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No Information Ard Ri of Dubhion, No Information
October 14, 1407 NE
High Markish
Common Markish
Common Mercian
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Magic Capable
No, absolute and born awake

Goals & Motivation

Callum respects and trusts his wife, and he loves his children. He’d like to see them all live to their highest potential, expounding upon their Caeli and living in the epitome of The Four. However, he not only has their well-being to consider and plan for, but that of an entire Kingdom. And his Kingdom is currently facing many threats to their holdings and way of life. He strives to be an effective leader in this time of turmoil, to protect The Black, but also preserve his family’s heritage.

While his family has historically been successful in working with the ministry, there exists an underlying tension and fear of what power he does possess and is able to pass down his line is shrinking. The Ard Ri must be seen as a valuable and integral part of the government and a necessary balance to the ministers, otherwise Dubhion is at risk of going the way of Ostia, and ridding itself of nobility once and forever. For Callum, this would mean the destruction of his family’s legacy, birthright, and would place the Dubhionic people at spiritual risk without his lived example.

With the Mercian and Lornesian conflicts as well as the fracture at the Athenaeum, the Ard Ri has his hands full. He must find the way to preserve Dubhion’s culture, safety, and protect the people from both the foreign threats and those from Cer that confound the Augurs. Just as Haras had to restore balance, so must Callum work to calm the chaos throughout Dubhion.


The Four are the perfect family, Haras the ideal leader, and thus in religion he finds the examples he needs for a successful life. Through rigid worship, unquestioning beliefs, and acts done in Haras’ likeness, he hopes to grow his Caeli so that he can join the gods in the Eternal Spring. Callum is seen regularly at Matins, is known to keep the Oratio Centrum at the exact same time each day, and enjoys leading his family in Prope Liberi. Most of his teachings to his family revolve around his most admired Messenger, Atticus "The Lawful."

Fearful of magic as any good Templar is, the Ard Ri must put off his own fear in order to best meet the needs of his kingdom. Partnering with the Augury, Callum has a working relationship and healthy suspicion of his advisor, Lady Celine Carlisle. Though magic is inherently evil, he can see the benefit in harnessing such darkness to be used in a way that keeps his lands safe.


At the taller end of average, the Ard Ri stands at 5’10”. Despite his potential height advantage over other men of Dubhion, he is likely not considered to cut an impressive figure, naturally lean and lightly muscled as he is. Browns and blacks make up the basis of his clothing, some Ormonde green accents if any ornamentation is to be worn. Dark brown hair with penchant for curling, Callum usually keeps a neat appearance, with his hair worn no longer than his ears. Dark facial hair is also kept trimmed and worn short.


Calm and practical, Callum operates from a perspective of efficiency rather than empathy. While he does care about the feelings of those around him and may consider them, they are not his primary concern in decision making. Nor is he prone to acknowledging the feelings of others just to do so. This may be interpreted as insensitivity, where the Ormonde simply views it as being honest or direct. There is no time to spend upon the emotions of others, when for so many they seem to change with the winds. Should an emotionally charged situation present itself, Callum is most likely to respond with logic or make no comment at all.

Given his propensity for academics and logic, he is not readily open to new or progressive ways of doing things if the status quo has been effective. It would be a waste of energy and resources to do so without a pressing need, and being part of a class that is slowly shrinking by governing changes, Callum respects the importance of tradition.

A patient person himself, the Ard Ri’s emotions are typically predictable and obvious. He’s willing to wait until he finds the right solution, and is open to compromise most of the time. There are some instances in which Callum’s stubbornness is displayed (typically over matters which he deems greatly important for religious or political reasons) and on these he will not budge, leading him to be more difficult to deal with and easily vexed.

The responsibilities of his position are always weighing upon him, and it leads to many sleepless nights in which he turns over multiple possibilities in his mind. The man considers first and foremost how to please The Four, then how to protect his family, and then to protect the general population of Dubhion. It is very rarely that he acts from a place of self motivation. Callum is a man of structure and routine, his days following an extremely regular pattern, and he will clearly show irritation if his schedule is interrupted or not respected.

