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No Information Bey of Tehmman, No Information
April 6th, 1430 NE
High Nisi
Common Mercian
Common Nisi
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Magic Capable
No, absolute and born awake

Goals & Motivation

Zaida has a strong sense of duty to her family, all of Tehmman and the Juhm in general; and she seeks to use her intellectual talents to benefit all of them however she can. And while she is mostly expected to serve the family in a more traditional way; such as strengthening the bonds of the Nimr and another great family through marriage, Zaida has her eyes and mind set on a different target. Generally inept in the martial arts her family is so famous for, Zaida has focused herself on the study of military tact, strategy, and etiquette in order to become a more useful asset to the Nimr family and the Juhm. Recently Zaida has been focusing almost entirely on learning every bit of information that could help defend Nis from Al'muetadi, spending many of her days in the Nimr library and adding to the piles of books strewn about her bed-chambers.


Zaida, like many Nisi, is incredibly devout and takes her worship of Vhal very seriously. Every day Zaida can be seen at one of the many Wujuh shrines in Luswan in the early morning offering prayer and often leaving various symbols of said Wujuh on or near the shrine. To this end the slaves of the Nimr's Luswan estate keep the young Bey's room stocked with things like lilies, almonds, olives, and oils to assist in her early morning prayers and anytime she reads from the Yalmaa in her chambers.


Zaida has always been small, delicate, and pale for a Nisi, which most people have associated with her mixed parentage. Her skin a bit paler than the average Nimr, her hair much longer and straighter, and her thin and un-toned form not fit for the martial nature her family is so famed for; Zaida is far from the ideal Nimr. However, her soft features, long hair, and general northern appearance have been known to draw eyes of many men and women around Luswan due to her unique look. Zaida is typically seen in rather thin silks to combat the brutal heat of Luswan with pale-coloured accent belts to assist in her modesty. While not one fo concern herself too much with fashion, typically letting the Nimr slaves dress her, she has been known to have a penchant for jewelry and gems which decorate her body and head, often accompanied by painted patterns on her hands or wrists.


There has been no shortage of words to describe Zaida's quiet nature, but most people either see her as shy or naive. The epitome of a wallflower, it is much more like Zaida to sit silently while everyone else just talks over or at her. However, when she does speak she has been known to actually have quite a great deal to say, so long as it falls into her interests. A natural altruist and kind-hearted person Zaida truly wants what's best for others and can come off as a bit foolish in her belief that absolutely every problem can be solved with a calm head and proper strategy; regardless of the odds.

Academic (2) - History
Zaida has always had a love of learning and reading, so the hours and days spent in the family library, the many sessions with tutors, and countless nights spent reading by lamplight; never really bothered her. She never had talents for being the societal darling, so Zaida took it upon herself to pour herself into her studies. And while Zaida has spent much more of her time with the martial side of her studies, she is no slouch when it comes to more typical academic studies. She knows the history of the Juhm to an incredible detail and has studied the intricacies of Nisi history solely for the enjoyment of it. However, for most other fields of expertise, she only retains a passing knowledge.

Diplomatic (1) - None
Zaida's shyness and quiet nature don't tend to make her stand-out at social gatherings, however, that is not to say she is not able to act appropriately in a social setting when needed. She is able to lightly converse and talk with others when it is required of her but will typically stick to being spoken to, rather than initiating and fostering conversation. Her notable naivety makes her a bit easier to trick or lie to than most; due to her utter disregard for the goings-on of court.

Martial (3) - Fortification and Seige Tactics, Naval Strategy, Infantry Strategy
Zaida never had the talents necessary to swing a sword, run a spear through anything, to string a bow; much less fire one, or really any of the more physical aspects of the martial world. However what Zaida was blessed with, was a brilliant military mind. A natural at reading a battlefield, reading an opponent, and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of militaries all across Tnarem, Zaida has quite the talent for strategy. While she is inept at the actual wielding of weapons, she is quite knowledgeable at many of the standard weapons used in warfare in Tnarem. Constantly seeking to study more and more, Zaida has taken nearly every tome of martial knowledge, battle accounts, and so forth from the Palace library. Many of which still decorate her bedroom tables in case she needs to refer back to them later, much to the chagrin of the Palace book-keeper.

