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Saskia Murrat Vigressa of Thann, Ler Ivoei Tanzie
February 24th, 1431 NE
High Lornesian
Common Lornesian
Common Markish
No Information
Magic Capable
Yes, absolute and born asleep

Goals & Motivation

Life to Saskia is thought to be simple, the goal prosperity and the furthering of herself and others. This lead her to become a participant in political matters, wishing to keep the affairs within Lornesse as uniform and professional as possible. Aside from holding tight to the pursuit of knowledge, she also searches for the truth behind matters in life through logical means.


Religion was a large part of her research for a time, and she found herself falling neatly under Pantheonism without too much argument. This was surprising since she is quite stubborn and relies normally to her own logical opinion and thoughts, but since the core values of the religion aligned with her own the conformity was simple.


Saskia, though quite headstrong, hardly reflects her personality through her appearance. Her features hold quite delicate, speckled grey irises and rose lips the main attractions of her face. It matched to her slender frame, 5’6” in height though she held all the characteristics to have been much more petite. Golden locks tumble down her porcelain skin to her waist, quite similar compared to her mother’s slightly waved hair. She can often find herself nearly covered in blush in situations that make her modest or bashful, though her expressions normally are rather slight and blank in comparison.

She dressed in mostly jewel tones to offset her porcelain skin, though her apparel was less flashy than some other women. Her preference is to keep the spectacle of her look her face, rather than jewelry that takes away from what she had been crafted to be. To keep in touch with the culture, however, she kept modest jewels and intricate embroidery in her chosen fashion.


There is an entire collection of words that could describe Saskia, in all of her versatility and nature. A blend of complicated and simple, she preferred to live her life in the grey area. Her stubborn heart often kept her from becoming truly carefree, keeping true to her own values and worth throughout the task that was living up to expectations. She also is entirely much too headstrong, hard to sway from her own belief as she relied on her knowledge and intellect. She still is one to engage in political and diplomatic matters with the use of her intellect to contribute and question, even if her words are delicate and full of the warmth she has collected under the sun.


Academic (3) - Administration/Statecraft, Mathematics, Theology, Mythology
Ever since Saskia was but a child, she was fascinated with text. The scent of bound pages and the quiet sense of what was a sort of library thrilled her, and gave her what to do when her time was abundant. The time she put into her studying allowed her to excel in academics, rivaling scholars alike with her queries.

Statecraft, however, was taught to her from the beginning of her life. She was raised to be proper, poised, elegant, and a leader at all times - especially in the presence of other nobility.

Diplomatic (2) - Dancing, Calligraphy
Although she is quite intelligent, dance had fascinated her since she was a child. Her movements were elegant, even before she was enrolled in classes for dancing in an attempt to further her etiquette. Saskia has performed many times in theatre settings, though she does grow slightly nervous from the exposure.

Calligraphy came with time, and the proper writing of letters and notes. She found that creating beautiful text was as fascinating as reading it, and as a result became quite talented in the art.

Martial (1) - No Information
Having no reason to draw a weapon or brawl, she took little interest in the martial arts. Though she had enjoyed to pretend she was part of the military as a child, it was not particularly something she wished nor was allowed to pursue.

Relationship with House

To have the Murrat name was to value those related to her, and hold them close to her heart. Although times had been tough through her stubborn heart and head, she had learned at a young age the importance of common values and beliefs. The practice and knowledge of religion also brought her closer to her parents, though there was always a certain distance between due to the amount of arguments in the household.

Though she holds an important bond with her family, she believes it is not above her to be honest and questionable of their actions or ideals. Every person has flaws, and even though she is accepting of that, she has always pursued to push them to their greatest in order to show pride in the Murrat line.

Public Knowledge

As Vigressa, Saskia is known to be quite involved with diplomatic endeavors. She does her best to represent the Murrat with pride, creating friendships with other nobility as often as she can.

It is known that she is capable of magic, though she does not practice.

