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Myrna Ormonde Phrionnsa of Dubhion,
October 19th, 1427 NE
High Markish
Common Mercian
Common Markish
Common Lornesian
Magic Capable
No, absolute and born asleep

Goals & Motivation

She aspires to be a dutiful daughter for House Ormonde, to fulfill the role she was born into and serve The Four with her actions in day to day life. She cares for her family deeply, so she wishes only to further assist them through her own actions - after all, they only deserve that after giving her the life she has. Myrna also puts great stock in The Four, and she wants to do her best to please them as she goes about her life. Apart from duty, she also aspires to gain more knowledge, devouring as much as she is able. She wishes to write, too, and one day have her works known.


She is a devout Templar as expected of a daughter of the Ard Ri, adopting the views set by Templarism. She is genuinely interested in religion and following it, and she often spends hours deep in theological research on top of attending the daily Matins at the beginning of each day and Oratio Centrum at the end expected of any devote Templar.


Myrna has wavy brown hair that she likes to keep long, often wearing it down and simply combed through or in a style of partially up. Her eyes are near the same color as her hair, though with much more depth, flecks of hazel buried beneath. Her creamy skin is smooth, and her lips are pink. She's not very tall, only standing at five feet and three inches, and the fact that she's often hunched over a book doesn't help that either. She prefers simpler gowns, her favorite color to wear being blue. She has no problem with the simplicity of Dubhionic fashions, and she isn't one to hoard many clothes that she never will wear. To Myrna, comfort is much more important than style.


Myrna may not speak everything she has an urge to say, learning to contain herself to some extent, and because of that, she often comes off as on the quieter sidee. However, her often state of quiet is not to be mistaken for meekness, simply not seeing the point to speak of things that no one really cares to hear. She has her own opinions and has many ideas in her overflowing mind that would often be thought to be controversial if spoken aloud. If she wishes to make her opinion known about any matter of importance, then she definitely will, hoping to use her influence as the eldest daughter to the Ard Ri of Dubhion to her advantage.

She's curious, constantly urging to learn more and more. She aims to learn more, to craft new concepts that one day might become widely considered. She often is buried in a book, using every open moment to expand her knowledge about a topic she has yet to master. She can spend hours simply absorbed in a daydream or just thinking. She loves to write, keeping a journal to document her daily life, as well as writing her own original stories.

Academic (3) - history, astronomy, philosophy
Myrna has always focused most her efforts towards academic fields above anything else, being a fantastically devoted student and holding in-depth knowledge of most well known topics and concepts. She can speak four languages, High Markish, Common Markish, Common Mercian, and Common Lornesian, having devoted extra time to learning Common Lornesian. Above all, she has focused a great amount of time into history, astronomy, and philosophy. She knows she's young and has yet to learn much, though she gives academics all she has, gaining more knowledge everyday.

Diplomatic (2) - poetry, painting
She has never been exceedingly socially inclined, though as a Phrionnsa of Dubhion, it has been her duty to know the proper of etiquette and at the very least, the basics of nearby important families. She doesn't pay much mind to gossip and rumors, never finding much interest in them. As far as courtly skills goes, Myrna is a capable poet and painter. She can usually mask her emotions when needed, and she might recognize a lie from time to time, though she is still rather naive and isn't the best liar herself.

Martial (1) - none
Myrna has never concerned herself with war, only ever getting close to it in the stories she reads. Martial matters bore her terribly, quite honestly, and she much prefers putting her efforts into more interesting matters, such as reading or even socializing. She's terribly clumsy and working with weapons is nothing but a hazard to her, so she tends to stay as far away from them as possible.

Relationship with House

Myrna is close with her family, and she always has been. She finds great comfort in spending time with her family members, close or distant, finding blood to be thicker than anything. She's most often in company of her family more than any else, and she considers her siblings to be her best of friends. She is close with Tristan, as he's the closest sibling in age to her, and also Silas, only two years younger. She loves Rowena dearly, connecting with her deeply, so glad to have finally gotten a sister. Her younger siblings - Arthos and Belana - aren't quite as close due to the age difference, an entire eleven years with her youngest sister, but she loves them nonetheless. After all, they do share blood. She isn't quite as close with her cousins and more distant family, though she still cares for them very much. She would do anything to ensure the happiness of her family, and she does her best to play the role of a dutiful daughter.

