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Oxuna Ayana Bey of Damadh , No Information
July 8th, 1417 NE
High Nisi
Common Mercian
Common Nisi
No Information
Magic Capable
No, absolute and born awake

Goals & Motivation

First and foremost, she wishes to become renowned for her diplomatic abilities and political savvy both among her Nisi peers and those from far away lands. She frequents political circles and attends meetings, carefully watching everything unfold and studying the mannerisms of those that have already mastered and honed their skills. Aware of how fairly women of Nis are treated comparatively to their male counterparts, Ayana would like to set an example through her politics to other lands as well. She believes women in politics are an asset and in no way shape or form an impediment.

Of course, her hopes of breaking into the world of politics don't mean that she doesn't one day wish to have children of her own. She wishes to settle down and enjoy a quieter life in spite of the rocky relationship she has with her husband. Afraid that their relationship would soon become irreparable she often finds herself torn between finally bearing children and further pursuing her aspirations.


Ayana wholeheartedly believes in Vhal and his many faces and usually goes to pray at a shrine early in the morning. The wajjus she prays to the most often are Nasira and Quntanisa. To Nasira she opens up her heart, confessing her worries and fears through her prayers. To Quntanisa she reveals her desire for the love and acceptance of others but also requests wisdom whenever she may need it.


Willowy in appearance much like her fellow peers and donning a shaven head, Ayana stands at six feet tall. Despite lacking any sort of womanly curves she leaves her long lithe limbs exposed and adorns them with striking golden jewelry. She wants her personality to shine through her clothing, and she can be seen wearing colorful gowns made out of supple fabrics that clash with her ebony skin. Her pouty lips, a feature she isn't the most fond of, are often curled into a slight smirk and sometimes painted in rouge. Having decadent tastes in jewelry, she always strives to wear the most bedazzling pieces as a way of showcasing her status.

Similarly to most Nisi, she takes exceptional care in grooming herself and goes to great lengths in order to obtain the most tantalizing fragrances. Soaking in scented baths almost daily, she carefully chooses the aromas that would best fit the activities for the day. Aside from her fragrant baths she also lathers on various scented creams and deodorants and even goes as far as soaking her gowns in perfume to mask any unwanted odors.


Dutiful in nature, Ayana takes her status as a Bey of Damadh very seriously and will act in an exemplary manner during diplomatic endeavors. She knows when to behave maturely and when it is appropriate to let her bubbly personality shine through. Ayana possesses a witty sense of humor that she will often use to her advantage under various circumstances. She enjoys political games and showing off her diplomatic prowess, often attempting to impress those of high rankings.

Outside of political circles her cheerful upbeat personality shines through. She loves befriending people, being talkative towards most with little to no hesitation. Despite that, she isn't good at making meaningful connections with people, instead basing her friendships on superficial things and materialistic gains. Ayana tries surrounding herself with as many peers as possible and uses her social circle as a means of curing her loneliness rather than truly bonding with anybody.

Ayana hates dealing with her own emotions and would much rather bottle her feelings up and incessantly ignore them until she eventually bursts into a crying mess. She often uses other people to distract herself from whatever may trouble her at the time and will stubbornly refuse to fully open herself to them. So far the only person she has been able to open up to has been her sister Azira, and often comes to her for advice.

Academic (2) - Statecraft

Not nearly as talented in the academic field, Ayana struggled to pick up many of the subjects such as mathematics, astronomy and even philosophy. With her apparent lack of talent, she chose a field that could go hand in hand with diplomacy and worked hard to hone her expertise in it, but never quite being as good at it as she hoped she would be. Mediocre at best, her academic abilities do not come even close to her vast diplomatic knowledge.

Diplomatic (3) - Dancing, Event planning, Calligraphy, Horseback Riding

Since her early years, Ayana has had an affinity for diplomacy. Courtly etiquette, learning the names of important peers and even reading emotions had proven easier to her than to most. Honing her diplomatic abilities over the years through hard work and dedication, she proudly believes that she has mastered the arts of diplomacy. Able to pick up on social ques easily and using her wit to better mask whatever intentions she may have, Ayana has decided to bring her diplomatic abilities to various political feuds.

Martial (1) - N/A
War never fascinated her. Ayana isn't keen on violence and definitely incapable of defending herself from any attacker. She lacks both the physical fitness and the knowledge to wield any sort of weaponry and would much rather keep it that way. Her words are her 'weapon' of choice instead.

Relationship with House

She cares deeply for her family, and always puts her familial duties before anything else. Her loyalty will always reside with her family and she would absolutely do anything for them. Ayana grew up very close to her sister Azira and often comes to her, be it for advice or for a shoulder to cry on. The death of their father has made her realize just how important family truly is to her. She tries her best to spend quality time with her relatives whenever she isn't at a social event, and puts effort into being on good terms with them. Considering she was raised in the upmost comfortable conditions by her family, she tries to give back to her relatives as much as possible and would never dare to disrespect any of them.

