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Tatiana Pueromino Patricae of Lebissa, Justicar of the Carnifex, Poison of the Carnifex, Black Viper of Lebissa, The Siccii Serpent
October 13th, 1425 NE
High Mercian
Common Markish
Common Mercian
Common Nisi
Magic Capable
Yes, absolute and born asleep

Goals & Motivation

Many other augurs and members of the Carnifex have noted Tatiana's enthusiasm for blood-hunts, and she has developed a bit of a reputation amongst the Augury for her great motivation for the tracking of rogue witches. In truth, Tatiana is a very simple woman with a simple belief: Witches and all magic-users are best in the hands of the Augury. And she will do everything in her power to make that very clear to everyone she comes across should they hold any opposing beliefs on the matter. And while they may view their own magic differently, blessing or brand, a chance or a curse. Tatiana and Felix Veturia have always shared the belief that magic must be controlled; no matter what.


Since she was a young child Tatiana has believed that The Four had a greater plan for her than simply being yet another bastard daughter from a Patrician house. She believes that the burden of magic is some manner of divine test, that some curse of Cer or treachery of Typhos blighted her with magical potential at birth and is a test of both her mind and her faith. In Tatiana's mind, everything happens for a reason; and while most people, including Tatiana, believe magic to be a pox on the world; Tatiana also believed there is a purpose in it. That is why she believes The Four sent the Carnifex to the Siccii door to bring her to the augury so she could live up to her true divine potential and find some manner of good in the horridness that is magic. It is her belief that she and all of the other members of the Carnifex were cursed magic and use of the source by Typhos and Cer, but it was The Four who brought them together to give them a purpose; to control magic and be able to stop anyone who would misuse it for ill-gotten or unholy gain.

Her Mercian origins have led her to take a notably carnal approach to expanding her Caeli and reducing the Salis. Tatiana believes one can only truly gain the favors of the Gods through worship and embracing the bodily form with passion and desire, both acts that should be done every day if at all possible.


Tatiana's appearance is a curious subject, as she is prone to mutomancy for her work within the Carnifex and is quite renowned for her control as a mutomancer. However, those castings of mutomancy never last too long and Tatiana returns to her normal self. Tall but not towering, sun-kissed skin warm and vibrant to the touch yet soft, her hair like dark silk framing the strong features of her face and those striking eyes; this deadly combination has led many a man and woman to be caught gawking at the immensely immodest Tatiana Pueromino.

Tatiana takes great care with her appearance and uses her magic to cast away anything she needs to change in the bat of a long eyelash. Often chided for her very 'provocative' style of dress that is considered a bit too southern for even Mercian standards, which she claims she gets from her Nisi mother. After enough notes about her showing a bit too much skin or her corsets being a bit too visible beneath her silks and robes, Tatiana has learned how to adjust her choice of attire to wherever the Carnifex chooses to send her. However, in reality, Tatiana knows that her body and her little plays of seduction are some of the most valuable tools a Justicar could ask for.


The word fiery has been thrown around when trying to politely describe Tatiana's whole persona, if only that was enough to cover it all. Tatiana flows from loud and bubbly, to vivacious and boisterous, to sultry and seductive really depending on her mood or what the situation calls for. A wild heart full of passion and fire, Tatiana is known to be excitable and quite easy to provoke. It has been said her anger is explosive and many augurs have called it a blessing that her talent with Thermomancy is nearly nonexistent, else half of Tnarem would be caught in a firestorm from Tatiana's anger and lust.

Courageous to a fault and unendingly loyal, Tatiana often finds her strong opinions leading her into arguments, often with Felix Veturia. And while Tatiana's carnal lusts are quite well known, her lust for knowledge is more hidden. While by no means the most diligent student, Tatiana has a passion for learning that extends so far as her being caught bringing books into bed with a lover on more than one occasion.

Academic (3) - Magic, Alchemy, Astronomy
While the classes and tutors of the augury never managed to hold Tatiana's attention for too long, learning has always delighted Tatiana. Reading, talking, experimenting, that is where Tatiana's studies shine and she is able to truly let her mind roam free and take in every bit of knowledge and wisdom it can latch onto. A natural scholar, Tatiana has spent countless days since childhood with a book tucked under her arm or on her bedside table. As a Justicar her knowledge of magic is extensive and something she is constantly doing everything in her power to learn more about. And while topics like mathematics or geology have never stuck with the Justicar, her talents with alchemy are well known and is something she takes great pride in.

