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Lavinia Marinia Agostia Helvia Imperatrix of Ad Imperium Devine, The Pearl of Pargos
May 12th, 1417 NE
High Mercian
Common Mercian
Common Markish
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Magic Capable
No, bound and born asleep

Goals & Motivation

These have become clouded in recent years. As a maiden child and then a new wife, Lavinia wanted nothing more than to mother a brood of happy and healthy children and maintain a respectable house befitting her husband’s station. Since marriage she has borne three children, but found herself only nominally mistress of her own home. Even in her marriage itself she finds herself secondary to outsiders. The politics of war, let alone those of peace, were never emphasized in her upbringing, but she’s learning fast and preparing for a battle precious few might expect - if not for the sake of any real power, then for the sake of her own sanity. Isolated politically, she aims to at the very least establish her rights within her own household.


Lavinia is firmly devoted to the Temple of the Four, regularly drawing strength from the examples of both Philia and, more frequently, Minea. They have been her guides since her earliest moments, and it is only in her rejection of their example that she has truly experienced disaster. Although she engages in sincere displays of devotion as is fashionable both publicly and within the home, her truest and deepest spiritual sentiments are an entirely private affair and she feels far closer to the Four in the verdant abundance of Their natural world than in any Temple.


Lavinia is of moderate size for her genus, reaching 5’7” and possessed of a slim figure even after the birth of three children. Her face is a promise of the sweetness within, softly heart-shaped and defined by a prominent, slightly hooked nose and a small, full mouth. Her eyes are dark - nearly black - and somewhat small, topped by soft brows, but they are kind and lively, indicative of her inclination towards laughter over tears.

She is of a generally lighter complexion than her present Pargosi peers, with softly curling chestnut brown hair she maintains with great care, taking extensive measures to prevent the humidity of the local climate from encouraging its tendency towards a much more frizzled state. This same care is generally extended to the rest of her self, and she is known for the hours she spends anointing her skin with richly scented perfumes and how carefully she selects her attire and accessories for even the most mundane of duties. Overall, her air is one redolent of gentleness and indulgence, a perfectly harmless and decorative object.


Lavinia’s first line of defense against the onslaught of the material world is sweetness. As a sister and a daughter she learned that much aggression can be turned aside through a kind word or an innocent gesture, and it was not until much later that she met the sort of coarse indifference that is unmoved by common sentiment. Although it is no longer her sole catechism as in her childhood, this belief in kindness is not a hollow one, but rather a continued and deliberate choice - perhaps a reaction the sharp self-interest of her marital relations.

Perhaps surprising to many, behind this outer appearance is a fundamental determination that drove her to perfect the most difficult embroideries as a child and that has bolstered her amid the complex and roiling currents of the Marinii. Perhaps if she had been guided to a different path in youth, this might have more naturally expressed itself as political or personal will, but it remains couched in terms of duty and responsibility. One of the few surefire ways to garner resistance from Lavinia is to interfere with her daily vocations. Even then, her anger is rarely expressed in a direct manner. Instead, she will move swiftly to resolve the obstacle and satisfy her displeasure at a later time, often so subtly that any subsequent strife can’t be reliably laid at her feet - such as sweetly crossing wires and ensuring that one of the Marinii sisters is made aware of the petty plots of another.

When she can escape, and in the moments of her deepest distress, she retreats entirely - occasionally to her private chambers but more frequently to the gardens she's claimed for herself, now shaped according to her own designs. Lavinia has, unfortunately, always been sensitive to criticism and insult, and it's taken a decade for her skin to thicken. In the natural world, she finds the balm (both figurative and literal) to soothe any injury - and a greater sense of rationality than can be found among her fellow courtiers.

Academic (2) - Herbalism
Always a dutiful student, Lavinia was nevertheless rarely an inspired one. She can recite the rulers of the Imperium to a suitably impressive antiquity, maintains a passable head for numbers and figures, and wonders at the glories of the heavens like any devout child of the Four. Her sole area of passion lay in the natural sciences, where man has been endowed by a remarkable command of creation and healing that should (in her opinion) renew even the most doubtful of heretics’ wonder and devotion to the mercy and wisdom of the Four.

Diplomatic (3) - Dancing, Horseback Riding, Gardening, Event Planning
Naturally graceful and attuned to others, Lavinia absorbed the nature and demands of courtliness at a young age. Her extroversion manifests in a genuine interest in the thoughts, needs, and desires of others, and she is credited with the gift of nurturing - be it plants, animals, or relationships.

Martial (1) - none
Lavinia is as retiring as her husband is commanding in matters of war and combat. At best she is able to engage in casual archery as a ladies’ pastime, but true violence she very contentedly leaves to the gladiators in the arena or her husband’s soldiers on the battlefield. It is the domain of Vulcas and Haras - the only battles she will ever fight lie in the birthing bed.

Relationship with House

Coming after the desired son, there was no particular resentment to poison Lavinia’s natural affection for her family. She never felt anything other than respect, duty, and love and strove to demonstrate this in her dedication to any duty laid upon her slim shoulders. So sheltered, Lavinia expected the same of the Marinii. Instead, she found herself ignored at best and condescended to at worst - particularly by the elder Marinii women. Having never been forced to demand respect, it has taken her years to understand that now, she must claim what is hers - it will not be simply given, particularly by women who consider themselves superior to her in every way.

