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November 26th, 1430 NE
High Markish
Common Markish
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Magic Capable
No, absolute and born awake

Goals & Motivation

To say Aoifa has no ambitions in life is not entirely true or untrue. She most certainly has hopes in life: to be a Rai of the Reiux, Imperatrix of the Imperium, or even a Prionnsa of Dubhion like her sister, any of those would do in her mind. However, since her sister had already been married off into the royal line of Dubhion, she has come to terms with the fact that she will remain in Ostia until her father has a son or an ideal suitor comes along; if that has does indeed happen. So she has taken to making the most of her life in Ulmark and doing everything to become the epitome of a Markish lady and socialite in order to increase the prestige of her family as well as her own popularity. For years now she has taken to being her father's representative at the Solar theater, found in the Patron's box for most plays and often convincing her father to patronize more lavish and elaborate productions.


While she was given the holy name of Claudia, Aoifa's religious perspective always followed the lineage of Rowena much more closely. And while she never really had an incredibly strong connection to Templarism, that is not to say she is not devout or religious. Religion has always just been another part of Aoifa's life, prayer and Matin being a normal part of her daily life and yet another public affair with which to make an appearance. Worship has always just been another part of her life that she has never over-thought, and in her mind that is exactly how a proper lady's relationship with The Four should be She has always assumed that maintaining her devotion and encouraging her fathers patronizing of the Temple would eventually reward her with a good husband, as is the tradition of Rowena.


Everything about Aoifa's appearance is screaming out her wealth and status. Her soft brown hair always braided and pulled up into the most elaborate of hairstyles, gems decorating from her hair to her feet, and the most expensive of dresses made of the finest silks and cloth from the south, and the latest designs stolen from the Lornessian court. Aoifa is immensely selective about her outfits and has been known to plan outfits for special events or performances months in advance of even having them sewn and stitched.

Beneath the lavish silks and lace Aoifa's body is small and slight just like her elder sister's. However, Aoifa does have a bit of more of a curve to her form than her sister, which she does everything to exaggerate with careful choice of bodices and skirts. As far as Ulmarkish style goes, she does her best to keep on the forefront of styles and has often been criticized for going a bit overboard with some of the more provocative styles of high society.


While her elder sister Liadan is often regarded as meek and a bit awkward, Aoifa is anything but. Attention and conversation are among the things that Aoifa treasure's most in life. Bubbly, boisterous, and often a bit loud, to be the life and light of the party is one of Aoifa's precious joys. She enjoys conversation of any variety, but has been known to often steer the focus of conversation back to herself, or at least away from topics she doesn't understand like war or trade. In the public eye, she aims to be the belle of the ball and the epitome of a maiden that any man would be delighted to wed. Equal parts experienced with and obsessed with garnering attention, Aoifa aims to be the life of the party, or else.

Aoifa is not all sugary singing and pleasant conversation, instead that is truly her acting talents at work. Out of the public eye, she has been known to be spoiled rotten, self-obsessed, and endlessly vain. She has often gone on tirades while mincing around the Ruadh estate demanding everything be exactly as she desires, and screeching at servants when anything is not done in such a manner. Her spoiled tantrums have also extended outside of the walls of her home into Ulmark where she has often been displeased with the work of an artist and actor and has used every bit of clout she holds to insult and poorly review their work. Some actors have had to leave Ulmark due to the fact that no production would hire them for fear of a terrible review by Aoifa Ruadh.

Academic (2) - Astrology
Books, studies, reading and writing, it is all so dull to Aoifa. The only thing she truly cares to read is a script or one of the classic romance tales. Outside of that, the spoiled Ruadh could care less about her studies. However as a lady of considerable social status; she studied nonetheless because her father demanded it of her. Certainly not the smartest of ladies, and nowhere near the mind of her older sister Liadan, Aoifa has always tried to merely coast by on her loose knowledge of history, mathematics, and so forth. The only academic study Aoifa ever truly had a mind for was Astrology. All the tales and stories of the mythological warriors and how they earned their places in the sky could keep her attention where more conventional studies failed.

Diplomatic (3) - Theater, Dancing, Singing, Prose
Society was always the true talent of Aoifa, whether that be conversation, entertainment, or acting and lying. A natural when it comes to the two-faced nature of high society and the art of being pleasant in public, Aoifa is often most comfortable in a social setting. Years of singing lessons, dancing practice, and of course her theater performances, have prepared Aoifa for her role as her father's key distraction at parties and galas. And as a properly raised and taught lady, Aoifa is able to quietly behave and interact with the other courts of Tnarem without much incident. Her theater talents have shown to be one of her most powerful assets as she is able to smooth talk and lie to a great number of people with the greatest of ease, changing her mood and composure in the batting of a long eyelash.