She has been married to Caol Ruadh since she was seventeen, however her life didn't change much, due to him moving to Dubhion instead of her to Ostia, and Myrna keeping her surname and title. She, quite frankly, has no interest in him or any men, but she has grown closer to him over the years, at least, in a platonic manner. She may not love him (and their seven year age difference only has made it more difficult), though they have grown to be good friends and to work together for each others' and their children's happiness. They have three children so far - Eadan, her first born in 1445, Taran, born in 1446, and Ceana, born in 1448.

Public Knowledge

Myrna is the second born to the Ard Ri of Dubhion and the first born daughter. She is more academically inclined than anything, as quite a few of her family members are. She isn't the most socially inclined, though she's polite. She has been married to her husband, Caol Ruadh, for five years now, and together, they have three children, two boys and a girl. She's a devote Templar and a dutiful daughter. She is a poet and her paintings are gorgeous, ranging from depictions of the Four, life in Dubhion, to other beautiful scenes.


- She doesn't believe hold any stock in the Four, and her signs of being devote to the Four are simply an act.
- She's rebellious underneath her quieter demeanor, and her family has had trouble keeping her in line.
- The stories and researches she writes are all about horrible things, with completely absurd ideas that go against all things right.
- Myrna is actually a witch, or, at least, she condones magic.
- Some of the crueler ladies of the court whisper that Myrna's simpler taste in gowns come from the fact that she is actually a man in disguise.

Myrna came into the world with joy, after only her older brother, Tristan, to her father, the Ard Ri, and her mother, the Ard Phrionnsa. Her birth completed the ideal picture of the Four, with her father Haras, her mother Minea, her brother Vulcus, and herself, the daughter, Phile. She was royalty, so everything that could ever be needed was given to her, along with anything she might ever desire.

More siblings began to surround her as she aged. Silas when she was only two, much too young to remember. Rowena when she was three, her first sister, which she was thrilled about. At age six, Arthos was born, yet another brother. Then, when she was already eleven years old, came her youngest sister, frail and sickly Belana.

She had an enjoyable childhood, and while some she knew felt their lessons were a burden to their enjoyment, she adored them. She devoured every book presented before her, studied what she was told, and devoted as much time towards expanding her knowledge as possible. She dug into subjects for hours at a time, and she hardly ever wanted to rest from her studies. She was odd in that way, forming more attachments to books than she did people. Myrna found her faith developing in The Four as she grew older, as well, with understanding Templarism more completely only making her faith grow. She also discovered she loved to write, and from an early age, she dreamed of maybe writing a book like the ones she regularly read.

She was set to marry later than most Dubhionic women, though still well before many in Tnarem, at age seventeen. His name was Caol Ruadh, not from nobility (as there was none in Ostia), but still from a family of immense wealth and prestige, and second in line to be head of his branch. He was seven years older than she was, which only made the entire matter more awkward. Still, she was thankful to have a worthy match, after spending years and all her training in both academics in etiquette all for the sake of marriage and bearing children. She would never love him (or perhaps any man, for that matter), but love was not her duty - marriage was - so she would do all in her abilities to be faithful and give birth to at least a few healthy children.

Myrna's heart thumped within her chest.

She couldn't breathe. She was nervous; she was excited. She finally was to marry, to show all that she was no longer Phile but Minea. From daughter, to woman, to future mother. She hardly knew this Ruadh boy - no, man. He was twenty-four, seven years her senior. She would likely never love him, but it was now her duty to not just serve her family, but Caol, too. They would soon have children, and her life wouldn't be the same as it ever was before after this transition from daughter to wife.

She stood in front of the massive crowd, her future husband at her side.

"Father. Mother. Son. Daughter. We are gathered here today as family in the Sight of The Four to witness the joining of two souls. In this blessed union, the bride Myrna will realize her true purpose and calling as wife to Caol, future mother to his children. We look toward Haras and Minea in awe, aspiring to be close to their greatness."

"In our time of affliction and grief, we cried out to the Mother for comfort. At times of war or conflict, we called out to the Father for his protection. In Their mercy, we were consoled and nurtured, able to fight gloriously to protect our family and glorify The Four."

"Patrem, Matrona, Scion and Amora. So you are harmonious, so shall we strive to be. Allow us to step into your Sight so that we might be judged worthy. Should any Templar hold hesitations of this couple’s ability to bring glory to The Four, lighten your Salis now and speak truth before those gathered."

The crowd remained silent. She made sure to breathe as the officiant turned to her. She couldn't faint during such a time, as high as her emotions may be.

"Do you, Myrna of Ormonde, daughter of Callum vow to devote your mortal life to Caol so that he may free his soul from the burdens of Salis through your nurturing and exemplify The Father in all his ways?"

