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Vita Helvia Marinia Patricae of Meis, justicar of the carnifex
the helvii witch
July 9th, 1420 NE
High Mercian
Common Mercian
Common Markish
No Information
Magic Capable
Yes, bound and born awake

Goals & Motivation

She aspires to gain herself power since, as of now, there's very little she can do. She is only a Patricae, and she is not a male so she cannot inherit. She sees herself as a daughter of Cer, and it doesn't shame her, but inspires her to be like her. She has worked hard to gain the trust of the Augury throughout her life, in order to gain proper respect, and after doing so, she earned a position as a Justicar in the Carnifex. She aspires to keep her position and not arouse suspicion about her particular views of religion and herself, and she will fill her role by whatever means it takes; she has to continue to gain trust and rise to the expectations placed upon her before she can think of making another move.


Vita finds herself to be a daughter of Cer, the Mother of Ends, and identifies with her greatly, seeing as she has been a witch since her first breath, which, in turn, makes her capable of immense power. While she knows almost all in Mercia are firmly against magic, believing that witches are nothing but a curse upon their family, she holds pride for holding such power in her veins and her similarities to Cer, rather than trying to prove she's different. Of course, she would be killed without hesitation should anyone discover her views, so she does her best to show herself as devout in public and serve to Augury and Carnifex without hesitation in order to gain herself respect and freedom, and she displays her pride as nothing more than what comes from such devotedness. After all, she has enough common sense to realize her abilities to gain power are of no use if she is dead.


Vita stands taller than the average woman, 5'11”, with a lean, though muscular build. She has olive skin and deep brown hair that falls down past her shoulders. As all Augurs, she has a small tattoo of a hollow inverted triangle beneath her left eye, distinctly marking her as different than most else - one of the few Augurs in Mercia. Her eyes are dark brown, deep and expressive, often showing all her emotions even if she rather hide them. Her hair, while long, is typically pulled back into a style that keeps it out of her face. When wearing dresses, she much prefers them to be looser, flowing, as is Mercian style and the most comfortable. She dresses much more for functionality than fashion.


Vita has a strong personality, often clashing with those around her. She's stubborn, blunt, and often intimidating, doing her best to obtain respect from others. She's prideful in her abilities and where she came from, thinking herself, maybe to the point of her pride getting in her way at times, blinding her. She knows many hate her because of the abilities she possesses, and she's feared, but she amounts that to some respect, at the very least. She's opinionated and competitive, self-confident and willful. She's ambitious and protective of the people and things she cares about, and self-preserving, willing to do just about anything to keep her position and maintain trust to gain freedom.

Academic (2) - magic
She's about average in academics, knowing the basic subjects taught. She was a fine student, putting in the effort when needed though not really going too much beyond it. She was always much more concerned with the actual magic part of her training, so she focused on that area beyond anything else.

Diplomatic (2) - horseback riding, hunting
She doesn't care much for courtly life, and though born into a prominent enough family, she spent the vast majority of her life in the Augury. Vita has never been one for typical courtly affairs, though she's a proficient horseback rider and a quite good hunter. She is skilled enough socially, maybe not more so than the average person, though she's capable enough.

Martial (2) - battle-related magic
Vita is in well enough shape, able to use the couple of weapons she's trained in - a bow with her quiver of arrows, a sword, and of course, her own magical abilities. She's knowledgable enough about the basis of military etiquette, tactics, and ranks, though she hasn't devoted enough time to know much more than that. Her area of expertise is in battle-related magic, having extensive training in that field alone.

Relationship with House

She holds pride in being a member of the landed house of Helvii, though she has never been particularly close with her family due to being sent to the Augury when she was only six. Her family felt her to be nothing but a curse, an abomination, so she never felt much affection towards them. If they thought of her as an abomination, easily sending her away for decades, then why should she feel much care towards them? She has hardly communicated with most members in years, and the relationship is weak at best, hardly existent.

Public Knowledge

Vita is from a well renown house, but her birth was nothing but a disgrace. Some look down on her in disgust, believing her to be a curse upon her family, while others fear her or even respect her for being born awake, thinking of her as some kind of god in the form of a mere human. Even those that might be disgusted of her for the fact that she has magic, there's no denying she is dutiful, as a member of the Augury and the Carnifex, and she has strong control over her abilities.


She's a crazy witch, power hungry and with truly malevolent intent to control all of Tnarem for herself - an abomination to all of society who deserves to be left to die. She's an a complete whore, and she's slept with many below even her station. She lacks feelings of any sort and lives only to be able to kill. She may seem like she has it under control, though she's hardly holding herself together.

Vita's birth marked nothing of uniqueness, simply a third born child and second daughter of a minor branch of House Helvii, but it's clear from the beginning of her life that she's not completely normal. At age six, though it's hardly a surprise, to parents' dread, she confirms their suspicions of being a witch, and she is given to the Augury.