Academic (3) - History, Commerce, Administration
Hungry for knowledge, even as a young boy, Callum was easily drawn into his studies. At a young age, the weight of inheritance pressed him into the pages, driving him to search for answers in the black and white. Duty and enjoyment combined in his pursuit of academics, and he readily learned statecraft, mercantilism, languages, philosophy, mathematics, and the other topics deemed necessary. Callum especially delighted in wrapping himself up in the successes and challenges of rulers gone before him, seeing in the pages of history a riddle to be solved so that he might avoid the same pitfalls or garner the same successes. Commerce and administration appealed to his practical nature, and he still is happiest when working among tomes, a quill and parchment at the ready. Should he need help in making a decision, he will consult his library in addition to an advisor or minister.

Diplomatic (2) - Horseback riding, hunting
As the heir, his education would not have been complete if it did not include aspects of courtly decorum, though it would not always appear that he minded these lessons. While Callum’s natural inclination is to be withdrawn, alone with thoughts or the quiet needed to effectively plan, he is not without the ability to be social. His presentation, typically cool and direct, may be off-putting to some who seek more expressive company, though it can be effective in delivering a directive. He presents as uncaring or uninterested with his blunted affect and fairly monotone voice. Usually an unemotional man, when his ire is provoked or his stress levels high, he is completely unable to conceal this.

A man of listening rather than speaking unnecessarily, Callum is more likely to observe quietly than interject in a larger gathering. One on one, he can be more of a conversationalist given the company, topic, and setting are to his liking. If any socializing must be done, the Ard Ri prefers it to be conducted while on horseback. Hunting, watching a race, touring the stables, or going for a ride. These are the times that allow the stoic man to loosen up and enjoy his company more thoroughly. Outside of these times, he typically relies on others more gifted in social endeavors such as wife and other ambassadors to later detail to him the subtleties of communication that were lost upon him.

Martial (1) - None
Focused upon what he’s always deemed as more practical pursuits, Callum relies primarily on his minister of defense to advise him on military strategy. With no ability to physically defend himself, Callum must also rely on those guards charged with his protection. There was once a time when he longed to be able to compete in jousting tournaments or to defend himself in hand to hand combat, but those desires fell away when left his role as Vulcas behind. While history is rife with glorious retellings of battles lost or won, the man has always understood his role to be with the people the military fight to protect, working in their best interest while others spill their blood for Dubhion.

Relationship with House

Family is the most important thing to Callum, though he would not show it through overt softness or open displays of affection. That’s Minea’s way and his honor and challenge in life is to be Haras for all of Dubhion. Instead, his commitment to family and to his house is demonstrated through tireless work to be an effective and respectable leader. Determined and dauntless, the King of the Black values loyalty highest of all, expecting it of his family, fellow nobles, ministers, and himself.

Public Knowledge

Callum is known to have a very predictable routine. He is also known to have high expectations of his family, seeing them as living examples of how to be a devout follower of The Divine Temple.


Callum is under the spell of his advisor from the Augury, the sorceress Celine. Some believe that the woman’s enchantment ventures so far as to make the man believe he is in love with her and violate his religious beliefs by sharing her bed.

With two sisters preceding him, Callum’s birth was a much celebrated affair. Finally, The Four saw fit to answer his parent’s prayers and provide the son that would secure his father’s legacy. He was doted on by his elder sisters while in the nursery, his shy smile and downturned gaze making him appear an easy target for their affections. At the age of six, when he was ready to begin his studies, a completely different world awaited him. No longer in the primary care of women with their soft hands and ready smiles, Callum was pushed beyond his comfort zone in being asked to demonstrate his knowledge verbally, only severe expressions and curt nods to encourage him further.

Frequently in his lessons, errors resulted in the tutor reminding him of his responsibilities and the inevitability of his rule should The Four see fit to extend his life so long. For by this time, another boy played in the nursery, ready to step in should Callum be found lacking or called home to the Eternal Spring before realizing his inheritance. Luckily, the boy took to books, finding in them an easy way to satisfy the expectations of others. The he studied, the more he pleased his tutors and decreased their talk of his younger brother or of his looming tasks.

In worship, Callum found solace. The Four were ever present, ever listening and watching, and so even in his moments of fear for the future, he could take comfort in their presence. The Messengers, with their tales of overcoming hardship, were inspirational to him, and Haras with his feats of both compassion and strength encouraged him to continue to strive for a perfect soul. Percival was still an intimidating and somewhat mysterious figure to him, but Haras was always with him, as the Sacerdotem Primum would remind him during Matins.