She holds more authority over the next generation, her children and the various Marinii nieces and nephews and cousins. Lavinia has acquired a reputation for providing an escape from the constant politics of the palace in exchange for a little time spent pulling weeds and pretending to learn the difference between mint and monkshood, and she does her best to support those who are floundering in their duties, one of the many ways she practices her devotion to the Mother - and to Mercia.

Public Knowledge

Elevated to the title of Imperatrix of Ad Imperium Devine by virtue of her husband’s self-coronation. Lavinia maintains a remarkable garden, regularly providing tours to honored guests, and takes a keen interest in horticulture. She is a leader of fashions in both attire and entertainment. Her position in Pargosi politics has been compromised by her family's declaration for the Ameridii.


She devoted her firstborn to Cer in exchange for a potion to ensnare Atticus Marinia. She is locked in a tower by her husband while he is away at war, to ensure her chastity. She forced Atticus into rebellion after an insult from a Veturii. She regularly bathes in the blood of virgins/babes/slaves to maintain her beauty. She remains loyal to her family and is working to destroy Atticus and the Marinii. She cultivates all manner of poisons in her gardens.

The broad, gentle terrain of Enui, it is said, breeds gentle people. Depending on the speaker, this is either a joke or condescension. For a patricae daughter, it is something of a compliment. Or was.

Lavinia will freely speak to the beauty of her upbringing: the louchely cultured nature of Danum’s winding streets, the mild climate tempered further by the calm waters of the lake, the divinely peaceable order of her family. That this did not occur by chance frequently escapes listeners. It is, after all, a matter of dignitas to tend to the gifts given to oneself, and nowhere moreso than in Enui. The people are at times plodding, but in the manner of the tortoise, building legacies of fruitful fields and quietly shrewd politics that have provided a lasting foundation on which subsequent generations have built.

For Lavinia, daughter of the Agostii, this was instilled as patience and responsibility - but never passivity. Every choice should be deliberate in its design to further both Mercia and the will of the Four. Even an embroidery stitch done well can convey in its thread and display the supremacy and ascendancy of the Mercian people. It was never considered that she might need more than needle and thread at her disposal for this.

She certainly never considered it. No, she never expected Atticus.

It was a match of politics, something settled between her father and the Marinii and nothing unusual. Yet instead of the traditional verses commemorating their gentle and noble affections, Danum's genteel halls echoed with rumors regarding the savage creature coming to lay claim to their fair maiden - Andromeda and the sea monster for this modern era. It was considered noteworthy when he appeared at the wedding ceremony fully clothed and utterly free of any bloodstains. And, alas, Lavinia loved him. Even as her existence was forgotten once he left her company, even as he allowed his sisters to disrespect and disregard her in her own home, even as she was ignored for the next (blood)lust. It was impossible not to - and he knew it. Knew the right ways to earn her forgiveness for the slights and insults and disappointments, inside the bedroom and out, understood her fundamental ache for the outdoors, trusted her to know her own mind.

But what is a wife when it comes to a crown?

She was an afterthought, in the end. Nearly within her confinement both practically and formally, Lavinia awoke in her garden to a setting sun and a new-come empire.

The page was at once hesitant and impatient, obviously less than pleased to be despatched on such an irrelevant task when the true power and prestige lay elsewhere. For once, she did not offer him a seat, a chance to refresh himself at her table, the mercy of a swift reply.

Instead, she simply remained reclined on the divan, considering the hands that wrought the lace that shielded her bower from the fierce late afternoon sun. Such vital work, did they know that an imperatrix reclined beneath it? That to such a godly creature, their invocation of the sheltering curtain of Minea’s own locks was closer to the divine than their own gravid being?

At last, she waived off the boy without a corresponding note. It wasn’t until he was gone that the letter fluttered into the brazier, blazing with insect-repelling herbs. From the Marinii pen to the Four’s ears.

A simple, sacred, swollen hand settles on Lavinia’s stomach in a rote motion, taking no comfort as she begins the slow return to palace chambers she knows will already be transformed.

Pargos is different, in ways she was never taught to anticipate. Perhaps it was the environment, perpetually threatening rebellion and demanding the dominance of man to remain in acquiescence, that bred the hesitance from the Marinii. Or perhaps it was a curse of Cer, as she’d once overheard a maid titter. Or perhaps she’d simply been young and dumb, ignorant to an equally decisive streak in her own father and his men as she wove and sang and danced among the maiden’s court.

But, like a plodding daughter of Danum, she never resigned her self. It is she who assumed the title of imperatrix, she who bore the seed of a new Imperial Mercian dynasty. Lavinia lay the foundations of unshakeable influence even as her sisters-by-marriage watched, encouraged her for their own ends. If she could coax forth blooms from plants unsuited to the humid Pargos climate, she could certainly cultivate within herself the qualities necessary to claim her rightful role at Atticus’ side - Minea willing.

And yet. His latest campaign is an assault on Enui, on her father and her people. Her blood, declared not for her dynasty, her bloodline, but for another entirely. Lavinia has for so long loved them so unreservedly. She can't quite bring herself to recognize that, perhaps, she might have a little bit of hate for them, too.
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Magical Abilities Explained

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Consequences of Being Awake

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