The Augury is all she remembers. Being a Patricae of Meis hardly mattered - she was a witch, and that controlled her life. She was seen as strange even within the Augury, born awake and not requiring the Source to cast. She was distant at first, not quite knowing how to connect, though she learned to channel her power well into making people see her for the goddess she was.

She was ill, as she often became during the slightly cooler seasons. A virus would enter her system, something that should be able to mildly pass over or hardly effect a person at all destroying her for a few days.

Such were the consequences of being not completely human.

She was thirteen and had yet to grow in the ways that her peers had, and she knew she would never bleed the way every other girl in the Augury of Mercia did but her. She didn't mind it. When she was older, grown as they did without having to ever worry of the pain that childbirth could bring as well as having magical abilities more powerful than theirs would ever become since she didn't have to rely on the Source, they would envy her instead of looking at her as an outcast.

Vita hated to let illness overtake her like this, to let it consume her life for days when she could be training. Others understood that her situation - being born awake - affected her in such ways, but she could hardly comprehend it herself. She didn't want these periods of weakness, she needed to be doing something.

She forced herself out of bed, shutting her eyes in hope to block out her raging headache and stomach that felt like it was about to explode. Gods, she felt awful, but surely this was just a sign to her strength if she could power through this, do something, anything. She held her stomach as she slowly made her way through the halls, doing her best to gain some stability and - oh.

Another girl ran right into her, and she fell on her knees, the pain too much to handle for standing.

"Aren't you supposed to be resting from your cold, invalidum?" she spat.

Vita grimaced, coming to her feet, the pain and fury making her unable to find words to say.

"Vale, invalidum. Go back to bed, I'm sure you'll catch up eventually," the girl continued with a smirk.

One day, she would prove to her she was best. Not by utterly destroying her, though the thought was tempting, but by rising above, by gaining a more respected position quicker, by becoming trusted from early on while the girl was simply seen as someone too petty to ever fulfill a real role.

She went back to her room, closing her eyes once again. She would show her capabilities soon, but surely, there was a difference between dedication and foolishness.

She forced herself to remain controlled, as control was what all Augurs were all after. If she could control herself, she could be trusted, she could get something more from this life. Perhaps a position that made her well respected, and maybe leaving a few years earlier than others on top of that. Then, so much could come, with the opportunities being limitless. Regardless, she wanted it - she had to gain that trust.

At fourteen, she began to train for the praesidium. She learned fast, and there was no denying her skill in her fields of magic that she seemed to have a loose grasp on within the first months of being taught - paramancy and kinemancy. She worked eagerly, wanting so badly to prove herself worthy of whatever position she would be given.

She was eventually rewarded, made an athame in her twenties. It marked her being trusted, by both the Augury and the Carnifex, and she felt most fortunate for that privilege. She was freer than before, even more respected, and while she knew she would be responsible for future bloodshed as an athame, she was willing. It was only duty, after all.

She served well. She did what she was ordered to do from her superiors with no objections, and she proved herself worthy of the trust instilled in her when given her position.

She obtained a position as a Justicar in the Carnifex after serving dutifully for years, earlier than most at the age of twenty-eight, though of course, she had done all to prove herself for her entire life. It was an honor that she had wished to be bestowed upon her for years, and she would serve this position just as dutifully as the last.

She, along with a small group of Justicars, are currently in Dubhion due to the fracture to maintain order while it is being studied. She has little clue as to where the future in the Carnifex will lead her, though for now, she will follow where led. She knows there is more to come for her in the future, and she is worthy of being much more than a mere tool, but there are many months ahead of her with more trust that needs to be gained before she can truly act.
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Magical Abilities Explained

She is apt at using paramancy, particularly animopathy and wresting. She's able to fairly reliably communicate with other witches through animopathy after extensive practice, and she is capable of wresting, as well, a skill direly needed for her position as a Justicar. She has spent the most time in paramancy of any family of magic, so it is by far her strongest. She is also able to use kinemancy, not quite as well as paramancy, but she's still capable enough at using fortifying to enhance her own strength when most needed.

Consequences of Being Awake

The Dream is the most severe of her three consequences, and she often wakes in a sweat, the nightmares haunting her into the day. She hates it, the feeling of constant discomfort, the feeling that she can do nothing to wake, the feeling of cold hands on her bare back and voices whispering into her ears. They disrupt her sleep more often then they do not, and it's a terrible feeling, knowing she can't get rest when most needed. The Song isn't too extreme, sometimes whispering in her head and getting louder and louder until they're suddenly silenced. It nags at her when she's trying to focus, the voices coming in when it's most quiet. Still, she has learned to tune them out when they do happen to come, knowing they are not able to actually harm her in anyway other than annoyance. The Pull also is moderate, and though constant, it isn't as bothersome to her as it is to other casters. Like the song, it often comes to her in times of quiet when she's attempting to focus, urging her to go far from wherever she might be. The consistent nagging without a known reasoning occasionally frustrates her, though she has done her best to deal with it. She can, usually - at least, when it's more mild.
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