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December 21st, 1423 NE

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Goals & Motivation

Cedric would happily ignore politics if he could. Life is too short and unpredictable, he thinks, for wasting time being dour and “leaving a legacy.” Yet while Cedric is known for skipping his lessons at the Gran Schecolei and putting leisure before his noble duties, he is far from unmotivated or lackluster in his personal pursuits and passions. He lives for danger, the feeling of being on the edge, often taking risks and pushing his limits – mentally and physically – just for the sheer thrill of it.

His loyalty to his family is not poorly represented, however, when it truly matters, and (to the shock of most) does have the capacity for taking matters seriously when the situation is dire enough. A certain ‘connection’ with his Royal Highness the Roiphin also contributes to the strength of his loyalty to the royal Caemire family. Fickle as his attentions may be to practically everything else, betrayal is a sin Cedric would never commit.


Cedric is a follower of the Pantheonic religion, and surprisingly devout for a man who seems to flout the concept of rules and authority at every turn. Nonetheless, he worships the gods as they ought to be worshipped with particular interest in the goddess Vyr, with whose feast day he shares his birthday. Following the tenants and appropriately sacrificing to the gods gives order to the chaos he cannot control, and it is the one area in his life for which he will consistently stand on ceremony.


Standing at a decidedly average 5’ 10”, years of being physically active and climbing everything from trees to ramparts have given Cedric an almost wiry physique. He is fair skinned with a light freckling that has lessened on his face a bit since childhood, though not as much on his arms and back. Hair often charmingly askew is a sandy red, and he keeps his beard in good order. His slate eyes sometimes wax bluer than grey, always clear and piercing and glinting with his next mischief.

Fashion is not entirely lost on Cedric, who dresses cleanly and smartly in doublets with traditional brocade. He will wear gold or silver medallions and a gold signet ring bearing the sigil of his House, but he is not one to weigh himself down with too many layers or trappings. When not appearing in court, one will usually find him in simple undershirts, vests, and trousers.


Cedric takes life with as little seriousness as possible. Friends may know him as easygoing, enemies might call him irresponsible – Cedric himself would say he is both. Always seeking that adrenaline rush, Cedric is a risk-taker. He loves the feeling of being on the edge, of being in complete control even as he spins into chaos, if only to prove to himself that he can. He especially loves heights, the freedom of open air and the threat of gravity. More than once he has balanced precariously on the battlements of Strasenau’s keep, wondering what it would be like to fly.

Comedy is Cedric’s default shield, deflecting the consequences of his awakening with jokes, barmy stunts, and an exuberance for partying that tends to take precedence over duty. Such a lackadaisical attitude might give the impression that Cedric cares for very little other than amusing himself. This assumption could not be more untrue. The fact is that Cedric cares very deeply for the welfare of his kingdom, and he feels guilt for being unable to attend diligently to the duties expected of him. That said, when the situation is dire enough he will do what must be done, though to do so takes a great deal out of him. Blatant attacks against those he cares for deeply brings out the pent-up rage he usually takes great care to conceal; revenge is not a dish he believes should be served cold.

Academic (2) - No Information
Years of study at the Gran Schecole at Errevet have provided him with a solid working knowledge of magic and the practice thereof, though poor study habits have not exactly produced mastery as compared to some of his classmates. Instead, Cedric skates by on his own raw intelligence and sheer osmosis by being immersed in a scholarly environment. Concepts of battle-related magic are his strength; despite lackluster attendance to other lessons, battle magic is an class Cedric will rarely miss. Beyond magic, Cedric has a layman’s understanding of general academic concepts and can discuss them well enough to not seem a complete dunce, but his instructors often express frustration that he is not at all living up to his potential.

Diplomatic (2) - No Information
The son of an edlenal House, an education in courtly endeavors has been part of Cedric’s life since childhood. By virtue of experience and living at the center of Lornesian politics since the age of eight, Cedric is intimately familiar with members of the royal and edlenal families and has a cursory knowledge of some of the gentry as well. Because he seeks out activities that help to drown out the whispers of the Song, music and riding have become his most accomplished pastimes, and he enjoys sharing songs or a brisk gallop with his companions. In other matters of court etiquette, he is versed enough to conduct himself appropriately, though he is hardly an experienced (or willing) participant in the jeu de tanz.

Martial (2) - No Information
As the Adlel spare and second in line to inherit his father’s position as Margrave, his military education was considered important but not completely necessary. Thus, most of what Cedric knows about military tactics and strategy he learned at the Gran Schecole, which placed a heavy emphasis on battle-related magic. In addition to the basic swordplay and archery he learned as a youth and young adult, he has been taught various skills as relates to offensive and defensive magic, and can defend himself and others with a perfectly acceptable level of adequacy for his station. Not much of his military knowledge has anything to do with the art of commanding an army, so beyond an introductory understanding, Cedric is relatively ignorant of the logistics of war.

