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May 12, 1428 NE

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Goals & Motivation

There is no higher climb than her current seat, so unlike her sisters, Emmaline must some day take a step down from the royal family and be wed to a lesser position. While this does not please her, she does take joy in knowledge that she might be of service to her family through marriage and thus the production of heirs. Her primary goal is to stay within the center of social circles, able to bring vital information back to her family so that they may use as they wish. Emma wishes to be seen as helpful, useful even to her family, and frequently endeavors to prove her worth.

Emmaline enjoys being swept up in the jeu de tanz, often spending hours focused upon her appearance, fashions, and event planning. No matter who she marries, she would wish to remain a part of the social/political dance. Emmaline hopes to serve her husband well, as long as it doesn’t conflict with the goals of the royal family.


Could a descendent of the gods ever disagree with the religion that placed them there? Not if they were in their right mind. Emmaline is a devout follower of the Pantheon, wholly believing in the teachings and customs therein. Believing herself blessed by Sjay as she admires the reflection in the looking glass, Emma can be found regularly at the dom of the goddess. She seeks guidance from the erste there, wishing to embody both Sjay’s seductiveness and the meekness valued in the Vale.


Milky skin, golden waved tresses, and a wide face with high cheekbones give the young woman a luminous appearance. The playfulness shining in her blue eyes furthers the illusion of such a light within, and though she is slightly built with delicate curves, she stands above her elder sister Larian at five feet and four inches. Her hips are not quite wide enough to her liking, so she often embellishes her hips through well placed padding in her undergarments. Emmaline strives to always be seen in the latest fashions, and though she spends hours upon her hair and the various headpieces she utilizes, any makeup, when worn, is done so sparingly. Slight reddening of her lips and darkening of her lashes are enough. She would never wish to appear as if she had to try too hard to be found attractive.


Emmaline can overall be described a sensitive person, both easily buoyed and also bruised by the words or actions of others. A kind heart can be easily wounded, and there are times when Emma pouts over the slights others might make of her. Yet, should they apologize she is quick to forgive, unless the slight was against a family member. The prinzessa gives more latitude to those who harm her than to those who harm her beloveds. Cheerful and bubbly, Emma enjoys socializing and spending time in the company of others. There are times when needlework or working silently on a letter are preferred, but it would be a rare occurrence for Emmaline to decline an invitation.

Academic (2) - No Information
Educated in the typical ways of the royal line, this Lornesian paid careful attention to her studies despite her stronger interest lying in the realm of diplomacy. Emmaline was educated in philosophy, history, basic mathematics, an overview of the sciences, and the basics of magic. Entranced by the stories and legends peppered through various histories, poems, and songs, she has an exceptional knowledge of mythology.

Diplomatic (3) - No Information
A woman of the jeu de tanz would be lost without the ability to read others well, to deceive and detect deceit, and Emmaline has a strong sense of direction. Every interaction for her is another opportunity to make a valuable connection, learn vital information, or disseminate a carefully crafted rumor. Emmaline allows others to see only what she wishes them to see, and nothing more. Hosting those foreign to the Vale is a delight to the child of Caemire as she is well acquainted with the various norms and mores of those lesser than provinces who wish to sample the Rieux. She is especially adept at dancing, writing prose, horseback riding, and event planning.

Martial (1) - No Information
Emmaline has no knowledge of how to use a weapon, much less any desire to even try. Talks of war or times of battle are only interesting to her if they involve heroic tales of a Lornesian warrior or the heartbreak of his forlorn lover. Her brother Falk is the one with the military interest, so should a need to be more knowledgeable arise, she’d simply ask him for the answer, retaining the information fleetingly.

Relationship with House

Emmaline is the youngest of the Caemire family and easily besotted with her kin, their status as royalty and their holy lineage. Emma, as she is regarded by family and dear friends, sets Caemire above all others. She may individually disagree with some of the choices of the her siblings, but publicly she would defend them until the edges of the world.

Public Knowledge

Known for hosting multiple parties, Emma is also known for her indulgence of others in whatever it is that pleases them. Making others happy makes her happy as well as sought after, so she frequently strives to make guests at her gatherings feel special. She is not above spending time researching the people she seeks to please so that her gifts or attentions do not miss their mark.


There are whispers that the last daughter of the royal line is infertile, like her sisters who are gifted casters born awake. Other rumors follow that many men have been allowed to test this theory, the youngest Caemire staying warm in the harsh Vale winters thanks to the company she keeps in her bed. Regarding her marriage to the Vigrave of Orenbad, some speak of her as a spy, sent in to deliver worthy information to the Roi. Those who do not understand Caemire pride say she was a traitor, completely in league with Faulmer’s cause.

From a young age, Emmaline was aware of a sense of being watched, and carefully. In her mind, her mother observed her warily, breath held as she and others of the Vale waited to see if Yvonne was capable of producing any daughters separate from the pull of the Pale. It was not that the woman was unhappy with her gifted elder daughters, but to have one to put into play, to use as a bargaining chip on the political stage, well that was a totally different experience. Each crying spell was scrutinized for the effect it held on objects nearby. Every shriek and peal of happiness was witnessed by her nurse for any magical leanings.