Diplomatic (2) - Horseback Riding, Singing
Time spent in the Augury does not really equip someone for the subtleties and intricacies of courtly life, but Tatiana's naturally social personality has helped to make her at least passingly appropriate in any social situation. Only really familiar with the courts and nobility of Mercia, she has used a guise of 'commoners ignorance' on many occasions to help in her hunting of rogue witches and those who would hide from the Augury in plain sight. And while Tatiana is adept with small talk and prolific at keeping a conversation alive long enough for someone to let some manner of detail slip; she is not perfect and does sometimes have to let her facade fall and resort to more aggressive interrogation tactics.

Martial (1) - None
Tatiana never found a need for the conventional weapons of steel and iron, she was much more suited to use her mind and body as weapons. As Tatiana's power with magic matured she discovered that the more martial of magic schools, thermomancy, mauermancy, and such did not come naturally to her and thus she resigned that she was not destined to excel in combat with either the blade or the source. Thus Tatiana has elected to let others carry the weapons and throw fireballs while she worked on rooting out anyone who would use their magic to interfere in those wars and battles; unless they acted with the permission of the Augury of course.

Relationship with House

To be the bastard daughter of a small Patrician house is like being the bastard of a bastard; entirely ignorable and always an after-thought. Tatiana knows little of her family; the Siccii. Her father: The Head of House Siccii, her many siblings, as all of that was gone when she was taken to submit to the Augury. Her father told her she was setting a good example for the people by going peacefully, as if she had a choice in the matter. But in actuality, she didn't mind being taken from her family, in a way becoming and Augur, and later a Justicar, she brought her family a bit of honor and no longer had to live in the shadow of the other Siccii. Weirdly enough, becoming even less of a Siccii was best for both her and the family.

Public Knowledge

- Tatiana is a Justicar of the Carnifex under the supervision and training of Felix Veturia.
- Tatiana is a bastard from the Patrician house Siccii.
- A very talented Alchemist, Tatiana is known for threatening with and using various potions and poisons in her interrogations in order to get whatever information she seeks.


- Tatiana once tore the heart of a man, and Felix Veturia ate it as the man died.
- It is widely rumored or just assumed that Tatiana and Felix's relationship goes beyond comrades and friends.
- Tatiana uses very unconventional interrogation methods which have ranged widely and included very inappropriate, vile, sexual, and downright monstrous acts
- Tatiana's mother is a Lornesian witch.
- Tatiana's mother is Cer herself, which accounts for her sadistic nature.

Ever since she was born, Tatiana was both literally and metaphorically the runt of the litter. A small and quick little girl that could be forgotten about just as easily as she could sneak off when no one was looking; but it was a rarity that anyone looked for Tatiana.

Tatiana's mother was the daughter of a wealthy Nisi who came to visit Raevenna, a daughter who just so happened to catch the eye of the head of House Siccii. Tatiana was never entirely sure how she ended up in the care of her father instead of her mother's side of the family. She was once told that her father was pressured into it, and another time that her grandfather paid a large sum of money for her father to raise her. However it was decided, it was all the same for Tatiana; she was just another bastard daughter in the world. To be born a bastard daughter, a Pueromino, means the best one could hope for is to be married off to someone of a higher station, or prove themselves in the crucible of War.Tatiana was never destined for either life it seems, as she was barely allowed to live before the Augury found her. It was a rarity, or so she was told, for an entire city the size of Raevenna to undergo a Venari Di Sangue, such an act would take great time and effort for the Augury and Carnifex, and still it was done. The city was in horror as everyone in the city was tested by the augurs, every household, every family, everyone. One by one The sons and daughters of house Siccii were tested until it came to Tatiana. The Justicar that tested Tatiana, she will never be able to forget his eyes as they widened before her, like gemstones growing and shining. The discovery that Tatiana was a witch was almost met with fanfare; her father couldn't have sent her off to the Augury fast enough. After all, many saw it as the best possible scenario; Tatiana would do right by her family, she would be raised and cared for, and there would be one last bastard daughter in Mercia that needed to be dealt with. A small story closed for House Siccii, and the first chapter for Tatiana all but set in stone as she was carted off to a new home and a new life. She was six years old.