Relationship with House

As a devout Yalmaan, Zaida is immensely proud to be a Nimr and does her best to be a positive representation of the family. However, her overall relationship with the family is a bit more complicated and strained. It is well known that her parents married for love and specifically against the wishes of Zaida's grandmother. the Padisah. Zaida has always assumed that this makes her a symbol of disobedience; a physical embodiment of her father's defiance and betrayal of the family. Zaida idolizes her grandmother, Rachida, and desperately seeks to win her approval and thus, at least in her mind, the approval of the entire Nimr family.

Public Knowledge

-While not the most prevalent of public figures; Zaida has at least been seen or acknowledged by most important figures or visitors to Luswan. Typically seen hiding away in the back of the room during feasts, or silently staring while her grandmother or uncle spoke to dignitaries or wealthy gentry who have come to visit.

-Zaida's concern about the Al'muetadi fleet is very well known and one of the few things she has spoken openly about around others.

-Several members of the more elite gentry have noted that she could make an excellent asset due to her shy and easily controllable nature; if they could manage to convince Nimr Rachida padisah to offer her up for marriage.

-On the few occasions other members of the Nisi elite have been seen conversing or flirting with Zaida, she has been notedly un-Nisi in conversations pertaining to things such as the body, romance, and courtship. Often being considered closed-off or even a bit awkward about such topics.

-Zaida is a quite accomplished chess player, besting many of the Nisi elite and several Spahbeds.


- It is a well spread and widely accepted rumor that Zaida's grandmother, Nimr Rachida padisah, detests Zaida and sees her as the very embodiment of Nimr Djamal's disobedience and prioritization of love over family and people. It is also widely thought that Zaida herself believes this.

- It has been said that Zaida rubs a mixture of oils and blood on her breasts at night to make them grow in size, if this rumor is true the mixture has most certainly not been effective yet.

-Some of the younger elite in Luswan have whispered that Zaida can sometimes be seen late at night trying to commune with the Rawhbi on her balcony, trying to invoke their spiritual powers for her own purposes.

The trade-winds that blow into Luswan are famed for the noise they make at night when the city is still, and they may blow through the arches and alleys of the city unabated. The ghostly noises that the winds make have often been likened to music, and many people say it is the Rawhbi themselves singing the city to sleep. Well if that is the case; the Rawhbi were screaming when Zaida Nimr was born. The wind whipped through the city with a ferocity rarely seen in the water-logged city, so much so even the Nimr Palace trembled against the gusts. Shutters rattling, wind chimes jingling, and all the while Ambar Nimr was in the midst of delivering her child into the world, Djamal Nimr pacing the room in a mix of anticipation and nerves. When Zaida emerged from her mother's womb she was so quiet in the midwife's arms that they feared the child was dead. But as the winds finally calmed and the Rawhbi settled their tones, the soft whimperings of the newborn Nimr finally filled the room.

Even an early age Zaida was always quiet and sheepish, her mother, Ambar, always feared that Zaida had over-heard one too many of Djamal and Rachida's arguments and it had frightened the girl permanently. However in actuality, Zaida's quiet nature never really changed who she was even as a child. She never had talents for the more physical things like archery or riding, often getting embarrassed even trying to learn. However, from an early age Zaida's penchant for strategy and military history were obvious. The young girl could often be seen sitting at one of the Nimr Palace's chess tables long after a match, replaying the match to understand why she won or lost.

Zaida was afforded the best tutors in Luswan by her family, even though her grandmother was said to dislike the girl. In turn while Zaida may not have become a dazzling desert flower that could light a room with singing or dancing; she most certainly became one apt to speak on what her various fields of study had taught her. And as she began to grow and develop a bit more she became more of a fixture of the Nimr palace, always seen around the gatherings and parties, chiming in ever so rarely with a little fact or note to the amusement of some guests.

But in truth Zaida didn't care for society parties and feasts, she hoped that her mind would be the thing that truly mattered to the Jumh. And it was to that end that Zaida had spent so much time buried in stacks of books in the Palace library, so many parties and meeting spend listening to the words of the accomplished commanders and Spahbeds of the Jumh, and so many nights with a book open instead of her eyes closed.