Always aware of and enjoying these attentions, Emmaline attempted to entrap the studying eyes by pleasing those adults who seemed to need proof that she was worth watching beyond her tenth year. Always smiling and bubbly, she quickly picked up on the emotions of others, working to hone the ability to intuit their wants or needs and to be able to meet them. If only she had applied as much determination to her lessons, though she did have an earnestness in her attempts to master the material. History, philosophy, language, and magic were interesting, as they related directly to people and topics meaningful to her province. Sciences and math were trickier to care for, and she gave her tutors many headaches in her reluctance to fully assert herself.

It was the lessons taught by the people around her that fully captured her, however. As a young girl, when she was able to steal moments free of supervision, she delighted in listening in on adult conversations and mimicking the tone and faces of those she observed. One of her favorites to watch was an elder cousin, lovely with her waves of fire, who appeared to have the most handsome men of the Etethron wrapped tightly around her finger.

Over the clinking of wine glasses, Magda’s trill of laughter floated, ethereal in its ascent toward the chandelier. Emmaline had been sent to bed moments ago, but the twelve year old lingered behind a column, blue eyes riveted upon the woman with fiery tresses.

What made them all watch her so, Emmaline and those clustered so closely to the elegant young woman? It seemed to Emma that everyone wished to either be close to Magda or be Magda - and the young blonde was no exception.

Her nurse finding her there, wrapped ridiculously around the white pillar, Emmaline was whisked off to bed, the sparkling scene floating far from her.

Settled in her bed, hair in plaits and night bonnet tied under her chin, Emma watched her maid, awaiting her answer with glittering eyes. “Alia!” Emma whined impatiently. The maid was seeing to the fire, stoking the flames and adding a few new coals to the prinzessa’s bed warmer. Winter was fierce outside those thick castle walls, but Emmaline had no patience for the practical.

“Your Highness, I don’t know how to best answer your question,” Alia offered, leaving her place at the hearth and sliding the warmer under the layers of down. “I believe the Vigressa just has a way about her. She’s a beauty, that’s for certain, but there’s something more.” Alia’s eyes took on a dreamy hazy, her own propensity for daydreaming fostered by the prinzessa’s wonder.

”What is it, Alia?” Whispered words so as not to break the spell, the girl’s small fists clutched at the blankets excitedly.

“It’s the way she listens, your Highness. I have watched her while waiting back. She listens and watches as if she and her companion are the only people in existence.” The handmaid became aware of her wilting posture, melting under the very thought of that elegant woman’s gaze so that she was now sitting on the corner of her lady’s bed. It was too informal, and she quickly became aware of her folly. Standing, she adjusted the blankets around the child, seeing her well covered and warm. “That's how everyone wants to feel, Prinzessa Emmaline. As if they are the only one who matters.”

In the spring of 1446, at 18 years old, Emmaline was married to Vigrave Ebbo Faulmer, the Margrave’s eldest son. Their match was made in an attempt to quell the early stirrings of discontent, and naively Emma believed that through her graciousness and charms, she could soothe whatever it was that fooled the Margrave of Orenbad to believe he was entitled more than the land and power he held then.

The marriage was an eye opening affair for the prinzessa. Ebbo was a box of a man, large and squared in shape, and empty of anything original. She found Altkirch to be lacking anything in the way entertaining society, and spent most of her days upon her mare and writing letters to family. Emmaline learned, in a most unsatisfying way, that her sparkling charm was not enough when she was a diamond among coal miners.

Not only was the prinzessa left without her social comforts, but she also seemed unable to produce a child. Emmaline opined in her journal that this was due to the lack of frequency with which her husband shared her bed, but all the same, she would produce no heir. Now she recognizes this a blessing of Sif.

In the spring of 1448, Emmaline began to notice an increase in tension around the capital. Her husband frequented her bed less and less, practically sneering in disgust as he did. Though treated with the respect accorded to her through title, Emma began to understand that her marriage to Ebbo had not quenched their thirst for importance as her father had intended. Letters written to her father and other family members near this time were never delivered, cast into the flames by those who were meant to post them.

When Ebbo rode off with his father for what he told her was a military exercise, Emmaline knew it for a lie yet was helpless to intervene. When she was finally retrieved from the capital, the Faulmer name was in ruin, her husband and father in law warm in their traitor’s graves.
Now back in Errevet, returned to her social circles in the Eterthron, Emmaline is dedicated to never finding herself in a similar position again. Caemire is too important to be so easily rendered helpless while sleeping in the bed of a traitor.

Expanding her knowledge around relating to others, Emmaline has since worked to make herself a central figure in Lornesse's jeu de tanz. Hosting salons, parties, and even more intimate engagements, the youngest Caemire endeavors to make herself vital to her family through her connections to most of the obaut nachlein. Any and all new comers earn her curiosity, and those she knows well can not easily forget that she is watching them. Quick with a new story to share or gossip to spread, Emma is constantly evaluating her position within Errevet. She has idealized her own reputation, and will not easily stand for those who seek to best or outdo her. While she is not above maneuvering or manipulating, Emmaline's heart is a good one, and she seeks not to harm others. Only to further herself and thus do well by her family.
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