Saskia has performed in multiple successful productions, and though she does not dance as often as she did before, she does still perform as she wishes.


It was rumoured that she had left the theatre due to becoming engaged.

Due to her slightly different hair colour and appearance from her sisters, some question if she is a true Murrat. There are whispers that she is the result of an affair, or even adopted.

The day of Saskia’s birth was quiet, aside from the small cries that came from her newborn lungs. It was an intimate setting, one that would pave the close relationship between her and her mother. Even then she was wide-eyed and welcoming, prepared to take the world by storm. The third and final addition to her family, to them it felt complete.

Her childhood was filled with laughter, even through the rigorous etiquette training she went through. The companionship of her siblings kept her from being too incredibly lonely, and the books that she buried herself into fulfilled her desire for knowledge and inherent curiosity. There were times that she particularly felt quite bored, unsatisfied with the laze of day and quiet - all things that lead her to begin dancing.

The girl took to dance as if it had been made for her, or the other way around. She seemed to succeed at most things she put her mind to, mostly scholarly endeavors rather than artistic, but the performance of movement in particular was something she learned to enjoy. She had barely turned a decade old when she participated in her first show, absolutely taken with the thrill of a crowd. It was natural for people to find themselves nervous, as she did, but normally after rather than before. The weight of what others might think of her efforts was heavy on her shoulders.

Luckily for the young girl, she was applauded for practically any movement she made, even if mostly due to her being nobility in Lornesse. It became her priority for many years, though eventually she grew dissatisfied with the repetitiveness and yearned to return to her former studies. Saskia wished more than anything to further herself, and in light of that withdrew partially from the theatre at the age of eighteen to focus on furthering her mind once more.

February 24th, 1449
The night was particularly one she dreaded. Most would have thought she would be elated, it being her eighteenth birthday and also one of the largest productions she’d been in. Saskia had faked her way through the entire show, doing her best to focus on what she was doing rather than the eyes that normally thrilled her. Something, on this particular year, was different.

The roar of a crowd had long become distant echoes in the theatre, though she remained. The young woman hadn’t even bothered removing her costume, likely since it made her feel particularly beautiful. It was a lovely blue, flowing fabric that clung to her arms and waist, modest yet enough to frame her in a particularly admirable way. As proper and beautiful as she looked, the grimace on her face was much less than joyous.

The director of the affair practically glided across the stage to reach where she was perched, looking down at her crouched figure with quite the confused expression.

“What is the matter, Saskia? You performed better than you ever have tonight.”

She looked up at him with her wide grey irises, blinking a few times at his ignorance. It was no secret she had grown unsettled, missing the days she spent with her mind in pages of text. Her slender body stretched out as she stood, meeting his height with ease.

”I do not believe I can do this anymore, Sir. Not as often, at least. I want to be the best I can be, and spending my time twirling, as enjoyable as it is, will not make me anymore intelligent than the next person.”

The look she was given was one of awe, as if she was an imbecile for giving up the opportunities she had. It was entirely possible she was, but after the time it had boiled to she needed to step away in order to at least see what truly was. If she had been easy to anger, it would have entirely thrown her over the edge to be looked upon as if she was idiotic. In all of her patience, however, she allowed the look to linger and bounce off as if it was nothing.

Before the man in all of his posh decoration and rather annoying stuttering could respond, she retrieved her things and made a clear move for the exit. There wasn’t anything else to say, even if he had begun to slightly freak out in the fear of losing a performer of her nobility. It wasn’t like he could stop her at that point, anyway.

Since her retreat from the constant presence of the theatre, the sound of wedding bells became all the more deafening. She knew that likely a political marriage would come, though she hoped it would be to someone she could admire at the least. For the time being, now at the age of nineteen, she would continue to walk forward and better herself and those around her to the best of her ability. What is to come, will come.
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Magical Abilities Explained

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Consequences of Being Awake

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