and every one of these consequences as a result of his connection to the pale. As a warrior he heavily relies on source to attribute and protect his vitae from being fatigued or weakening him and his health. He also is firmly aware of his limitations and knows when to steady his tempo when it comes to casting magic on the field of battle. Still, as an absolute and awoken caster, he is capable of great destruction in combat for great durations before he feels the effects of his magic weighing on his spirit and health. However he takes every precaution and practice to help his body endure these feats with the constant ingestion of source, as well as medical concoctions and supplements that will strengthen his immune system and overall health.

The tolls of Arnaud's connection to the pale are more greatly felt on his mental health above all things. He is constantly plagued with nightmares, and he constantly feels the urge to wander to the weak places in the Mete. He hears the voices singing in his ear often, and this causes Arnaud to be a very disconnected person from the world around him much of the time. He is a loner by nature of these ailments, and usually tries to keep to himself and avoid social gatherings when these experiences are particularly frequent or unable to be nullified by a healer's concoctions.
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