Martial (1) - No Information
Aoifa has held a dagger or bow once or twice for a play at the Solar, and she loathed every minute of it. Swords and shields, bows and arrows, all such masculine and brutish items that could not interest Aoifa less. As far as the young thespian is concerned militaries and marching are best left to the men, she has much more important things to attend to.

Relationship with House

To be a Ruadh, to carry such a name and bring it attention and prestige, is one of Aoifa's greatest joys in life. She is honored to represent the Ruadh name in Ulmark as a symbol of the patronage of her father and is quick to remind nearly everyone just who she is; and the importance of her family name. When it comes to the individual members of her family, Aoifa does not have a strong connection to many of them, outside of her parents and elder sister Liadan. Despite being distant due to their constant working with business and society, Aoifa always regarded her parents as excellent paternal figures. From an early age they afforded her every luxury and nearly always supported her ambitions, regardless of how expensive or ridiculous.

Public Knowledge

-Aoifa is one of the most adamant supporters of the arts in Ulmark, but in particular the theater. And she regularly convinces her father to attach their name and gold to more lavish and spectacular plays and productions.

-Aoifa is quite the actress herself and performs in the Solar two or three times a year during festivals. Such performances are treated and lauded as very special performances and Aoifa considers anything less than a full theater an insult.

-Her father is, and always has been, very openly entertaining offers of marriage for Aoifa.


-It is said quite often that Aoifa resents and detests her elder sister Liadan for being married off to the Prionnsa of Dubhion while she was made to stay in Ulmark and not become royalty.

-Some have said that behind closed doors, Aoifa Ruadh is a terror. Screaming and terrorizing servants, throwing spoiled fits and tantrums, and utterly demanding to get her way.

-Rumors circulate that her father has turned down dozens of wealthy Ostian merchants' offers for Aoifa's hand because he is hoping to marry her off to the royalty of either Mercia or Lornesse in order to have a connection to yet another royal line.

-There are whispers that Aoifa enjoys the company of commoners. Those who spread this rumor pair it with the opinion that she is tarnishing the Ruadh name for her association with thespianism in anything more than a patron role.


It's not entirely clear when Aoifa Ruadh turned rotten, and in fact, many of the older servants of the Ruadh family will note that she used to be quite the sweet young girl. From the time she could walk all Aoifa wanted to do was follow her sister Liadan and be like her. Despite the age difference, the two were always close and spent the majority of their childhood together, Aoifa always trying to emulate the more mature behavior of her sister. And while she never spited or resented her older sister, Aoifa couldn't help but grow jealous as her sister entered the age of courtship and suddenly all eyes were directed at her. And while it is infact unclear when Aoifa went from the sweet little girl following her sister about, to the spoiled brat of Ruadh; it is generally thought that it was after Liadan left home.

Aoifa had just turned 10 when her sister went off to Fenwatch to be married, Liadan would become royalty and Aoifa would remain in Ulmark to grow and blossom into a lady of the court. It was those years without Liadan that would cause Aoifa to turn sour. Aoifa went from being the younger sister to the only child of Ulmark's wealthiest merchant-prince around, and suddenlt everything became about her. Aoifa's days became nothing but attention from tutors, visitors, servants, and even her parents when they were around, and soon enough she became addicted to the attention and it all being about her.

As she matured Aoifa became quite beautiful, quite skilled in the talents of court, and quite the little actress. And by the time anyone noticed, the little girl behind Liadan was now the darling of the Ulmark society, delighting everyone with her charms and looks. However for every bit of Aoifa that was perfect, charming, and sweet; there was an equal part that had turned twisted, spoiled, and vain.

It was always a special occasion when Aoifa was to perform in a play at the Solar. Not because of the festival or event that her performances were usually attached to, but because of Aoifa herself. Or at least that is what she thought as she stood on the stage at the Solar for rehearsal. It was to be a performance of Carter Wrenscott's masterpiece, Tristan and Felicia however, Aoifa was being...dificult to say the least.