The Augury fascinated Tatiana, even when she was young. It seemed like its own little world of fairy tale where everyone was magical and special. In the Augury she was not a bastard daughter, she was just another member of the family, a twisted, cruel, zealous, and strict family, but a family regardless. She was eight when she first met the reclusive Felix Veturia, who was twice her age at the time. He had become quite popular in the Augury with the girls for his looks and his last name, yet the no-nonsense nature of the teenaged Veturia made him seem to scare off so many other Augurs. However even before Tatiana would grow and blossom into the beauty the Augury knows now, she recalls Felix always being kind to her. Perhaps it was the nature of them both, a first-born that could never be a true heir, and a bastard daughter that should have never have amounted to anything; in a strange way they were alike even passed their magical skills. She was first properly introduced to the source at age eleven, and as the augurs began to test her magical aptitude and by the time Tatiana was twelve they had found she was an Absolute Witch. And while absolute, Tatiana only really showed an interest or aptitude for paramancy, the Justicar's best tool, and mutomancy, which she showed an unsettling talent for. It truly is no surprise that as Tatiana grew into an adept witch, a prime candidate for the Carnifex, and a rather well-developed young lady, that she and Felix Veturia grew closer and closer.

It had never occurred to Tatiana before that moment as she laid on the bed, her tanned skin exposed to the cold night air as her chest pressed to the comfortable mattress, why was Felix's room so much larger than her own? She looked around a bit, moving very little so as to not disturb the sheets that covered the lower half of her nude body. She shrugged it off and returned to the book she left resting on the pillow; must just be a perk of being a Justicar with an important last name. it felt like so long ago when she first met the oh-so scary and imposing Felix Veturia, and now she found comfort in his bed over a decade later. Well not that he entirely knew she was currently in his bed, the Augury does not actively encourage such relations of course. But on nights like this....well Tatiana just found the beds of others more comfortable, and Felix wasn't very good at saying no to her. She struggled to focus on the book before her in the flickering light of the single candle on the bedside table, The Pull and Song were testing her patience tonight. A breeze crossed into the room from the open window and sent a shiver down Tatiana's spine; she pulled the bed-sheets up a bit to cover a bit more of her bare body. Tatiana was shocked that she never noticed it before; his room was large, almost unsettlingly so, like it wasn't meant for one person to live in it all alone. What a lonely place it would be when everyone was gone, the dormitory was still, and that candle was extinguished.

Tatiana was roused from her thoughts at the sound of footsteps on the stairway up to Felix's room, and set her book on the bedside table to return to later. Shifting a bit in the sheets she pulled them back down to cover the small of her back and pressed her chest against the bed as she lowered her head to feign slumber. The door creaked open and a bit of dim candlelight flooded the room as Felix slowly stepped into the room. With a theatrical yawn, Tatiana rose from her mock sleep to crane her back up, breasts exposed to the flickering light as she looked back towards the quite unamused visage of Felix Verutia. [b]"Ahh novi Veturia, I had fallen asleep waiting for you. It is your custom to keep a young lady waiting?"[/b] She batted her eyelashes a few times as she 'struggled' to clear the effects of sleep from her eyes.

With a sigh and a grunt, Felix set the small candle he held onto a desk table; hardly glancing to the nude body of Tatiana as he set to removing his doublet in the mirror. With a pout Tatiana sat up on the bed, he never played along with her little games when he was 'tired'; as if he was the only one who got tired. Rising from the bed she sauntered across the room to him, dainty feet padding softly across the cold floor. She draped her hands over the older Justicar and resigned to helping him remove his doublet as his hand went to rest on the desk, her own body entierly bare with the exception of her eolith collar. [b]"What is wrong mi amator? Most men would be delighted to join me in bed. Then again the Black Thorn of Lebissa is not most men, is he?"[/b]

His eyes followed her moves in the mirror as she undid the ties on his sleeves and helped pull the doublet from his form. Tatiana placed a warm kiss on the nape of his neck and rested her head on his shoulder to meet his eyes in the mirror. He let out another tired sigh and began to speak as Tatiana's finger traced a circle on his bare back, her warm body gently draping behind his. "Tatiana...not tonight...I..." He found silence in the form of Tatiana's finger sliding from his back all the way to press against his lips, which at least manage to get a small smile from the Veturia as he ran his teeth across her dainty little finger.