Meanwhile, the relationship she has with her husband is tense at best. She feels as if they barely have anything in common and would much rather avoid him than face any of their problems. In public, they put up the facade of a perfectly happy married couple that is very much in love, but that is far from reality.

Public Knowledge

-She is known for her vast diplomatic knowledge and political savvy
-She is known for the lavish parties and social gatherings she hosts for her friends
-She is known for her skillful dancing abilities


-Uses menstrual blood in her perfumes to seduce people
-Has incestuous desires for her sister
-Her parties consist of giant orgies with plenty of sex slaves, drugs and booze

The blazing heat of the summer was akin to a heavy blanket resting across the lands, making the earth painfully crack under it. The roaring heat of July marked the arrival of the second born child of Hasan Oxuna and his wife. They did not expect a daughter, but welcomed Ayana with open arms as she let out a fiery cry once free from her mothers womb. Her temper matched that of the relentless summer from the moment she entered the world. She was difficult as a babe, crying and revolting whenever things did not go her way and known for ferociously biting her wet nurses which had to be rotated on an almost daily basis. Often rowdy and disobedient, she was a handful for whichever servants had to deal with her.

In her youth, she would befriend just about anybody. Her mouth would run endlessly, talking with little to no inhibition about anything she would witness. Hasan quickly took her under his wing, teaching her the importance of family. He had told her to only trust them. Nobody else deserved the trust of an Oxuna. The world was a dangerous place and many wished to take advantage of the fortune and status her name could provide. He had managed to instill in her a fear of people she never had before and soon she only confided in her sister.

Living in The Golden Dome was lonely at best and only interacting with her sister and their various teachers would not suffice. She constantly looked for the attention of others, befriending just about anybody for the sake of it. Always looking forward to any sort of event or gathering her family would host, Ayana would often find herself interacting with as many guests as possible. She loved the social aspect of parties but never really found herself caring enough to form deeper connections with anybody but her sister. The notions of inevitably getting backstabbed or taken advantage of that her father had instilled in her never quite went away. Wary of revealing herself to people, she quickly wound up shunning her own emotions.

Due to her extroverted nature, her talents for diplomacy soon became apparent. She was afforded only the best tutors and excelled in the field greatly. Reading peoples emotions, interacting with them and finding out how to please them was one of her passions. Ayana would often be seen entertaining guests at various events, be it through her dancing or simply by letting them enjoy her presence. It wasn't long before she would host her own events and feasts.

Her heart was beating fast as she paced back and forth in the hallway leading to the banquet room. Servants were walking past, platters upon platters of food being brought in. She had never hosted an event before, let alone one for her closest friends. Definitely overdoing it, she chose to have the soiree in the banquet room of the palace. It was decorated in golds and blues, the ceiling in high arches with glimmering pillars coming down. Colorful carpets were splayed onto the floor and small tables scattered about with food and sweets on display. Warm light came from various candles and lamps which were hanging low and made out of colorful glass.

"We can't afford wasting time. The guests will be arriving soon." she ushered the servants, finally taking a moment to asses the state in which the banquet room was. "Burn some incense." wrinkling her nose, she waved at one of the men next to her. Ayana couldn't stand any form of foul smell and often bathed herself in strong perfumes to mask it. Nisi took pride in their cleanliness and exotic fragrances that they would use and she was no different.

As she ordered around what seemed to be an army of servants, the Bey of Damadh couldn't help but feel a sense of pride. Despite the last minute preparations, everything was in check and she was pleased with the way they had arranged the place. Her eyes were practically glowing and her lips found themselves curled into a faint smile as her gaze took in the beauty of the room. The food was carefully arranged in a typical mezze style, both savory and sweet dishes on display.

The event was more of an impulse decision than anything, and with the promise of it being a small quiet gathering, her parents had allowed it. But of course, Ayanas definition of small was more than a dozen guests she personally invited which would in turn bring others to the soiree as well. "What do you think?" her brows slightly furrowed once she further examined the room "Do you think it's too much?" she had gestured for a female servant to approach, but she barely even glanced at her "It is very beautiful, Oxuna Ayana agha." was the reply she got, to which Ayana could only grin.

Her heart felt as if it would soon burst once guests had started arriving.

But like everyone, Ayana inevitably had to mature. Not quite leaving behind her former glamorous lifestyle, she instead refined it once she became interested in politics. Being brought to political circles by her father, the Bey quickly took an interest in the matters. Wanting to help Nis, she soon started frequenting them, under the tutelage of her father. After his death which marked her greatly, she continued her political endeavors, never quite forgetting any of his teachings.

As years went by, she was married to a Bey of Acevedo, for political reasons which she understood. Unfortunately the two of them never managed to bond or even consummate the marriage, tensions between them steadily rising. Knowing that the facade of a happy marriage won't hold up for much longer she is currently trying to make amends with her husband while also trying to help mediate various political affairs Nis is facing, wanting to avoid war at all costs.
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Magical Abilities Explained

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Consequences of Being Awake

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