Relationship with House

Perfectly happy in his status as a spare rather than the heir to House Aldel’s edlenal seat, Cedric himself is amicable and even affectionate with the majority of his immediate family. That does not mean he is not the source of a great many frustrations – the wild child of the Aldels, he has had a reputation for mischief since his youth which may have brought some minor embarrassment to the family over the years. All said and done, of course, Cedric is loyal to his House and harbors great affection for his sisters Melisande and Ava especially. He is their self-appointed protector, and woe to those who would break their hearts or dare lay an unkind finger upon them.

Public Knowledge

Ever the life of the party, the young Vigrave is known for being the sort of person to hand his wine glass off saying, “watch this.” For good or ill, Cedric’s antics have made a name for himself, which some may find endearing and others disdainful. He is a close companion of the Roiphin as well, which could place further scrutiny on his actions. Among his classmates at the Gran Schecolei at Errevet, he is known for being a less than stellar student, though he still somehow manages to pass all his lessons.


Everyone knows that the Aldel spare is prone to drunkenness at feasts and parties, but some whisper that his drinking problem might be more than just good fun. Others believe all the attention seeking he seems to do could be his way of compensating for a few missing inches in his trousers. More than once, someone has started a rumor that he might be about to be expelled from the Gran Schecolei, though none of these claims have ever come to fruition.

Cedric did not remember the first time they introduced him to Source, but it was early enough that he cannot recall a time when the Song did not plague him. They started as gentle whispers – his companions, he first told his mother – at the edge of his hearing, just out of reach. As a little boy he would hear them and immediately go searching for the source, giggling at spectres unseen. When they began to fade, he felt ill. When they returned he could not think of anything else, tearing through the halls of Strasenau’s keep, drawn this way and that by seemingly random objects and people. It caused his nursemaids no end of grief. They would find him in all manners of mischief, from climbing rooftops to accidentally letting half the horses in the stables break free. More often than not, they would find him in the company of an old mageir in his father’s household, Ebbo, who after spending enough time with the boy recommended that the Margrave send Cedric to the Gran Schecole at Strasenau sooner rather than later.

So, it came that Cedric was sent, a boy of only eight, to begin his training as the Aldels’ designated caster. He was given more Source to work with, which only intensified his connection to the Pale and thus enhanced the strength of the Song in his ear. If it were possible, he became even more wild. An inattentiveness to his studies proved dangerous – fires that grew out of control, objects going flying across the room without abandon, winds that shattered glass. Though they admitted Cedric showed great promise as a witch, his instructors were concerned by what they deemed a lack of maturity. He was sent home a year later to spend a little time ‘improving his temperament.’

A few years did give Cedric time to become more sociable, even if he did not settle much. They attempted to keep him away from Source but with the blooms each spring, he always managed to come into contact with it eventually. In his eleventh spring, as the Source bloom began despite the fact that the majority of Kassel was still somewhat frozen over, he awakened once more. The Song came to him in full force and, out playing with his siblings was pulled by the call of the Pale toward a spot in the center of a large pond. Too distracted by the insistence of whispering voices and the urge to get closer, he did not notice the ice had thawed just enough to be dangerous. Almost to the center, the ice cracked and he fell through. He was dragged from the pond unconscious and nearly frozen to death; many feared he would not survive. Miraculously, he made it through the night and began a slow recovery, but the ordeal left permanent emotional scars. He could hear how they talked behind his back, that even at such a young age he was teetering on the depths of the madness that sometimes overtook witches. The idea horrified him, so much that he developed a deep seeded fear of the Song that distresses him to this day.

Upon his recovery, it was determined that he needed to return to the Gran Schecole immediately in order to get his erratic behavior under control. This time, he was sent to the best university of magic in Lornesse – the Gran Schecole at Errevet – in the hopes that the instructors there would succeed where those at Strasenau had failed. Cedric hated it, but as casting was his preordained duty, he did not have a choice. A poor student, he learned enough to slip through the cracks, escaping lessons whenever possible. Over the years he developed his own coping mechanisms to drown out the Song and distract himself from the pull – horseback riding was a favorite (and also an excellent means of escape). He became adept at climbing, especially when he needed to hide from his tutors, and in calmer moments he took a shine to playing a guitar sent as a gift by his mother.

By the time he reached young adulthood, Cedric was well versed in the art of bullshitting everything from essays to excuses, and he quickly developed a taste for alcohol and the stimulation of social events. His status as a Vigrave placed him in social circles of influence, which is how he became acquainted with the Roiphin, Caspar Caemire. Friendship blossomed, as did other emotions; they remain lovers to this day, despite Caspar’s marriage to Cedric’s own sister Melisande.

In recent months, the opening of the Inshmor Fracture has been the stuff of his worst nightmares. Although safe in Lornesse, the concept of such a rift worries him greatly. Reports of the creatures leaking through from the Pale and the effects of the Fracture have forced him to consider what would happen should something of its like occur in Lornesse – or if he should be called to Inshmor to assist with the efforts. Until such time as he is forcibly sent there, he intends not to tempt fate and finish his final year at the Gran Schecole.
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Consequences of Being Awake

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