Luswan was so still at night, the city nearly silent as the sea breeze calmly whistled its way through empty streets. Not a cloud blocked the sky as the gibbous moon hung over the sleeping city with a faint blue glow. On the third story of the Nimr estate rested an open-air balcony with a small table, lit by candles flickering in the soft breeze. At the table sat the thin frame of Zaida Nimr, her body like a shadow the way the light from her bedroom poured out onto the balcony. On her little table sat the candles, a few books, an inkwell, and a few pieces of parchment, but Zaida's eyes were fixed on the night's sky. She traced the stars that dotted the clear sky with her eyes first, before returning her eyes to one of her books and making some notes on her parchment. She lifted one of her candles to get a better look at the book before her. It was a battle map, detailing one of the first records of the famous 'hammer and anvil' strategy.

While Zaida read in silence,her bedroom door slowly opened and one of the many Nimr slaves entered the room with the door clicking closed behind her. Rima, one of the slaves that tended to Zaida, let out a small sigh at the sight of Zaida on the balcony at this hour. She slowly stepped over to the silk-covered threshold of the balcony before clearing her throat to speak to the young noble. [b]"Zaida agha, it is rather late...and you must have a bath before the Oxuna guests arrive tomorrow morning."[/b] Rima spoke a bit firmly to the Bey, having learned over the years that Zaida was not one to be offended by a slave's tone and that she often needed a bit more of a push to leave her studies or planning.

Zaida remained silent for a few moments as she wrote something next to a freshly drawn box on her parchment, leaving Rima to tuck a bit of hair behind her ear while she waited. Rima only wondered how many grey hairs she had gained attending to the nite-owl that was Zaida. Tapping the excess ink into the well as her eyes returned to the sky, Zaida spoke softly to her slave. [b]"I will be in shortly Rima, but...well it is not often the stars are this clear to me and the wind so still. I want to at least finish charting down Ghadir's battle before I retire. Oh, and please go prepare me some tea, Rima."[/b] Zaida ended her words with a look at the older woman, a gentle smile on her lips before she turned back to her work with delight.

Rima opened her mouth to speak, before letting out a deflated little sigh and starting again. [b]"Certainly Agha, I will prepare your tea right away...but do please try to hurry, Rachida padisah will not be pleased if you are asleep on your feet tomorrow. How long will the...what was it? Ghadira? Take to finish Zaida agha?"[b] The flustered tone of Rima was quite obvious, she knew that once the young Nimr had her tea she would be up even later working on her readings just as she had done so many times before.

Zaida's henna covered hand and painted finger moved over to her open book, scanning the page for something. It was a translation of an Ostian astronomy and astrology book that she had gotten from the palace's library; she regretted not learning some Markish before trying to stumble through the rather rough translation. Her finger pressed against the paper as she moved one of her candles closer to read the script. The Ord, or 'The Hammer' in Markish, that was her target for the evening for the calendar of constellations she was working on. [b]"It says here that in Ostia they call it Ard? I suppose that's it, the heavenly hammer. We call it Ghadir, after the warrior."[/b] Zaida's words trailed off as she pushed the book to the side and opened one of the smaller ones sat next to her inkwell. Opening it she flipped the pages carefully before finding her place with an emphatic point to the page. [b]"Ahh here, Ghadir. one of the greatest warriors from the time beasts and monsters ruled. They say she was so beloved by the Wujuh that when she died they carried her Rawhb up to the sky, where it was so pure that it lit the night's sky with seven stars."[/b] Closing the smaller book with a thump, Zaida pointed her painted hand up to the sky to trace the constellation with her fingers. [b]"See it? Those three close together, they make up the head of the hammer the Ostians speak of, and the other four are the handle. That is our Ghadir. I have heard that if you hope to understand a commander, their decisions, their strategy. Well...your best effort should be to get as close to them as you can. And well...I suppose this is as close as I can get to Ghadir."[/b]

Rima hadn't even noticed her eyes following Zaida so attentively as she brought her eyes down from the hammer shape to the seated girl. She smiled softly at the scholarly Bey and offered a little bow. [b]"I see Zaida agha, very well your bath will have to wait until you finish tea. Ghadir will only be here so long."[/b] With that Rima disappeared through the silk curtain back into Zaida's bedroom.

Zaida hardly noticed Rima leave before she heard the door open and close with her departure. Turning back to her work, Zaida brought the larger book back beside her and dipped her quill into the ink once more.
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