The director of the Marksmen brought his fingers to the bridge of his nose in an exasperated manner as Aoifa messed up yet another line, which he was certain she was doing on purpose. With a groan and a stomp of her shoe onto the stage, Aoifa tossed the flower she held off of the stage and folded her arms across her chest. Her co-star, one of the younger members of the acting troupe, looked to the director for some manner of assistance as the Ruadh girl pouted like a child. With a long sigh, the director clapped his hands and spoke. "Alright, alright, let's take a break. Aoifa dear, may I please speak to you?" He spoke calmly as he walked across the staged, passing by the Tristan of the play to attend to the Felicia, oh why did the Felicias always have to be so difficult. Taking Aoifa by the arm he led her over to the end of the stage. "Aoifa, my leading lady, what is wrong? You never make mistakes like this. It's not the script is it? You're the one who wanted to perform this, you've been talking about it for months. What's going through your mind? Talk to me child."

The young Ruadh girl balled her manicured hands and let out a little puff of air, her flustered motions causing her elaborately braided and curled hair so shift a bit. "Of course it's not the script, it's...it's him!" She practically hissed her words out as she pointed to the actor playing Tristan; who stood on the opposite side of the stage chatting to some of the supporting cast.

The director raised an eyebrow as he followed her dainty hand to look at the actor before back to Aoifa. "Errol? What's the matter with him now? The director could barely finish his question before Aoifa practically jumped down his throat with her words, the small girl turning into an angry little ball of lace and jewelry.

"He's repulsive! His stupid face, all innocet and piggish. And what's worse he's an amatuer. You've paired me with the youngest actor in the whole troupe! Don't you realize how important this play is? Everyone will be here, and you're putting me on stage with that toad?" Aoifa placed her hands on her hips and stared up at the director with fire in her eyes. It was an impressive talent she had managed to gain, she could stare down at people while literally looking up at them.

The director rubbed a hand over his chin and turned to look at his stage before stepping back to Aoifa. Aoifa, darling, you have to understand. We're dealing with a play all about young love, the passion and the immaturity that comes with it, if we pair you with one of the older actors it won't be nearly as believable. You have to trust me dear." He moved his hands in such a dramatic fashion as he spoke, truly pouring his emotions into leveling with the patron's daughter.

Aoifa let out another huff of air and turned her head opposite of the stage, to look out at the Solar itself, the chairs, the standing areas, she could already see it filled to the max with the audience. Her eyes rested on the private boxes up above the regular seating area and the box at the center, her family's seats. "Do you see that? My family's box. My father and mother will be sitting right up there. You know my father doesn't often come to just any play, usually I sit up there, but this time it will be him. And he will be there for the sole purpose of seeing me act and represent the family Ruadh. Now I'm sure I don't need to remind you why we have our own seats in the Solar, or why I do grace the theater with my performances ever so often, or why you have a career in this city. But someone has to remind my father why he continues to pay for all of this, and of course; why he pays you. Do you know who does that? Who reminds my father why he sould patronize the Marksmen? Who makes it so that every time you need a bit more money for sets or repairs, you get it?" Her tone started to calm and soft, and in the blink of an eye her cadence sped up so much and she practically battered him with her words, punctuating sentences with little turns of her head or the wave of a dainty finger.

The director opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by yet another bombardment of words from the little brunette before him. "That's right sir. I do. I keep my father up to date on everything that goes on in these walls and how well every bit of gold he gives is used. To you this might just be another play, this time with a different actress. However, I can assure you that my father and the rest of this city do not see it as such. They will see this as the play that represents the family Ruadh and our importance to this city. And I'm sure the very last thing my father wants to hear is that you think it best to pair me with some third-rate actor who you wouldn't even trust to lead the stage if it were any other play. In fact I am quite certain he would not want to hear that you are offering anything short of the absolute best the Marksmen have to offer, don't you agree?"

Taken aback by thie seemingly pre-prepared outburst from Aoifa, the director took a moment to collect his thoughts as the young woman tapped her foot impatiently. Aoifa...you know what wasn't my intention. Of course we're treating this as important as any other play...n...no even more important my dear. I understand you're upset but this...this is for the best. Trust me, it will be perfect from top to bottom, your family will be delighted by the show." He offered a calming smile as he saw Aoifa's face soften a bit, hoping he had settled her worries a bit.

With a nod Aoifa smiled widely at the director and uncrossed her arms. "Oh don't be so serious. Of course I trust you. I trust that when I walk back in here tomorrow I will have a new tristan, one more capable with the monologues and more handsome. And you can trust that I will tell my father that everything is going well with rehearsals and the play will be marvelous. Alright?" Aoifa did not wait for a response, she merely gave another charming little smile and turned to face the stage's stairs. She rather quickly stepped off the stage and headed up the auditorium to head home and inform her father that everything was just as she desired at the Solar.
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