In his twelfth year, his father Percival took more of an active role, seeking out Callum to witness the day to day activities of a ruler, giving him context for his studies. At times the Ard Ri would question Callum, asking him what he might do or say in particular situations or how he might respond to a disagreement with a minister. Callum would do his best to answer, initially stumbling on words, until Percival would bang the end of his cane on the ground, commanding the young man to stand up straight and deliver his words with purpose.

“If you talk to the ground, son, only the ants will listen and our kingdom is not built of dirt! Now lift your eyes to mine, and speak your piece. Wrong or right, by The Four, at least say it as if you are convinced of it.”

And so in this way, Callum was prepared for ruling, brought up under strict guidelines and harsh expectations. When leisure time could be found, the hunt and time astride a horse made Callum laugh freely, eyes meeting his companions glances and chiding more easily upon the back of a strong steed. As his adolescence progressed, so did his confidence, settling into a calm inner strength. He was meant to rule. The Four saw to that with his birth order. So he owed it to them to take advantage of the chance and to prove himself worthy of his future position as Haras to Dubhion.

At the age of fourteen, Callum was wed to Meabh, and his first trial at embodying Haras began. While women had interested the boy before, he’d only recently begun to fully appreciate the references and uncouth remarks of some of the men in his hunting group when he found himself charged with the responsibility of creating a family. Despite their best efforts, he and his young wife were unable to successfully produce a child. Tolerating each loss with dignity, Meabh quickly earned his respect, holding her head high despite the whispers that even he heard that she was flawed in some way.

Their prayers were answered in the birth of Tristan in Callum’s nineteenth year. By the time his son arrived, the future Ard Ri had continued to grow in his self-assurance, continuing to carefully observe the political workings of his kingdom. When Myrna arrived, fulfilling her role as Phile, Callum knew he’d done well by his gods. Three boys and three girls - Callum and Maebh managed to bring a balance to their own family, The Four providing for them the joys and challenges associated with raising more in their likeness.

Callum’s children brought him both joy and anxiety. In them he saw the gods’ favor, and also The Four's expectations of him. Each day was greeted with determination and diligence in the hope that he might continue to prove worthy of his position and the blessings bestowed upon him. Nothing was granted to those who were unworthy, and Callum believed the gods far more interested in how he demonstrated himself than in his birth order alone. In the year 1442, Haras called upon Callum to take the throne and fully receive the responsibilities that had always awaited him.

”Patrem. Matrona. Scion. Amora.” Callum’s voice droned, his soul lulled by the familiar closing of the Prope Liberi. ”Now we turn our minds to the morrow, prepared to worship you to our fullest.”

“Diebus Quattuor,” his family responded.

Blue eyes looked out to survey those gathered in the seating area of his chambers, a longer pause than usual before embarking on the teaching he’d like to impart to his family. Meabh, her face solemn with respect for their worship, lifted brown eyes to meet his gaze. Callum knew she was attuned to him, likely able to discern from this small dalliance in routine that something was off.

”Our King has departed this land. Embarked upon his voyage to the Eternal Spring.”

A small murmur went through his children before they once again turned to their father for guidance. Though his words were spoken coolly, it was not without pain that Callum informed them of Percival’s passing. The man had been ailing for sometime, that was no secret, but when the healers came to him just a hour before and informed him of the end of his father’s reign, the heir felt an unexpected plunge in his gut.

”This is an important time for our family, and I expect that we all approach our new responsibilities with the dignity and gravity that they require. I have faith in each of you, and I know you are all capable of this. We are now representatives of The Four to the entire kingdom. People will look to us for guidance, and we will not lead them astray. The gods have destined us for this, and we will rise to the occasion and prove our worth to Them.”

A solemn look was given to each member in turn before nodding his head, in assurance to both himself to them.

”Well. There will be much to attend to in the coming days.”

After his ascension, Callum was absorbed by his duties, spending even less time than usual with his family with the exception of their morning and evening worship rituals. The Ard Ri has focused on maintaining working relationships with his ministers the best that he might, while also attempting to demonstrate the need Dubhion had for the royal family. There was the unruly Mercian family, the Ameridii, pressing against Dubhion’s southern border, and the Lornesians becoming greedy with their holdings. And then the world cracked open and more fears than Callum could have ever imagine started spilling forth from the depths of Ifran.
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Magical Abilities Explained

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Consequences of Being Awake

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