"Tatiana, not tonight, I am a tired old man, too grumpy to join you in the bed. She mocked his more proper accent a bit as she retracted her finger to let her hands rest on his shoulders. "No being tired tonight. Not yet. She saw his eyebrow twitch a bit at her odd choice of words and tone, and his eyes followed her hand as is slipped down, rubbing over his chest as it descended "You are a Mercian no? A real Mercian. Will you let a little exhaustion keep you from your power? And will you let a little girl mock you so?" She giggled her words out as her slim hand snuck past the waist of his pants, making a little face as her hand reached its destination. She massaged his manhood with her hand as it sprung to life against her touch. "Oh? It does not seem so to me...it seems you are very much awake, and very much a man." She could hardly contain herself to just a smirk as she withdrew her hand and began to fidget with his belt. "Now Felix Veturia, no more talking, no more tiredness, now drag me to that bed and..." The last words hadn't even found their way her lips before Felix did.

It was on Felix's recommendation that Tatiana was given the opportunity to become a Justicar and join the Carnifex, and while there may have been some criticism that he was playing favorites, it could not be debated that she had the correct talents for a Justicar. And it could most certainly not be debated that the two worked well together in the hunting and discovery of rogue witches, and finding out where any of their rogue friends might be. Thus she was placed under his command for her training and practice, to let her mature into a Justicar in her own right. The little names that they had gathered, The Thorn and the Spider, Mercian Monsters, the Horrors of Lebissa, they all seemed a bit childish at first, but as they spread Tatiana didn't mind the fear they began to carry in towns when the Carnifex came to hunt for blood. And while Tatiana is still not a fully fledged Justicar she has come to enjoy her duties, the hunt, the interrogations, the tests. She has found what she is skilled at, she has found what she believes to be her destiny, and she is damned good at it.

The room was so dark. Nothing moved, nothing made a sound, not a bit of light flickered. In the darkness sat a chair, and on that chair sat a man. His clothes tattered, body tied down too tightly to even tremble. If you listened very closely, you might have even been able to hear his shallow breaths. The silence was cut in an instant as the door swung open and light poured into the room as a torch-bearing Tatiana entered. She closed the door behind her and set the torch in its position on the wall of the tiny little stone room. She was dressed in a thin robe that she held tight to her body as she stepped over, roughly sitting down on the man's lap. "Well I heard that you were giving the others some trouble, said you were hard to read. But they did fail to inform me that I was dealing with quite a handsome little rogue." She spoke playfully as she ran a finger over a fresh welt no doubt left by an earlier attempt to 'talk' with the man.

"I....I...I don't know....I don't know where they are." His voice was hollow and shaky as he did everything in his power to avert his gaze from the woman before him. But all his shaky words and lowered gaze garnered was a click of Tatiana's tongue. Now now, what have they done to you? You can barely even speak. Let's give you something to raise your spirits." She reached over to the small table of various instruments and vials next to the chair and grabbed a small goatskin bota. Pulling the cork she offered it to the bound man who strained his neck away from the pouch. Tatiana giggled at his action and took a sip herself. "It's just wine dear. What good would poisoning you now do?" She offered the wine to him yet again and still, he pulled away. Shrugging, she took yet another sip of the wine and brought her lips to his. Roughly kissing him as he struggled to little avail; and forcing a bit of wine into his mouth. He seemed to relax at the taste and acquiesced as she drew back and offered him the wine once more. "Now isn't that so much better. Now, this doesn't have to go on any longer. You can be out of all of this. You can have a good life at the Augury, I can assure you it's not so bad. And I can assure you that it is much better than your friends being out in this storm, probably scared half to death and freezing the other half way there...oh it's storming out, I guess you wouldn't know. Now....why don't you just let this all end? And tell us where they are."