She knew what to say. It had been rehearsed, put in her mind time after time. She took care to speak confidently, and her lips moved in perfect timing with her thoughts, "I stand before you as Philia and vow to achieve Minea’s likeness through the husband gifted to me by The Four." She spoke rightfully, truthfully. She was ready. This was what she had been raised to do, more or less: to serve The Four by marrying someone honorable.

"Repeat after me: I, Myrna, take this man as my better, to obey and respect him in all ways, to honor him with my body and mind, and to remain faithful ever more, as Minea so loves Haras."

She kept her voice steady, "I, Myrna, take this man as my better, to obey and respect him in all ways, to honor him with my body and mind, and to remain faithful ever more, as Minea so loves Haras."

The officiant now looked at Caol, and she turned her head to face him. This was her to be her husband, as soon as these vows were finished.

"Do you, Caol of Raudh, vow to devote your mortal life to Myrna­­­­ so that she may free her soul from the burdens of Salis through your protection and exemplify The Mother in all her ways?"

"I stand before you as Vulcas and vow to achieve Haras’ likeness through the wife gifted to me by The Four," Caol responded, vows were nearly identical to her own.

The officiant continued on, "Repeat after me: I, Caol, take this woman as my wife, to lead and to teach in all ways, to honor her body and mind, and to remain faithful evermore."

Caol repeated the words, as she did only moments before with her own vows. The marriage was nearly sealed in these short minutes.

"Patrem, Matrona, Scion and Amora. Look down upon these your servants, who come before The Four to pledge to uphold the institutions of marriage and family established by the Gods for the continuation of our people. May it be that those who have been united by your authority remain faithful to The Four. Through the Messengers, we plead."

She looked into Caol's eyes, cupping her left hand to meet Caol's right. Bloodwood bark, a thin olive branch twig, a two-headed coin, and a small stem with fragrant flowers were placed into their hands. She could feel his warmth next to his, and her hand suddenly felt on fire, heavy, though not in a particularly negative way. A ribbon bound their wrists together, and with that, their marriage.

"The Gods have judged you and found you worthy. Go now into the world as husband and wife. Diebus Quattuor."

The marriage was distant and awkward at the start. Conversation topics were scarce, and she simply couldn't find reasons of much interaction apart from the necessary. She didn't dislike him, but she didn't know him. Myrna found herself become frustrated - this wasn't what she thought marriage to be. She knew it wasn't going to be perfect, but she expected her life to change in a positive way, and that Caol would become a close confident, at least. She thought they would support each other through hardships, that they would bond

When she became pregnant, things started to look up. A child would tie their marriage alliance officially and hopefully, bring them closer together.

Myrna had been in confinement for four days, and she was eager to give birth, to say the very least.

She had been accompanied by only fellow noblewomen that had given birth in the past, and when they left (for, it was terribly boring to sit with a woman nine months pregnant all day), she was left in her own thoughts, thinking, hoping, praying for hours at a time.

This was to be her full transition from Phile to Minea, from daughter to mother. She was no longer allowed the whims of a girl; she was to be a woman, to guide her child in their life. She was nervous, but so excited. This pregnancy had been long and painful, with more vomit than she ever had imagined and the strangest of cravings. She held a new respect for mothers, beyond all those she was taught of as a child.

"Are you ready to be a mother?"

She blinked out of her state of thought, looking up to see a woman above her. She didn't bother to readjust herself; that'd be too much work. "I... I think so," she smiled weakly.

"I'm sure you will, when the time comes," the woman continued.

When the time comes was hopefully only a few days more, "Thank you." She paused for a moment, "Do you have many children?"


"Seven?" her mouth went agape. Only one more than her mother, but still, she couldn't imagine ever having seven. "You must be quite the experienced mother."

The woman chuckled, "I would like to believe so."

They sat for a moment, both in silence.

"Is it terribly painful?" Myrna asked regarding the childbirth itself.

"You're strong," the woman told her, "the joy of bringing out a child makes it all the worth it."

She skirted around the question, but she didn't bother to ask again. She had gotten her answer. "Thank you for talking with me."

"I know how long this time can feel," she sympathized, "If I can offer you a few minutes of entertainment, then of course I will."

Myrna smiled as the woman walked away, closing her eyes in hope of sleep taking her over.

The child was a boy, a healthy baby boy that she and Caol named Eadan. About a year and a half later came their second son, Taran, in 1446. Then, almost two years later was Ceana, their only daughter thus far. Over the years and after three children, she and Caol's bond has strengthened. She praises Minea for her children and marriage, and she keeps her hope for a bright future.

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Consequences of Being Awake

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