Tatiana pulled the bota back as the rogue witch panted and caught his breath from drinking so much of the Mercian red, some of Tatiana's personal reserve that she truly did hate to share. The man's eyes seemed to shake in their sockets, shiny little pebbles in a hardly flowing stream. "I...I don't know where...I don't...I swear it." He said it again, and again, and again. Swearing up and down that he didn't know, he simply didn't know. Yet all his words only got a smile from Tatiana, almost like she had already heard his response before he even stuttered it out. Moving her hand over, she set down the bota, still half full of wine, and quickly wrapped her hand around a knife sitting on the table. In the blink of an eye, she brought the knife down into his hand as it sat tied to the arm of the chair. Twisting the knife with a heartless smile she spoke against his screams. "Well it was worth an attempt wasn't it my love? Now...well now I suppose that was your last opportunity. I said I would give one last attempt at this gently before I did it my way. And as much as I'd love to try a while longer to see exactly what I can get out of you. Well...we are a bit pressed for a time.". She yanked the knife free of his hand and brought it up to his exposed chest. Cutting a long and thin gash, and then another and then finally a third, he began to leak in bloody lines across his chest as he yelled and bucked against his binds from the pain. Setting the knife down she wrapped her legs around him for security, rocking her hips a bit as she placed her hand on his bloody chest, nails digging in deep. "Now....where are they?" Her eyes shot back into her head as her mind forced itself into his, she saw so much as it all raced by. Pain, anger, oh so much anger, a hint of lust and hunger, and there it was, his friends, guilt, love, how sweet. The barrows.

With a breath she pulled herself from the mind of the witch, his head slumping down in exhaustion. The barrows? Hiding in a grave site? How morbid. Perhaps it would be best to send the others while she cleaned up and got some food. Interrogation did always spur her appetite.
Alquemancy, Evomancy, Kinemancy, Illomancy, Mauermancy, Thermomancy, Vitaemancy

Magical Abilities Explained

As an absolute witch, Tatiana's potential is limitless. Thus as she continues to learn and grow as a caster, her powers only become more terrifying and varied. However, as a born asleep caster her dependency on the source keeps her training and learning at a much slower pace than anyone born awoken to the pale's power. As of now her only strong schools of magic are Paramancy and Mutomancy, a very potent mix for any Justicar. Her skills with Mutomancy have been described as anything from miraculous to horrifying as it is easily her greatest talent. Well known to change her entire appearance through careful casting and plenty of practice to learn how best to change parts of her appearance without completely exhausting herself and her source. She has been scolded for her rampant misuse of Mutomancy by other augurs and members of the Carnifex on multiple occasions, including Felix Veturia who is rarely amused by the shifting nature of his paramour.

Her talents with Paramancy are a curious matter, as while she has never had more than an average skill with animopathy and connecting with other augurs across the Pale, her talent with wresting is quite strong. She is far from a master of the magical school, but has shown great improvement with her casting and wrests at nearly a real Justicar's level. Tatiana's wresting spells are well known to be horribly invasive as she is able to dig into the mind of untrained witches or less practiced augurs with notable ease. The few other Justicars or augurs that have actually seen Tatiana's methods of coercing and distracting a witch, in order to read their impulsive thoughts as they dart through the mind, have noted just how naturally and calmly she quite literally picks their mind.

Consequences of Being Awake

The Pull haunts Tatiana, constantly there yet so intangible. In truth, she has always thought that The Pull was not as strong in her as it was with others, only a dull sensation during her waking hours. But it is the nights that torment Tatiana; when the night is still, and the world around her sleeps, The Pull reaches out to her with all of its strength. And while it does help with her duties as a Justicar, sometimes Tatiana just wishes for a peaceful night's sleep. She feels it pulling her from bed, the soft whispers of The Song swirling around with it and calling to her through the cold night air. The Song usually comes along with The Pull for Tatiana, and she finds that combination even more brutal to endure. Tatiana has had difficulties distracting herself from the pull, even without much source in her system. So, not being one to ever want to be fully drained of source, she has taken other methods of distracting herself in the night-time. For Tatiana, sharing the bed with another is not just an act of passion or conquest or desire, it is also just about staying sane and resisting the taunting force of The Pull.

While it effects her seldom, on nights when Tatian rests her head and finds neither The Pull or The Song haunting her and preventing her sleep, she enters The Dream. The Dream horrifies Tatiana much more than the Pull or Song, she has found ways to distract herself from those. The Dream is different, she cannot find comfort in anything, and there is no one, no bodies, no anything for her to latch on to for some sense of stability. The handful of nights Tatiana had entered The Dream she has described as the worst of her life.
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